Man Dies Of Snake Bite: Gilbert De Leon Dead At 37

May 30, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Man dies from snake bite, and the story goes viral. Gilbert De Leon died just hours after being bitten twice by a venomous water snake. Gilbert De Leon passed away as he slept next to his girlfriend, Shellie Johns, after refusing to go the hospital. The man was afraid of big medical bills.

Gilbert De Leon

Gilbert De Leon, a 37-year-old man from Missouri, died one day after being bitten twice by a poisonous snake – it is believed that a cottonmouth killed him.

On Friday afternoon, De Leon, who was from Nixa, Missouri along with his girlfriend, Shellie Johns, visited the James River where he was bitten on both legs by a venomous snake.

According to Christian County Coroner Brad Cole, Gilbert De Leon’s girlfriend said:

“His girlfriend reported that he yelled he’d been bitten by a snake and got out of the river to find he’d been bitten twice — once on each leg. I’m not sure what kind of snake bit him, but the only venomous water snake I’m aware of is a cottonmouth. It could have been something else, but we just don’t know.”

De Leon was in great pain after the snake bites, and his girlfriend begged him to go to a nearby hospital and he refused. Instead, De Leon tried to extract the poison himself.

A snake bite can cause swelling around the wound, a burning sensation, diarrhea, fever, blurred vision, dizziness, convulsions, fainting, milky vision, paralysis and general weakness. De Leon may have had all the symptoms after the reptile attacked him. The couple went to bed, and when Johns woke up, she found De Leon dead. Cole added:

“That evening he got lethargic but just wouldn’t go to a hospital.They went to bed and she reported he was snoring more loudly than usual. The next morning when she woke up she found him dead.”

The medical professional stated that the fang marks on Gilbert De Leon’s legs were 3/4 of an inch wide, which indicated to him that it was a small to medium size snake. He concluded:

“We’ve sent off for lab tests that will take about eight weeks to get back.The lab won’t tell us anything about a snake bite, but it will say if there was a drug overdose or alcohol overdose. However, I didn’t find anything else that looked to me like the cause of death was anything other than a snake bite.”

Most experts say if Gilbert De Leon had sought medical assistance immediately, he would have survived. However, his girlfriend said he was afraid of the cost, and that is why he did not go to a hospital.

What are your thoughts on this tragic incident? Should more people get Obamacare?


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  1. Kentucky Fried, Mississippi Blind says:

    Idiots in the south will not get Obamacare because they have to stick to the man in the white house.Obamacare saves lives, stop being foolish.The republicans and tea baggers in office who have tried to repeal the health care law 50000000000000 times and Failed – ALL HAVE HEALTH INSSURANCE.

    • Fu$kYouFa$$ot says:

      Sorry to hear about your fetal alcohol syndrome.

      • Coolmom9 says:

        Chances are he had Obamacare, but his deductibles were so high he didn’t want to have to pay them. I know ours are $6000 EACH! So, yeah, thanks for the “free” healthcare, Mr. O! #ihopethingschange

        • Nosreme says:

          Deductibles are never $6,000. More scare tactics and lies so you don’t have to accept a good system when it’s handed to you.

          • wlw says:

            Deductables are $6000.00. Check again. It is the biggest waste the government has imposed. Not only do I have to pay for something I can’t use because of deductables, I have more work to file taxes.

          • Star says:

            Except there are several plans with deductibles as high as 10k…

          • James says:

            My sisters deductible is $8000-its a terrible system, no scare tactics needed.
            Obama is a joke.

          • Ken says:

            No they’re not. But a deductible of $2500, with a max out of pocket of $9000, is considered a good system. I would hate to see what a bad system looks like. And, it definitely wasn’t handed to me. I must pay for this worthless product.

          • Ben says:

            Nosreme and Kentucky Fried, Mississippi Blind they may not be 6000 grand but I can tell you this. My brother had perfectly good insurance prior to OSHITCARE. Afterwards his policy was deemed unacceptable and was made to find another. His deductibles are 2500 each. I had another friend whose premiums went up 300% after OSHITCARE took over. These are just two of about 30 I can tell you about. It’s not a scare tactic its extortion of the middle class to pay for POS like you that dont have a job and leach from the rest of us. So maybe you should research before you open that flap under your nose.. I hope it is repealed and low lifes like yourself have to go out and earn a living and healthcare.

          • Jason says:

            Perhaps a different wording would have been appropriate.. Maximum out of pocket.. can exceed 6,000.00 Maybe you need to step off the Obamacare podium Nos, and accept the fact it’s not all its cracked up to be. Look at the Bronze plans if you still can’t accept the truth.

          • Donald Harris says:

            Incorrect – For a $25 co-pay bronze plan, the only I could afford, I’m in the hole $3,000 for a 2-day hospital stay when my infant came down with croup. That’s only 50% of my deductible before co-insurance kicks in…

          • WORKING MOM says:

            I have insurance through my employer and my deductible is $5000. So, yes there are “affordable” plans with high deductibles. The premium may be affordable, but the healthcare is not.

          • Weeter says:

            Mine are. $6K premium, $6K deductible. Single, 62, Bronze.

          • hws says:

            Yes, the deductibles are $6,000 to $7,000! A good friend and my mother not only have to pay close to $900 a month for the coverage, but they ABSOLUTELY have that high of a deductible. They will pay $15,000 out of pocket before getting a co-pay. My brother had it also, and switched jobs to find better insurance. It’s not a scare tactic, it’s true. They make less than $60,000 a year. As for the story, I am so sorry for the loss! Very sad!

          • Ari says:

            Actually deductibles can be even higher. I work as a financial counselor in a hospital in Florida. I’ve seen deductibles as high as $10,000.00 under Obamacare.

          • Are You Serious? says:

            Deductibles are never $6,000? Are you kidding me? You need to go check out the current health insurance policies. I have seen deductibles in the $8,000 – $12,000 range. This new law requiring health insurance is great for the “rich”, because they already had insurance. Great for the “poor”, because they get insurance for free or at a reduced rate. It really sucks for the “middle class” though because we still have to pay full rates and get insurance that’s essentially just catastrophe insurance. It wont do you any good unless you’re over 10k in doctor bills. In case you haven’t noticed, middle class is where most people reside.

          • ArticSource says:

            Yes, deductibles can be 6000.00 dollars. It depends on your insurance. when Obama care came around, my employer changed our insurance to meet the standards. Our deductible went up to 5000.00 per person per year and that is after I had to pay 6000.00 a year for the medical insurance.

