Gisele Bundchen W Korea Cover: Bundchen Dazzles In Sexy Overalls And Pink Bralette

May 23, 2015 | By TheSpreadit More

Gisele Bundchen graces the cover of W Korea, and her sexy overalls are grabbing headlines. The racy photos of the Brazilian supermodel for W Korea were taken by famed and controversial photographer Terry Richardson.

Gisele Bundchen W Korea Picture

Gisele Bundchen‘s overalls from her W Korea photos have people talking. Bundchen was able to make overalls look sexy in pictures shot by Terry Richardson. This is the first time that the modeling legend is featured on the cover of W Korea.

Gisele Bundchen’s W Korea photos are from the June 2015 issue of the magazine, which announces that summer is here. The publication calls Bundchen “Super Gisele” and for W Korea, as of today, she is the truest embodiment of the term “supermodel.” In the pics, the mother of two appears sexy without working hard at it, Richardson opted to add a goofy element to the shoot.

Gisele’s makeup is kept very light and simple; same goes for her hair. The “shorteralls,” a fashion trend that HBO hit show Girls helped bring back to the forefront of style, have one strap hanging, this gives the images a fresh aspect. Gisele is also sporting colorful boots and a pink bralette that clearly steals the show.

Earlier this year, Gisele Bundchen announced her retirement from runway modeling after 20 years, but she has never been busier when it comes to magazine features. The 34-year-old model appeared recently in Vogue Brazil (photos below) and Vogue China.

Most commentators have praised the simplicity of the photos and the fact that Gisele appears youthful in them. Few others said that a little bit more makeup could have made them better. Moreover, many are still doubting that wearing overalls can be sexy.

Richardson is still a complicated topic for some people, who get turned off whenever they see his name associated with a big brand in the fashion world. The photographer faced some serious sexual allegations in recent years, but he remains a big player in the industry.

What are your thoughts on Gisele Bundchen’s W Korea photos? Should Terry Richardson be banned from the fashion industry? Are those people overacting and forgetting that Richardson is innocent until proven guilty?


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  1. thebigcheese says:

    what an ugly horse face!
    no wonder tom brady cheats!

    • Sarah Romani says:

      Wow what an idiot you seem to be and I’m guessing that Brady beat the piss out of your team. Cheater? Probably not. My guess is that you believe in everything the media reports. So, the National Enquirer said there was a two headed alien found in the US. My guess is that it’s a relation to you of some sorts? Parent??? Child??? Quit embarrassing yourself butt lick!

    • shirley says:

      I was just going to call her horse face but you beat me to it. However, what a body.

  2. lakawak says:

    All rapist Terry Richardson’s pictures look exactly the same. Same heroin addict look for all his models. Why do women still want to get their pictures taken by him? Not only does he molest people, but he doesn’t even make them look sexy. So it is not even good for his career.

  3. nikki m says:

    I hate to admit this..but we used to wear our overalls like this in the early 80’s..hardly a new fashion look..

    • Fashionista Retort says:

      I’m pretty sure your crew picked it up from Farmer’s Digest.
      All fashion stems from a former inspiration. Let’s not brag about Overalls like you’re some trend setter!

  4. captain ern says:

    looks like something else has been deflated

  5. Belladonna Martin says:

    Racy? I think it’s quaint compared to Italian beaches!

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