Giussepe Cocaine Smuggling Dog: Mexican Man Arrested In Peru For Smuggling Cocaine Via Two Dogs

December 6, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Giuseppe Tombolan Gonzales was arrested for smuggling cocaine using a dog named Bombon, which has died and another called Lola, which has fallen ill.

Giussepe cocaine smuggling dog

Giuseppe Tombolan Gonzales was caught smuggling cocaine from Peru via two dogs. On Friday, a Mexican-Italian man by the name Giuseppe Tombolan Gonzales, was apprehended by Peruvian authorities after they discovered that he was a drug trafficker.

According to local media, Gonzales was trying to leave Peru for Mexico with 6.6 pounds of cocaine, hidden inside of two St. Bernard dogs.

For several weeks, the National Police and narcotics agents, were monitoring Gonzales’ every move after receiving an anonymous tip about his illegal activities.

Giuseppe Tombolan Gonzales, 22, who had arrived in Peru with the dogs, was arrested in a hotel room in Augusto Pons Muzo in El Callao. Officers found a male dog named Bombon on the hotel’s rooftop and a female called Lola in the bathroom.

Both dogs are of San Bernardo breed and had several cuts on their bellies. The amount of blood and the tools found in the hotel indicate that the dogs were operated, and the drugs were placed inside their bodies in the same room.

Police Canine Unit brought the dogs to a veterinarian of the National Police, who removed eleven packages of cocaine from their bellies. The vet revealed that the animals suffered from grave peritonitis, an infection of the tissue lining the abdomen’s inner wall, as well as high fevers and vomiting.

While Lola is making a speedy recovery, Bombon died from the infection on Friday afternoon. Police chief Basilio Grossman said that he was stunned by the level of animal cruelty and is saddened by how far criminals will go to move drugs around the planet.

Daniel Belizario Urresti Elera, the Minister of the Interior of Peru, echoed Grossman’s thoughts by saying that human cruelty has no limits and also applauded the police officers, who thoroughly investigated Giuseppe Tombolan Gonzales and discovered his drug trafficking activities.


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