            Regardless,I would have went to the emergency room if I had been bitten by a snake. I would have called an ambulance too. And then I would have to file bankruptcy on the bills. You apparently have a silver spoon up your butt, or don’t know what you are talking about.

            The best insurance is through the federal government as an employee or on welfare. But don’t tell the working class what a good system Obama care is, when you don’t know what you are talking about.

          • Steveo says:

            Ah Yeah they are, Mine is also $6000. The monthly is $247 and it basically covers nothing. Single males with no dependents pay for the losers that can’t.

          • TM says:

            I hate to tell you but when you are low income people Obama care did NOTHING for you. When the lowest health insurance plan does not cover shit and is over $400.00 a month you STILL can’t afford it. I’m tired of people like you saying it helped people, it did nothing for the poor who still can’t afford it. And are even being penalized because they can’t afford it!!

          • AreYouTHATStupid? says:

            You freaking moron, depending on the plan, your obligation could be $6000 out of pocket before ‘insurance’ kicks in. Then your obligation is to pay 20% of the totals thereafter. It’s not ‘free’ you ignorant, mindless dolt.
            You’re a typical liberal, blindly believe what the Democrats tell you and not what they actually implement, even when it’s right in front of your stupid face.
            Go kill yourself you worthless sheep.

          • Jamie says:

            DEDUCTIBLES are $6,000 … mine are $6,500 so make sure you know what YOU are talking about! Obamacare SUCKS!!

          • JustaGuy says:

            Nosreme: It’s pretty cool how you have such in-depth knowledge regarding the details of other people’s health insurance deductibles, **AND** an authoritative knowledge of the rules and laws governing health insurance in the USA that allows you to make the statement that “deductibles are never $6000.00…”
            As someone whose deductibles through my employer-provided plan **ARE** in that range, I’d appreciate it if you could point me to the rule or law that prohibits such a high deductible? Armed with that info I could surely sue the pants off my insurance provider, right? So please…. enlighten us with your supreme knowledge…
            OR, STHU when adults are trying to discuss something important.


          • S Black says:

            Oh I beg to differ – the lowest plan has a 6K deductible. Go on the website and check it out. My daughter can’t even afford to go to the doc because of the deductible.

          • HighDeductible says:

            Yes, deductibles are that high. My deductibles through the federal marketplace are $6000 individual and $10000 family. You really need to know your facts before opening your mouth and appearing ignorant, but that’s what I expect from the sheep who blindly follow this President.

          • Oneman1 says:

            That’s not true, my quote certainly had a $6k deductible!

          • Chad says:

            I have insurance purchased through the healthcare marketplace. Coolmom9 is right. I have one of the silver plans and my out of network deductible is $4900. In network is $2400. The “bronze plans” have higher deductibles, and I do recall seeing plans with $6000 deductibles. My wife and I pay $300 a month for health insurance that is actually too expensive to use. However, I would use it if I had been bitten my a snake!

          • Ryan says:

            Bullshit, my deductible is $5,000 and I pay $600 per month for it. Before Obutthole Care I paid $450 and my deductible was $2500. Plus the insurance I have now is just catastrophic. It’s a joke designed to break the middle class.

          • SKBInsure says:

            I sell health insurance and there most certainly is a $6000 deductible. The only place there isn’t a deductible that high is the Health Care Marketplace for those with low income. The hardworking middle class still has to have high deductibles to afford insurance.

          • Darwin says:

            Hopefully there will come a day when you open your eyes and SEE what’s actually happening, rather than tuning into MSNBC and CNN and regurgitating propaganda.
            I’m kidding of course…you’re a liberal, you will never think for yourself.

          • CheckUrFacts says:

            Sorry Nosrem, but you have no idea what your talking about. Coolmom9 is 100% correct – Blue Cross via Obamacare = $6000 deductible for the “affordable” family plan. Of course, for a mere $1500/mo you can get the low deductible plan. Before Obamacare, I had a $1500 deductible for the EXACT SAME Blue Cross plan and it cost about the same per month. I don’t know what singles are paying, but I do know families are getting screwed!!!

          • ACA = Joke says:

            Deductibles aren’t $6,000+? Take a stroll to and download the file with all exchange plan benefits. 18% of all plans offered have an individual deductible $6,000+. Keep drinking that cool aid buddy.

            You must be one of those who has exactly that, it “handed” to you…you’re probably on a subsidized plan and that’s why you’re loving it. While the others pay excessive premiums to account for your subsidies.

          • JustaGuy says:

            …And for the record, EVERY cost associated with my employer provided plan (yes, I’m one of the people who is working and paying for the “subsidized” Obamacare insurance that many others get for free – you’re welcome) has increased (many have more than doubled), and the providers available have decreased, all thanks to the grand and glorious Obamacare. So to recap, Obamacare’s “improvements” allow us get to pay WAAAAY more to get WAAAY less! That’s a HUGE win for the mega-corp insurance companies who can/must raise their rates to cover the idiotically assinine plan coverage requirements (I’m a 40+ year-old man, but MY plan has to cover Birth Control, Pregnancy and other female-specific care? I’m pretty sure I won’t need any of that unless I get thrown in prison and decide I want a sex-change, which I can then force the tax PAYERS to cover, I guess.) and toss the blame on O’care.
            So no scare tactics, no lies, just FACTS. And, one last point for the record: No one is HANDING me a damn thing. Some of us WORK for everything we provide for our families.

          • O Care Bronze Plan says:

            Premiums never over $6000? Really?

            Legally, a family can have out of pocket costs as high as $13,200 per year before insurance kicks in. Individuals out of pocket is $6,600.

            So, saying deductibles are never $6,000 is not the brightest statement on the planet.

            My own deductible is $10K before insurance kicks in. The rest of the $13,200 is in premiums.

            Where did I get the information? How about

            Good system? not really. The only winners are the insurance companies that now have an extra 30 million people on the insurance roles that are federally subsidized, but can’t afford the care. How can they lose?

            As usual the people that should have been helped got screwed.

          • Doug says:

            My deductible is $10,000 so you don`t know what the hell your talking about.

          • david corke says:

            Everyone in missouri has high deductible health insurance,whether its obamacare,private or employer provided.Its not insurance in any way shape or form.I have obamacare.My policy is the cheapest one offered and it cost $1100 per month AND I have to pay a $5000 deductible AND $12900 out of pocket expenses.These insurance companies are raping everyone in this state and the politicians are all on their backdoor payroll so nothing will ever change in this state.

          • KMD says:

            Yes – deductibles can very well be in that range of $6K per person in your family. Mine aren’t quite that high – though they did go up after the introduction of Obamacare… I doubt I will hit ever the deductible year after year.

