Girl Turns In Parents For Growing Pot

July 6, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Girl Turns In Parents For Growing Pot

Girl turns in parents for growing pot and story makes headlines. A girl 9 years of age turned her parents in to authorities in Minnesota for growing a large amount of pot in their home. The child told police officers that she wanted her parents to stop their illegal activities because they were harming her health and did not like the fact they blew marijuana into her dog’s mouth. Police officers who spoke to the child claimed that she was brave and had a vast knowledge on the drugs her parents were growing.

Police in Barnesville, Minnesota were surprised when on June 6 a little girl walked in the station and turned her parents in for growing marijuana in the family home.

The young child had very specific details about her parents illegal activities. The 9-year-old kid explained that her parents had several marijuana plants growing under the home and some of them were as tall as her.

She explained that her parents were heavy pot smokers who also sold weed to countless people who would be going in and out of the home.

Officer Ryan Beattie who spoke to the child stated that she was smart and very brave and he was sad to learn that she was put in a situation to become an expert on drug paraphernalia at her age.

The kid said that she wanted her parents to stop growing cannabis in the house because the smell made her sick.

She also told authorities that she did not like when parents used pot and blew the smoke in her pittbulls mouths, she assumed it was bad for their healths.

The home was raided and police discovered 9 marijuana plants where they child said they would be located.

Other drugs including meth was found during the search.

Both parents were arrested and the child is currently living with her grand parents.

The mother told the police that she needed marijuana because she suffers from multiple sclerosis but she had no explanation as to why she was dealing it.


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  1. Dwyer Jones says:

    Well, this is one poor kid that has been persuaded by corporate media to believe the pseudoscience espoused by Fox News and the US government, which STILL classifies marijuana as a dangerously addictive drug like heroin and cocaine, and to rat out her family If I were her parents, I would disown her.

    • Sus says:

      No but it making her sick and them having an overall disregard for her safety and health is worrisome. I don’t care if its illegal or legal. If it makes your child sick, then don’t do it.

      • claygooding says:

        Marijuana was grown by mankind for eons,,children played in the fields,,made fishing poles and imaginary spears from the stalks and no record of harm from marijuana exists,,even present day science can find only “maybes”

        • F.O.S says:

          You’re so full of shit. Damn – went to the extremes and stated “kids played in the fields” really you f**** juhgead? You actually witnessed that – or maybe in your pot filled fantasies you got lost in the smoke clouds and thought you saw that somewhere.

          • claygooding says:

            I am not the one lost in a dream,,,and yes i saw it in VA when we were children we had feral hemp growing all over our pastures and we used them as swords and spears,,you really need to see about reading a history book.

        • Kay James says:

          Yes, but that was a different type of plant, not like the uber-strains that we’ve hybridized today. And it wasn’t growing in a confined space under a dwelling; she said the smell made her sick, and I believe her. Plus, there’s no excuse for getting the dog high; cannabis can be lethal to pets. Lastly, these people were also doing meth, which is another thing entirely. I’m not against pot, but I am FOR responsible parenting, and these people don’t deserve a child!

    • Mel says:

      And you find this to be acceptable parenting, having all kinds of strangers in and out of the house around your child, I guess meth is okay for you, and you don’t give a rats ass that it makes your child sick, and then you think its funny to mess with your family animals as well. Maybe you can go be their child.

      • Kay James says:

        If she has “MS” then it’s probably because of the meth. I’m a REAL MS patient, and also have medical training + a degree in psychology, and meth gets you high by destroying your brain. If she has MS, it’s probably drug induced.

    • F.O.S says:

      The poor girl needs to disown her parents. Damn when your drugs become more important than your children – you need to be stripped of all human rights and cease to exist.

    • Taylor says:

      You’re joking, right? I’m a daily smoker, and I still think this stuff is wrong. Though I don’t agree with the fact that things like Fox News and the US Government make it out to be way worse than it really is, it is NOT okay to not only grow marijuana, but sell it along with meth out of a house in which a 9 year old girl is living in. If it truly isn’t wrong, why did the girl feel the need to turn in her own parents?

    • Teri says:

      Are you serious? Did you actually read the article? How is this Fox News /government’s fault? The child was sick of living in an environment her selfish, self serving patents created! Who knows what kind of people wete coming in all hours of the day and night! Did the dogs ask to be drugged? And as far as disowning this child, looks to me as if she disowned them first!
      Your an idiot!

    • Randy from AZ says:

      Perhaps if the parent heads weren’t such a detriment to their child they could have taught her about the beneficial uses of marijuana instead of leaving her to conclude that she lives in a drug house.

      Another mark on drug culture as it’s always associated with manifestations of sinner salvation and the bestowal of blessings.

  2. Jim says:

    Well Mr Dwyer H=Jones, hopefully you do not have any children or pets and if you do, all I can say is I pity them. You have to be the biggest dufus I’ve encountered in life. Put down the crack pipe and read the story about the child becoming ill from the plants and don’t forget about the animal cruelty or the dealing. This has nothing to do with whether grass is dangerous or shoulld be legalized, it has to do with the child being affected, nothing more.

