Ginger Alden New Memoir: Elvis’ Fiancée Tells All In ‘Elvis & Ginger’ Book

September 3, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

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Ginger Alden new memoir Elvis & Ginger reveals new details about the life and death of the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley. Alden said that Elvis was not fat in 1977, but he did appear bloated in front of the cameras. In the new book, Alden also explained that Presley died in the same bathroom that he proposed to her.

Ginger Alden has a new memoir entitled Elvis & Ginger that was released on September 2nd.

In her memoir, Alden confessed that she always found the singer handsome, and was shocked by the numerous reports that were circulating in 1977 claiming that he was a caricature of himself.

Alden who got engaged to the star at the age of 20 on January 26, 1977, stated that the singer loved salt, which made him appear bloated on television screens.

According to Alden, the Rock ‘n’ Roll icon was never fat, he just looked like a 42-year-old man.

Elvis Presley’s fiancée revisited the day he proposed to her in the new memoir. The former beauty queen shared that the “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You” singer sat her in his favorite room at Graceland, the palatial master bathroom and told her some beautiful things.

He proposed with an enormous white gold three stone engagement ring, which she still owns (that might be the only thing she has from Elvis who left her nothing in his will.)

Ginger Alden opened up in Elvis & Ginger, about the day the “Something for Everybody” singer died at his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee.

Alden said that in the early hours of August 16, 1977, Elvis told her that he was going in the restroom to read.

At around 2 PM, when she realized that he never came back to bed, she went in the bathroom where she found Elvis lying on the ground.

Alden slapped him and rapidly called for help, but he died of an overdose of medication.

Ginger Alden’s new memoir revealed like many celebrities, Elvis suffered from chronic insomnia and was taking medication prescribed by his doctor at the time of his death.

Elvis & Ginger is probably a rosy portrait of Elvis’ final years, but it still is a very interesting read.

Will this new book put an end to some of the wild conspiracy theories that surround Elvis Presley’s death?


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  1. Sheila W. says:

    He was fat and a drug addict. This woman is delusional.

    • Craig says:

      Sheila, Elvis was and still is the most famous man who ever lived. 37years after his death,his home is the most visited private home in the world.. Almost 1 million people each and every year.. That will never happen again for any other.. You need to get a life lady!

      • violet says:

        I fully agree with you. While one and another want to take credit for this I feel that he was destined to be who he was and his fame lives on because of who he was, he changed the way people talked, dressed, related to the world and certainly put the beat in music *giving credit to the black people and their soul music as a influence on him, in that day and time the media did not embrace black singers or performers, he opened the door*

      • Alexander says:

        Do you mean to tell me you don’t think that after Miley Cirus and Justin Beiber finally die millions will NOT line up to visit their former earthly abodes?

        The shame…

    • violet says:

      Most of the men I loved gained weight when they hit their 40’s but to me they are still the most beautiful men I know, enclosing my two sons. They are not drug addicts and are not bloated, just 58 and 62. So don’t know who you are Sheila but your comment is unwelcomed and insensitive.

  2. Lauri says:

    Elvis, a middle-aged, pot-bellied (having nothing to do with salt) man hooking up with a 20 year old – nothing new! Proposing in a bathroom, regardless of how palatial, and sweet his words, is disgusting! All the women Elvis dated after his divorce resembled his first wife Priscilla, for a reason…

    • violet says:

      Because Priscilla looked like his mommy. And Ginger was a good 1/2 foot taller than Priscilla as was Linda. Priscilla took a page from Curry Grant as to how to act around Elvis, she roped him in with the act, couldn’t change him after marriage. In his own words *she wanted to lock me in a room with her holding the only key*.
      Of course as I have said before it was all in the stars, Her sun was on Elvis’s Chiron *asteroid of love and relationships* so was Linda Thompsons, they both were Cinderella’s in their own way. One born May 24 the other May 25; His other love was Anita Wood who shared a birthday with him. All in the stars.

  3. Duh 2 says:

    I think that this woman is genuine. If she had wanted to cash in she would have done so many decades before. She went on with her life but as her child grew up and became an adult she had done her job as a parent – there was no doubt that she had a story to tell and she felt it the right time in her life to tell it. I am not sure that after all these years that I would buy her book but I wish her the best. I am sure that night of his death is a horror that she has never forgotten.

  4. Diana S says:

    Shelia, You could be ugly too but we don’t hold that against you.

  5. Me says:

    I’m proud to say that I’ve been an Elvis fan for 50 years. I listen to Elvis radio on Sirius/XM every day, not ony for the King’s music but also the interviews of the people that were there when it all happened. I’ve read dozens of books on Elvis, and everything I’ve ever read or even heard from the Memphis Mafia interviews, was that Elvis never had intentions of marrying this woman. I’ve heard many interviews of the guys that were there, on the inside, and each of them alluded that this proposal was nothing more than another deomostation of Elvis’ obssessive compulsive behavior. As far as the weight, he was bloated for a number of reasons. Water retention was definately one of those reasons but he was also very sick when he died. Most of his internal organs were swollen 2-3 times the size of a healthy man (from years of hypertension, arterial sclarosis and yes, perscription drug addiction. If you want a good read on the last days of the King’s life, I suggest “The Death of Elvis”. It gives you perspective of how his addiction ravaged his body. Long live the King……

    • violet says:

      I guess they all have their reason or maybe don’t know but I disagree with you on the engagement. His father said they were engaged and that is good enough for me, he had no axe to grind, I get so p…. when PP is given credit for Graceland, she did have a final say in it being one of the executor of the estate, It had 3 executors because Lisa was only 12 when her grandfather died and he named Priscilla to replace him. Vernon already had visitors to the meditation gardens. When the one executor died the other say his chance to convince PP to open the house to the public and got her to agree with it. I can’t remember all the details, its been what 37 years and I am getting old.

      • charlene says:

        well I had just got done with ginger book ok she was 20 but she did love him all the names you people say about him one thing he was sick very sick all the fat jokes makes me sick just leave him a lone Iam a elvis fan if you don’t have noting to say just say noting at all ginger book was a good one just to say you where not there 37 years ago she was and she did not come out sooner who cares so it took her all these years for me iam happy she did I have read so many book about elvis this was a real nice book

  6. Gary C. says:

    I ,like many others grew up with Elvis and his music. We have all missed him and we all know there will never be another like him. TLC

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