          • cheryl says:

            Deductibles are never $6000? I work in a medical office and see deductibles that high on a regular basis. There are some even higher. Not a scare tactic. So it costs people high premiums plus high deductibles so yea I can understand how he wouldnt want the medical bills. But in this case he needed to go. guess he doesnt have to worry about it anymore though

          • Ken Crow says:

            You would be very mistaken “Nosreme”…Our insurance 3 years ago was $200 a month for both my wife and myself. We had a $500 annual deductible with $10 office visits and $10 prescriptions, plus dental and vision coverage. Today the same company (group coverage at work with a major Fortune 50 corporation)has changed. It is now costing us $400 a month, no dental or vision, $50 Office visits and a $5000 deductible and they say it is changing again after the 1st of the year. Don’t tell me Obama-Care is good, it is totally destroying our health-care system. The town I live in, we have about 9 Doctors. Five (5) yes that is 5 are retiring after this year. They all now have more accountants working for them than they do Nurses. This is a disaster on so many levels, it is frightening.

          • Pamela bolton says:

            My, you must be one of the blessed few. Obamacare isn’t the magic pill for everyone. We couldn’t afford insurance in the first place, now it is mandatory and we still can’t afford it. Yes it can be that high. My families is $4500. Glad you are happy with Obamacare because a lot of us aren’t.

          • Stacey Smith says:

            Hey clueless, we have yomamacare and the deductables ARE 6,500. Shut the FFFF up when you are clueless as to what you are talking about you lib hack. You give liberals a bad name, mainly becuase facts and reality are your poison.

          • Stacey Smith says:

            You are profoundly ignorant.

          • Lesa says:

            It is not the Affordable Health Act that makes the premiums and deductibles high. It is the insurance companies. One year my husband’s company switched from
            Blue Cross & Blue Shield to United Health Care. Our premiums, deductibles and co-pays for medications all went up. With United Health Care, our deductibles were $5000 apiece. That was a whopping $15,000 for a family of three. Our co-pays for medicines soared to $50.00. Everything went up. And they aren’t the only ones. The company I currently work for didn’t offer a company paid insurance plan for the majority of it’s employees. That was for salaried employees. Hourly employees had to pay $400 plus a pay period ($400 a month) depending on how many you had in your family. I only made about $700 a pay period. I would have just been working to pay my insurance.

            Our country needs affordable health care, but we will never get it as long and the prices are jacked up to keep profits in the billions for corporate big wigs. Greed and excess is driving this country to hell.

          • Carey Meadows says:

            What rathole have you had your head stuck in . I had perfectly good insurance before Obamacare.Now the premium I am forced to pay covers nothing. I have a prescription I have to take that is now not covered. The medicine costs me 500.00 per month now with no help from my new Obamacare policy. Wake the HELL up.

          • ACA = Joke says:

            Lesa, you must be listening to Bernie Sanders too much. Are you aware that the profit margins for health insurers are usually around 3%? Premiums went up because of making it illegal to medically underwrite for bad risk. The insurers are being forced to take on individuals that cost hundreds of thousands a year to cover and to maintain those small profit margins I mentioned they need to increase rates for everyone to cover for the massive amount of high risk members as well as pay a tax to offer insurance on the exchanges. ACA is directly to blame for increasing premiums.

          • Kurt 2350 says:

            My son’s deductible is $11,000 for the family.

          • Melanie Wambach says:

            You are SO wrong…the deductibles are outrageous, the coverage is only 80/20, and the cost has tripled..I know…I make to much money to get ObamaCare, but not enough to pay the over $600.00 per month for insurance..

          • Captal says:

            Deductibles can certainly be $6000 and higher under
            Obama care – depends on the plan you select

          • Julia says:

            The only insurance I could afford has a $6000 deduct per person. And $9000 out of pocket max. I would have to declare bankruptcy God forbid I have to pay that out of pocket max. I’m already paying $350 a month for nothing. Obama need to be shot or impeached.

          • Chris says:

            You’re a moron. They are too $6000. By myself mine is $3500 and for my family it’s $6500. Pull your head out of your ass.

          • Hobbes says:

            My deductible is $10,000.00 and it was that way before Obamacare

          • Rob says:

            Sorry to have to correct you…I have a HSA Health Insurance policy with UnitedHealth Care and the deductibles for my wife and me are 6,000.00 each. That’s 12.000.00 total. The copay after deductibles are met is 40%. The premium w/o a subsidy for all of this wonderfulness is approx. 1,100.00 per month. God help you if you are married, have a job, pay taxes and need Obamacare.
            Now if I was an illegal immigrant, or on welfare, I’d get free health care.

          • rover says:

            Only for those who have a job and work to pay for their insurance

          • Will says:

            I think ‘nosreme’ meant to say ‘no resume’ as his user name due to him never having a job and taking all the free handouts…

          • Steve says:

            Nosreme, Deductibles are often at $6K and more. You should contact your Insurance agent or better yet, wait on the phone for 2 hours with the .gov site of Obamacare to find more accuracy. If you are going berate a man for his opinion, you should offer facts, not feel goods!
            – Independent Agent for 35 years~!

          • Elaine says:

            Really? When was the last time you compared insurance policies!

          • festus says:

            my deductible is 6000. you sound like a “real expert” on helthcare

          • Hero11007 says:

            My deductible $6000 too! you D.A. and my monthly premium is $940. Liberals just create more poor people. And poor people can’t help other poor people, when will they figure that out

          • Vanessa says:

            Most people don’t know that if you are self employed, it is almost impossible to have Obamacare. My husband and I are both self employed small business owners and for a family of four. Premiums are 1200.00/mo with a 15,000 deductible. We cannot afford the “affordable care insurance”. Our premiums more than doubled and our deductible increased. Can’t afford to have insurance unless I go work for someone else. Let’s call it NO INSURANCE!

        • A.P. Hill says:

          Travel south of the Mason-Dixon-line and say that, you doosh-bag. The Un-Affordable Care Act will be repealed and Hillary will not sit behind the Resolute desk upon which her “tom cat” husband leaned against to get his nob polished. Also, when referring to a region, proper grammar says you capitalize the region, but when referring to a direction you do not capitalize the direction. At least us idiots down South know that.

        • rob says:


        • Fla Rancher says:

          Here in Florida I got a Health Care Exchange plan through Florida Blue (Blue Cross Blue Shield. My copays for a ER which would include the upto 28 vials maximum dose of Crofab, which is the anti-venom for rattle snakes, cottonmouths, and copperheads. And those vials can be upwards of 1k or more each but are covered all for a co-pay n my insurance of 200.00 for an ER visit or 500 for a hospital stay for any amount of days. And hospitals will bill you for that or even work out payment plans. PLUS a hospital can not refuse to treat you if you can not pay. On an snake bite like that your blood pressure will crash which will need a bolus to keep heart and blood pressure up, you would need IV fluids, and supportive care and Crofab, I’m dealing with a timber rattler snake bite on an animal right now that happened Monday, With proper medical care, even small animals do well.