    • Dwyer Jones says:

      It’s spelled “doofus”; I have no children, and never want any, especially if the government/educational system persuades them to turn in their parents, or to believe fantasies like “the American dream” or “America is the greatest country in the world”; my pets are fine and very well cared for; and if I’m the biggest doofus you’ve ever encountered, you’re very fortunate.

  3. claygooding says:

    This is what reefer madness brings about,,kids turning parents in for growing a plant that is listed among the first cultivated crops mankind began growing when he moved from hunter gatherer to farmer villager.
    The saddest part is the propaganda that told that child the marijuana would harm her health.
    Please post any scientific proof of harm by marijuana that does not have “may be caused by”, “could be linked with” and was NOT paid for by NIDA or any federal government agency or it’s allies in the war on drugs..
    Every one of the “harms” of marijuana has come from one source,,our government and it’s allies in the war on drugs.

    • Kay James says:

      You’re ignorant. Cannabis should NEVER be used by those under the age of 21 because it affects the development of their brain chemistry. When cannabis is used regularly by those under the age of 21, especially adolescents, their brains use the chemicals in the pot instead of producing their own neurotransmitters, with affects their brain chemistry permanently. It has no proven long-term effect on adults, but it’s a different story with kids. And yes, I do have medical training and a degree in psychology, so I’m not blowing smoke up you @$$. I’m an advocate for the use of medical cannabis, and I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be legal for adult use, but kids are another story.

      And today’s stronger hybridized strains can be lethal to pets. What you’re smoking today ISN’T the same stuff that people used 100 yrs ago.

      • Dwyer Jones says:

        Kindly cite a medical source for your statement that pot affects the development of brain chemistry any more than eating junk food does. In case you don’t know, the US government has only recently allowed one US clinical trial to study pot’s effectiveness in treating PTSD in combat veterans, and the University of Arizona just fired the chief investigator on the study, perhaps because she is engaging in research that conservative “educators” don’t want to go forward. So-called “conservatives” have been bullied into rank ignorance by the most idiotic among them, and liberals aren’t doing much better with their lunatic-fringe fellow-believers.

        • Randy from AZ says:

          Remove the interior panels you wish to reupholster from the car. Now, this could be a DIY guide by itself, but the excellent service manual serves this purpose perfectly. Take your time, do it step by step in the order the manual states and it won’t be any hazzle. I got the instrument panel out in about 6 hours myself, of which at least 2 were spent eating snacks and occasional walks to stretch my legs. The entire interior was out in less than 12 hours, of which about 8 were working hours without any rush. It’s not difficult, just takes some time.
          Be careful when removing the parts which are mounted to the car with clips. They are stuck pretty darn hard sometimes. Easy to brake the plastic, which I did for some of them. Don’t panic if that happens, just glue it together again, it will be like new.

          Whenever a panel is removed, collect all screws and/or clips and place them in a small plastic bag and seal it. Make a note on the bag which part the fasteners belong to, in order to ease the installation later on.

          Don’t panic by the sight of the naked interior of the car, with all of the electrical harness exposed amongst other things. It looks worse than it is.

          This is a good time to to some proper wiring for an aftermarket audio system or other aftermarket electrical items. Also a good time to to some work to the AC system, like replacing the evaporator if it’s leaking, like mine is.

        • Neuromancer says:

          Sounds like a troll to me for the following reasons. You’d have to be incredibly dumb to compare eating junk food to smoking weed. One is cognitively inebriating, so which do you think is more neurologically implicated? I understood the difference between the brain and the digestive tract when I was maybe, two years old? Furthermore, even if there wasn’t conclusive research on the potential for long-term damage, your claims that it isn’t in fact true at all show you have zero comprehension as to why it has taken so long for research to come forth (inability to perform many sufficiently controlled, longitudinal studies.). Now, why someone with a horrific, pitiful understanding of science and science research methods would come on so strongly, I cannot begin to imagine. It’s unusual how embarrassing this would seem to be thus far, of course you clearly do not possess the cognitive capacity to come to terms with that as you’ve extensively dictated. Recent neuroimaging research has indeed found statistically significant abnormalities in the brain, namely the nucleus accumbens and amygdala in the following article. It took me five seconds to find this, so congratulations on doing absolutely zero research on the topic before going after people. You literally put in no effort to understand your own argument, which is just downright pathetic… You blame Fox News and the government for stigmatizing marijuana, but you’re oblivious to the fact that people like you, who are overwhelmingly unintelligent and make zero effort to remedy that, are the reason why so many people think marijuana smokers like myself are deadbeats. I won’t bother acknowledging how you missed the point of the article entirely to begin with (you need an article to know just smoke inhalation is bad for your lungs? Really? For a 9 year old?). I hope you’re just trolling man, otherwise, yikes…

          My own credentials: BS in Neuroscience and currently applying to Ph.D programs

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