        • will says:

          you keep thinking that..

        • Me says:

          Yes. My thought’s exactly! The healthcare I can afford per month on this great Obamacare “miracle” is also $6000.00 & doesn’t cover anything until you have paid that except a pap smear! I only have it to avoid being fined on my HARD EARNED tax return each year! I am not a republican or a democrat. I am just an American. I was excited about this healthcare thing when it first started until I found out that it really didn’t benefit me at all. Its a smoke screen to make Obama looked good. Open your eyes people!

        • Common Sense says:

          That’s true

        • Ganesh grg says:

          Chances are you would have more deductible if you don’t have Obama care. I don’t understand you getting at least something for free and you are still whining about it.

        • Squidface says:

          FYI…being from Missouri, we do NOT have Obamacare. MO is one of several states without an exchange. Carry on.

      • Patrick says:

        Sorry to hear you lost your dil do. Have you ever thought about buying a new one? How much more obvious can it be anyways? If the man had insurance he would not be dead and you have to make that remark. You deserve what ever comes your way.

      • Jogal Finklestein says:

        Who has fetal alcohol syndrome?

    • Reply To KY Fried says:

      You are calling people idiots and you can’t even spell insurance or construct a sentence that is above what a 3rd grader would say! Look in the mirror if you want to see an idiot. 🙁

      • Jorgal Finklestein says:

        He’s typing fast. But, he is wrong about one thing. I live in the South and I love “Obamacare” the Affordable Care Act. The uniquely idiotic commenters here that don’t understand insurance are talking a lot about HIGH DEDUCTIBLES. We too have high deductibles. And we are liable to pay ALL of those deductibles were we to go out of system for care. We stay IN SYSTEM and pay VERY SMALL COPAYS.

    • plrglr says:

      Even if he had Obama care he still could not afford to go to hospital because of all the co pays and deductibles. Most people do not use the ACA because of the co pays, just pay the premiums and stay home and hope for the best.

      • joe says:

        Quit spreading lies about Obamacare, I had Obamacare for over a year, And my co-pays were $3 dollars to see my doctor, And $5 dollars for perscriptions. Now I have insurance thru my emplorer And my co-pays are $20 doolars to see my doctor and $10 dollars for prescriptions.

      • Jorgal Finklestein says:

        Yeah, utter bullsh8t speaks plrglr. Are you a paid disinformer? Or are you an idiotic follower of the disinformation machine? So without and prior to “ObamaCare” the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT what would he do? What a load of real BULLSH8T. ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act has already saved our family and millions of Americans from financial ruin. The uniquely idiotic commenters here that don’t understand insurance are talking a lot about HIGH DEDUCTIBLES. We too have high deductibles. And we are liable to pay ALL of those deductibles were we to go out of system for care. We stay IN SYSTEM and pay VERY SMALL COPAYS. All of you morons go lookup the term HMO. It works fine. Idiots

    • TomCoats says:

      Insurance with a $10,000 deductible that has to be paid before the insurance pays out anything is no insurance at all! It’s catastrophic illness insurance that costs too much!

      • Jorgal Finklestein says:

        @TomCoats Are you a paid disinformer? Or are you an idiotic follower of the disinformation machine? So without and prior to “ObamaCare” the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT what would he do? What a load of real BULLSH8T. ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act has already saved our family and millions of Americans from financial ruin. The uniquely idiotic commenters here that don’t understand insurance are talking a lot about HIGH DEDUCTIBLES. We too have high deductibles. And we are liable to pay ALL of those deductibles were we to go out of system for care. We stay IN SYSTEM and pay VERY SMALL COPAYS. All of you morons go lookup the term HMO. It works fine. Idiots

        • Will says:

          Finklestein, you are in the minority who benefit from ACA. So of course you’re loving it! The majority of people who HAD insurance prior were negatively affected. Remaining in network is becoming more difficult with the increasing volume of narrow/tiered network products or ‘skinny’ plans since they are the only ones people who aren’t subsidized can afford. But nope, you don’t see it that way. It benefits you so the majority must be wrong huh?

    • The Voice of Reason says:

      Go back to smoking dinner, you genetic misfire.

    • Austin Texas says:

      I have a bronze plan Aetna….it is so bad I don’t use it, and most doctors wont take it. Obamacare on its own wouldn’t have necessarily have saved this man’s life.

    • Infidel says:

      If he went to the hospital with Obamacare the doctor would have probably decided that a couple aspirin was sufficient as opposed to anti-venom, then sent him home with a follow up appointment scheduled two weeks after he dies.

      • tpl says:

        “..sent him home with a follow up appointment scheduled two weeks after he dies”
        🙂 That’s funny!

      • Jorgal Finklestein says:

        Call your boss @Infidel and tell him to send a REAL bigoted disinformer. You fail miserably. It’s the same hospitals moron.

    • s.hunter says:

      are you an idiot? How is overpriced “healthcare” saving lives. taking something and making it more expensive is not doing anything but giving the government more money.

      And no..not everyone has it. I simply cannot afford your “affordable heath care”

      • lissa says:

        my “health care insurance” is $32.00 more a month than my total income. so I choose to do without and have a roof over my head.

      • Jorgal Finklestein says:

        Yeah, utter bullsh8t speaks s.hunter. Are you a paid disinformer? Or are you an idiotic follower of the disinformation machine? So without and prior to “ObamaCare” the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT what would he do? What a load of real BULLSH8T. ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act has already saved our family and millions of Americans from financial ruin. The uniquely idiotic commenters here that don’t understand insurance are talking a lot about HIGH DEDUCTIBLES. We too have high deductibles. And we are liable to pay ALL of those deductibles were we to go out of system for care. We stay IN SYSTEM and pay VERY SMALL COPAYS. All of you morons go lookup the term HMO. It works fine. Idiots

    • PAUL says:


      • James says:

        Hes the most worthless president America has ever had, my sister pays $250 a month for an $8000 deductible-makes no sense.

        • Jorgal Finklestein says:

          Yeah, utter bullsh8t speaks plrglr. Are you a paid disinformer? Or are you an idiotic follower of the disinformation machine? So without and prior to “ObamaCare” the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT what would he do? What a load of real BULLSH8T. ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act has already saved our family and millions of Americans from financial ruin. The uniquely idiotic commenters here that don’t understand insurance are talking a lot about HIGH DEDUCTIBLES. We too have high deductibles. And we are liable to pay ALL of those deductibles were we to go out of system for care. We stay IN SYSTEM and pay VERY SMALL COPAYS. All of you morons go lookup the term HMO. It works fine. Idiots. They are HMO’s and the playing field is being leveled. So fwck off.

      • Donald Harris says:

        Even on Obamacare, neither the insurance nor the deductibles are affordable.

        • Jorgal Finklestein says:

          Yeah, utter bullsh8t speaks Donald Harris. Are you a paid disinformer? Or are you an idiotic follower of the disinformation machine? So without and prior to “ObamaCare” the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT what would he do? What a load of real BULLSH8T. ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act has already saved our family and millions of Americans from financial ruin. The uniquely idiotic commenters here that don’t understand insurance are talking a lot about HIGH DEDUCTIBLES. We too have high deductibles. And we are liable to pay ALL of those deductibles were we to go out of system for care. We stay IN SYSTEM and pay VERY SMALL COPAYS. All of you morons go lookup the term HMO. It works fine. Idiots

      • Respondingtoamoron says:

        Stop shouting, you bigoted POS.

        • Jorgal Finklestein says:

          @Respondingtoamoron which bigot is shouting (they are not attributing/connecting on these comments)?

      • O Care Bronze Plan says:

        Sadly, I doubt race had anything to do with it. Playing the race card here serves no purpose, in fact, playing the race card never servers a constructive purpose.

        It was probably that $6000 deductible that made him stay home. You know, probably two months pay for him.

        If that’s good insurance, I’d hate to see bad.

        • Jorgal Finklestein says:

          Yeah, utter bullsh8t speaks “O CARE BRONZE PLAN”. Are you a paid disinformer? Or are you an idiotic follower of the disinformation machine? So without and prior to “ObamaCare” the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT what would he do? What a load of real BULLSH8T. ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act has already saved our family and millions of Americans from financial ruin. The uniquely idiotic commenters here that don’t understand insurance are talking a lot about HIGH DEDUCTIBLES. We too have high deductibles. And we are liable to pay ALL of those deductibles were we to go out of system for care. We stay IN SYSTEM and pay VERY SMALL COPAYS. All of you morons go lookup the term HMO. It works fine. Idiots. How much of a discount would he have if he DIDN’T HAVE INSURANCE

      • HATER says:

        I hate o’stupid’s white half too …its all these damn darkies fault…. dumb a$$

      • Hypocrite says:

        Herman Cain would have been the man for the white house but the left leaning blacks were too busy calling him racist names like uncle tom. Shame on you. Racism is only racism when the left wants it to be huh? It’s the ideologies of this president that are horrible, not his color…

      • Jorgal Finklestein says:

        Sadly, very true. I am a white man in the south surrounded by these bigots. Thanks for standing up for the lesser, poorer, the weaker and the STRONG FEW that know the bigots are scared little worms about to get some comeuppance.

    • D Miller says:

      For someone preaching the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare, so fervently do you know anything about it. This is NOT affordable for a majority of those on it.(I’m single and self-employed. cheapest premium $130/mo) And what about what occurred when your precious Obama signed the bill into law. I recall hearing of a number of seniors and others who were dropped by their insurers only to find out Obamacare would not cover them. Perhaps an individual like you should do a bit of research before spouting off at the mouth. And please inform all of us below that you a.)Normally keep your mouth shut in public to avoid showcasing such brilliant stupidity as above and b.) Have NOT reproduced.

      • LS says:

        Are you serious? You sound like someone that has never paid for health insurance before the ACA. If you are “self employed” and paying $130, I guarantee that you make enough to not complain about the payments. Premiums are based on your income and if you try to take more than 5 minutes to pick the type( ie silver, bronze, etc) and company, deductibles are not as high as the scare numbers on here. Most employer plans have the same numbers, by the way(before Obamacare started). No senior was left without coverage because they can get Medicare and other coverage that matches or is better than employer coverage. Commenting based on your single limited experience isn’t research either. I’m not saying Obamacare is perfect but people need to stop repeating things they hear on TV, or half-truths they are told. Spreading ignorance is deadly and this story is an example.

      • Jorgal Finklestein says:

        Yeah, utter bullsh8t speaks D Miller. Are you a paid disinformer? Or are you an idiotic follower of the disinformation machine? So without and prior to “ObamaCare” the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT what would he do? What a load of real BULLSH8T. ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act has already saved our family and millions of Americans from financial ruin. The uniquely idiotic commenters here that don’t understand insurance are talking a lot about HIGH DEDUCTIBLES. We too have high deductibles. And we are liable to pay ALL of those deductibles were we to go out of system for care. We stay IN SYSTEM and pay VERY SMALL COPAYS. All of you morons go lookup the term HMO. It works fine. Idiots

    • Kim P says:

      Obamacare or not, there is no way this guy would have been turned away for treatment so keep your idiot comments to yourself. Get some new material- Teabagger- really???

    • Al from Missouri says:

      You are an idiot.

    • FUNorth says:

      Dumbass ….Missouri is not in the south LMFAO!!!!

    • James says:

      You must not have it, my sisters deductible is $8000

    • john m says:

      With the 6k deductible he would have had with the ACA insurance he would still have a large bill to pay.

    • PC$7 says:


    • STEVE says:

      you an idiot anybody can go to the E.R. AN GET HELP SO STOP THE LIES.

    • DEBBIE STEWART says:

      umhhhhhhhhhhhhh..excuse me I am in the South ..Louisiana to be exact….I have health insurance through the “market place”,..does this make me an idiot?….idiot!!!..also I did not vote for the man in the white house…. idiot….so be carful with your name calling idiot!!!

    • CK says:

      Hey Kentucky Fried moron, it’s because of Obamacare that all these medical costs are now skyrocketed. I guess you probably didn’t notice since you are one of the ones free loading off people like me who have a job and have to pay the higher amts so that people like you can get it free. Do a little research before you shoot off your ignorant mouth.

    • Respondingtoamoron says:

      The only idiot here is someone who actually thinks that this guy was trying to “stick it” to Obama. What a fool, and a bigot.

    • S Black says:


    • Micke says:

      It is comprehensive health insurance that is responsible for the high cost of hospital bills, you ignorant fool. And just because you are too simple and lazy to be trusted to take care of your family, you want the force of the US government to babysit you and your family and make sure that all of your needs re taken care of, at the expense of the rest of us, who are responsible.
      BTW: The process of natural selection took care of this idiot who got bit. I wish more ignorant liberals would go swimming in rivers.

      • Taking Responsibility says:

        Well stated Micke…except that liberal/conservative those not wanting to take any responsibility are a part of the new American way.

    • MissSudie says:

      Kentucky Fried, we “idiots” in the south don’t have a problem with health insurance for all, we have a problem being FORCED to buy something that we don’t want or need.

    • Stacey Smith says:

      Kenfucky fried idiot. Your ignorance is astounding. Go back into your f tard world of single payer bliss you absolute idiot. Quit watching MSNBC and CNN and expand your rather infantile cranium.

    • Joe says:

      Someone’s trolling. The story is about a snake bite not politics. A guy died and you want to use that to push your own political agenda. Get a life.

    • Brandon says:

      This is in Delaware… Not in the south. lol

    • RussJames says:

      oh!how True!

    • Common Sense says:

      Dumbest thing I’ve heard so far today, but the it’s early

    • icarus76 says:

      Too bad Obamacare doesn’t cover things like…learning how to spell!

    • A. Wade says:

      Get a grip Kentucky Fried and read the rules for Obama Care. My daughter had no medical insurance at her job, needed health care insurance. She applied for Obama Care but because her income was so low the cost of the Obama Care was 300 dollars per month. That left her with so little cash normal bills could not be paid. Normal bills food, child care, transportation to work. That and the Obama Care stated that the first 10,000 dollars of the medial bills needed to come out of her pocket. If she made that kind of money she would not need medical insurance. Plus because she is eligible for this very expensive Obama Care she was taken off of the medicaid she was on.

      • T, Daniel says:

        Maybe she could check into getting a waiver. I worked in a tax office in California. Many taxpayers did not get ACA because they couldn’t afford it. Most claimed financial hardship and the penalty was waived.

    • Tremujin says:

      Funny.. I don’t have healthcare… It is significantly more expensive now than before so I will continue to pay the fines at the end of the year.

    • Adam says:

      26 white male, non smoker, no health problems. Cheapest plan I can get is $160.00 a month for crap coverage? When I was unemployed they would only offer me a fee waiver? People believe what they want about Obama but his health care plan is terrible. The insurance companies must love him. 20-40 single white male is the new minority.

    • Sick of the Northern Know It Alls says:

      You have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t know a soul without insurance among my neighbors and family in the South but have family in Chicago and California that have shunned it.

      We don’t like ObamaCare because it is a tax on the working class…his own aides admitted that. My insurance has increased 105% over the last 2 coverage years so that insurance companies can cover the folks that aren’t working. My insurance is more than my mortgage now.

      Take a few minutes and educate yourself as others on this post have instead of making stupid over arching comments about something you really know nothing about.

    • han says:

      Obamacare is not affordable for those who can afford a little. useless for those who cannot afford!!

      All healthcare services should be nationalized!

    • joesmoe says:

      girlfriend should of dialed 911 regardless

    • Slapwell says:

      Are you kidding me Mr. Kentucky Fried Blind person?!! They don’t have it b/c it only benefits those that can get government assistance and the low-Mid Middle class carry the bill. My insurance costs have increased 100% since uneducated people like you voted for this MORONCARE. To be covered 80/20 costs $750/mos through a hospital employer. That’s before the deductible of $2500 per person or $5K for family. FYI that’s considered good insurance anymore. Wish the tea baggers could tea bag your mouth so nonsense wouldn’t come out.

    • mark says:

      Obama AND his “care” are the two WORST things to happen to this country in a hundred years. Who the hell ever heard of being forced to purchase ANY product??? Pure Socialism. It’s not “free” either; somebody has to pay for this farce, and that’s We the People. If you like “free” healthcare so much, I recommend you move to a Socialist nation like Canada, where you can wait six months for basic examinations.



    • Robert says:

      maybe you should get off the meth and kool aid, they are rotting your mush brain.

    • wtf says:

      Poor bastard cant afford life saving medical bills because hes still trying to pay off those sleeves and chest tats..too bad obama wont pay for ink!

    • WalterOB says:

      “Idiots in the south..” I’ll refrain from pointing out, genius, that South should be capitalized, but I’m an idiot so…
      But more to the point. Is this comment supposed to be a general editorial or specific to this story? If it’s the former then take it elsewhere not on a story about man’s death. If it’s the latter; get a map. Missouri is not in the “south”

    • smrtrthnu says:

      Yay for Darwinism. He probably was saving his money for another tattoo and didn’t want to “waste” it on something like a medical emergency. hooray for darwinism

  2. rob says:

    real southerners don’t really think of missouri as being in the south. i had health insurance before obamacare and still do. it just costs more and covers less now accept for my birth control pills (every 50 year old man neeeeedddds those birth control pills).

    • rob says:

      except, not accept

    • Tom says:

      you need to look into better insurance. my insurance dropped in cost by 2/3 with obamacare and it’s the same insurance (blue cross) i had before obamacare. i’m 54 yrs old.

      • Terri says:

        I spoke with 20 people whose insurances went up with Obamacare. A majority of them losing the coverage they had and had to sign up for new plans that cost more and covered less. One person I spoke with had his plan lower the cost. America was better off before.

        • Cane says:

          Obamacare isn’t great by any means, we should have went to a single payer system but it was too liberal for some in Washington, not enough kickbacks from lobbyists. That said Terri, America was not better off before, you should do some research before you start stating things that have no truth to them…fact is that the United States had over a billion annually in unpaid medical bills per hospitals alone, add in private practices, clinics, specialists, etc. and the US was looking at another fiscal crisis and now were stuck, if we return to the former our economy is likely to crash and going to a more liberal health care system like Single Payer is too much for the GOP to give, so we’ll likely be sticking with Obamacare but they’ll alter it a little here and there but even under the GOP don’t plan on your deductibles to go down, someone will have to pay their kickbacks for the changes they do make.

          • Jodi says:

            Finally Can someone who speaks the truth. The last thing on this man’s mind should have been the money he would have had to dole out to get back to health – if we had a single payer system – he could have just walked into a place with the emergency walked out treated. All of Europe has it and despite the issues say come with a single payer, they have some better outcomes on many issues. The public has got to get smarter about this issue. I am sad for the loss of this young man.

          • Shelley Kazimour says:

            Gotta love that communist approach to everything. This is America, we don’t do commie anything.

          • wlw says:

            Read your comments again. One billion in bad debits on medical bills is made up in payments to insurance companies for health care. To me this balances and just puts the balances in a different column.

        • DaveW says:

          Escape the bubble you are in.

      • Respondingtoamoron says:

        And who paid for that? You’re happy that YOUR premiums dropped, but that only means that others picked up your costs. Proud that you can unload your burdens on others, slacker?

      • Mickey says:

        How much is subsidized by the rest of us? What is your deductible? What are your co-pays? It doesn’t matter if your insurance premiums go down, if you you go from not deductible to a $5,000 yearly deductible, or if your co-pay goes from 0 to $50.

      • Don't believe, Read. says:

        Based on Income and never seen mention of that. Age doesn’t mean anything other than your Old like me.
        I’m sure you fall into the category of subsidize plan were we the middle to high income employed pay for. All other non-subsidized Plans cost either more, cover less or both.

      • Lgozor57 says:

        This may be true in your case but rest assured, a great many more folks saw a rise in their costs with less coverage. the AFCA is costing billions all in the interest of insuring an extra 5% of the population while diluting coverage for a great many more.

    • Dustin Mooney says:

      Missouri is a northern state. Not South.

      • Abraham Lincoln's Ghost says:

        Only St. Louis is northern. The rest of the state are redneck secessionists intent on destroying this great nation.

  3. TomCoats says:

    This poor guy should have gone to the hospital regardless of the cost incurred! Snakebite is not something to fool around with!

  4. Sid says:

    I work in a nearby hospital. Our Emergency Department is required by law (forget socialist Obamacare) to treat anyone who appears for services. He would have been cared for regardless of his ability to pay. Why do people always have to make a political point out of their poisoned heart?

    • Randall says:

      The problem with that statement is that while it’s true that hospitals have an obligation to provide services regardless of ability to pay, it doesn’t stop them from trying to collect payment. They don’t just let that cost go because someone can’t afford it. They start calling, asking for payment arrangements, then eventually sending you to a collection agency and damaging (or ruining) your credit, making it difficult or impossible to recover.

      If that bite had a $5k tag (not unlikely at all) to fix, he probably would have lived, but it may have been impossible for him to pay the bill, and then he has years of recovery ahead of him.

      While I still believe that’s far better than the alternative (in this case, death) it’s by no means an unreasonable fear. It’s not a political point or poisoned heart as you stated; it’s a fear of what comes next after the services are rendered that’s causing a lot of the backlash on both sides of the argument.

      • Pattio says:

        I suffered a severe head injury from a jet ski accident. I had no insurance, ICU for a week and ended up with a $10,000 hospital bill more than 20 years ago. So in today’s money it would be closer to $20,000. Gee, I think saving my life is worth what ended up being a car payment. I made those payments in my illustrious career as a cocktail waitress/bartender somehow managed to pay for it. Yes I had to forgo some nights out drinking with friends, delay the purchase of one of those new computers with something called “the Internet” and keep my old truck for a couple more years. How about a little personal responsibility?

    • Gidget Hrobowski says:

      Well stated…. I do not understand the griping about Obamacare or any other healthcare insurance, this was a matter of life and death. Unfortunately, he choose to ignore the seriousness of the snake bite, and died…. I don’t know bout him, but if God forbid a snake bites me, am going to the hospital, asap!!! And cost be damned….. But, unfortunately, some people are stupid….

      • Gidget Hrobowski says:

        And personally, this issue isn’t about a healthcare plan, this is about a person’s stupidity……

  5. al says:

    I think its sad we live in a world where that would have to be a persons 1rst thought”i cant afford this” after an injury.shouldnt costem anything.

  6. Pattio says:

    Let’s see the average Obamacare Bronze plan, the one most people can afford, will set you back around $5-$6,000 for your premium, then you get to pay another $5-$6,000 to cover your deductible before Obamacare starts to pay no more than 70% of your bill. So yeah, go ahead with that Obamacare, Garrett Montgomery, and see how that works out for you.

    • Weeter says:

      Agreed, my plan exactly. I don’t know what the appeal for a single-payer plan is either. The government never paid less for anything. Why would they when they have an unlimited source of taxes to fund it?

  7. Pat says:

    I think Gilbert De Leon should be nominated for the Darwin Award.

    • GFM says:

      Not sure who is stupider? Dude that got bit and refusing medical treatment, or the girlfriend that didn’t call 911, when he was getting lethargic. I mean, how can you just go to bed??? She should be charged with some kind of crime, but the dude was an idiot.

      • Gidget Hrobowski says:

        GFM, correct, agree 100%….. And people on here have the nerve to once again blame Obama and/or Obamacare….incredible!!!

    • donttreadonme says:

      Sorry, no, the guy flaming up and dying after lighting a cigarette while pumping gas has an edge here.

  8. ZuultheDestroyer says:

    Once again Darwinism proves to be a pretty reliable source. However, I do want to say RIP in spite of it all.

  9. Firebrand says:

    Ok only one question. Why did she not call 911? Regardless of what someone says when they get lethargic and not responding well they are not thinking at that point. Big bill or no, being dead doesn’t help you.

    Honestly as much as my heart goes out to the girlfriend, she fucked up really badly on this.

    Note to the rest of you. CALL 911… Hell they come get people with sore throats, and guess what insurance or no they have to treat you…

    Wake up and Smell the Coffee…

    • Don't Believe, Read. says:

      In my state if the person is able to refuse to go to the hospital the ambulance can not take you basically kid-nap so to defend her stupidity she really had her hands tied until he passed out. You have no clue what he told her or even if he lied about poison snake because even a regular black snake bight you can get sick. This is on him. I’m Sure she feel horrible enough without arm chair criticism that don’t know their story.
      On the Insurance thing, It’s only affordable if you have nothing and make nothing.
      Above someone said they talked to 20 people and one got better with new system and I will add to that our company had a decent not great policy until AHA
      plus we had 3 choices (World wide Construction Comp. No Name)and now only one. Rumor has it big companies were asked to (with perks)to lower coverage so people would turn to AHA. The reason for it was that the ones signing up for it first would be people that either didn’t have it or couldn’t afford it and they needed paying costumer (workers) to offset the cost from Government. So far out of the 180+ I work around have said “As long as I don’t have to use my Plan, It’s Affordable” So Dumacrat or Retardagen party doesn’t matter. It helps some and cost a lot more to others and it sucks to the people that have to pay more which is middle income strugglers like me.
      There are a few I know that get this AHA plan and its based on income and what they owe after Treatment is also based on Income so their cost is minimal if not free. These People need something I agree but take it from wasted government programs and or perks we send to other Countries not from workers.

    • Gidget Hrobowski says:

      What the heck was thinking or drinking….. I would have called 911 regardless of this continued refusal for treatment. All I can say is she must have been afraid of him or something, this story just does not sound right!!! Like she had been used to this type of ignorance from dude….

  10. Mamouth Man says:

    I had a simple sinus infection. What could that possibly cost, a few hundred maybe? What a fool I was. With Obamacare it cost me $500 dollars just to get into the emergency room. I ended up paying $1200 for a shot and a Tylenol. Next time I’ll just suffer through it. Can’t afford to be sick. Thank you Mr. Obama, NOT!!!

    • ga22swift says:

      Only an idiot would go to the ER for sinus problems, buy the damn Tylenol yourself

    • TWolfe says:

      you went to Emergency for a SINUS INFECTION???????? Get real-there are Urgent Care, Doctors, etc., that would have treated you for FAR less. If you don’t know how to use your insurance, you deserve a big bill. Stay home next time and don’t take up the ER’s time and expertise.

    • STEVE says:

      yah i had an eye abrasion went to er on obamacare an paid nothing till i got the bill 978.00 for a tube of ointment that cost me 45.00 next time ill stay home.

    • logical intelligence says:

      Mamouth Man, you don’t go the the ER for a sinus infection. You go there for EMERGENCIES! THAT’S why it cost so much. Good God, are we that stupid anymore? Unless a limb is dangling off or you used a nail gun to put a ring-shank fastener in your head, go to a primary care physician (a.k.a. your family doctor), you’ll get better care at a quarter of the cost.

    • Saya What says:

      A simple sinus infection isn’t an emergency. The article published is regards about someone suffering and they did not make a good life decision to go to the hospital when it was in fact an emergency.

    • ranwil says:

      you should have went to a doctor’s office or a clinic, ER is meant for life threatening conditions.

    • Feel your Pain says:

      I have a child that went to the ER with an allergic reaction to Medicine a Dr. put her on. Dec.27 2013. $9,000 plus for this visit at the ER. New company took over and we had to sign up for Insurance with them in Oct 2013 this new system, emergency room visits are only %50 covered and you have to meet your deductible first. $5,000 Deductible, %50 of $4,000 is $2,000 for a grand total of $7,000 out of pocket and $2,000 insurance coverage. As you know your deductible is only for Calendar year and starts over January so I get to use my paid up deductible for about three days. I checked All of my options with AHA and based on my income 0 were cheaper and had to pay triple for a better policy if I went that direction.
      I can See this guy’s thought process. A lot of people with Strokes and Heart attacks denied being sick or need Help so Being in Pain and Toxin or neurotoxic (I can’t remember what cotton mouth venom is)going through his Blood he definitely was not making good decisions.

  11. Sandra says:

    No I think Obamacare should be repealed. The government promised all kinds of things. but they didn’ tell people that they would be paying higher premiums and very high deductables. There are even those like myself who fall in the donut hole and we still get nothing. Who can aford this? not to mention the death pannels. People who do not know anything about medicine will decide if you can have treatment or not. I know I read Obama care and it is in there. and if you are above a certin age to bad no medicen unless you can pay for the hospital your self.I feel sorry for DeLeons family and I can understand his delema. anymore it is all about government MONEY.

  12. Fontaine says:

    No for obamacare, its getting too big and too powerful…

    For the record, both my mother and I lost our cheaper, broader coverage plan when this came out. We haven’t and won’t sign up for this, just take the fees (that actually pay for others care) and deal with it.

  13. Jay says:

    Obama care is the problem. I’m one that had insurance till Obama came along . Now I have insurance I can use because it cost 3xs more than it did before with a $6, 000 deductible. But don’t worry I get birth control for free. . If this guy didn’t have insurance the ER would still treat him and he could’ve worked out a payment plan. But God for bid anyone be responsible its someone else fault.

  14. Ruth L says:

    Yes by health insurance.. The primary reason non for profit hospitals jack their hospital rates up so high is because people do not purchase health insurance – even silly ass ObamaCare such as it is – and then they have a catastrophic event ie snake bite, wreck, heart attack and end up in the hospital and the vicious cycle perpetuates… hospital doesn’t get paid, people with insurance/insurance companies rates go up to compensate for the deadbeats that don’t have insurance (and under/no payment from state agencies) and so it goes my friends.

  15. DaveW says:

    I’m a Republican, but I love Obamacare. For the first time in 22 years I have decent health insurance that I can afford.

    • joe says:

      Thank you for your honesty, wish more people like yourself would speak-up. getting tired of hearing only from people reciting what they heard on Fox news.

    • J.B. says:

      Yeah thanks to my $5000.00 deductable. OBAMACARE has put me in the poor house. I used to be a democrat, but it doesnt matter. We get fleeced by both parties,you dont even see it coming, from the left or right until its too late.

    • DaveWSucksC00ck says:

      And you are a filthy liberal liar. Not even close in masking your stupidity.

    • Gidget Hrobowski says:

      DaveW, then could you please explain to me, if you’re stating it’s affordable, why are all of these people gripping??? I know nothing about Obamacare. But, please, seriously, I’d truly like to know what’s the deal!!! Thank you…

    • Pamela bolton says:

      Well that makes one. so sad to be alone in your illusions. Hope the shock of your deductibles don’t over come you should something bad happen.

  16. news watcher says:

    Moron with all the tats surly had an income that would get a subsidized plan with a low ded. Maybe the cap and cool headband? were too tight for him to think clearly. Also wearing the one earing may have caused his thinking to be out of balance. Anyway it is all fixed now.

  17. sally says:

    This is the second year we r without insurance and the first year we r clear from medical bills. Instead we made a bank account for medical purposes only and place money that would have gone to insurance into it. In 2012-13, with insurance, we paid off $6,000 in co-pays and deductions(from bills incurred early in 2012, no major stuff, just small visits that added up over 6 months n one small cut on hand).
    In 2014 we dropped insurance & came out with a little surplus even after my husband had to go to hospital for allergic reaction. and in 2015, we r saving well in our account. In 2016, we may go with a med-share plan, but NEVER again with BCBS. Insurance is nothing more than a middle man that causes dept. I am responsible for my health, not the state.

    • KMD says:

      I don’t know – I just had lab work done… It was $1,200 for everything. After my insurance “dicount”, it dropped to $200. I only paid $20 out of pocket. A LOT better than $1,200. Now – was it REALLY worth $1,200? I don’t know – but I do know that they were required blood tests – so I couldn’t have skipped out on them.

  18. Lockey says:

    Let me get this straight….. the US spends trillions of dollars in pointless wars abroad.
    TheY give money to Israel…..they waste money on spaceship that goes to the moon….but they can not provide care for an American citizen bitten by a snake……they can’t fix their raods and bridges….they can’t pay women well ….. they can’t punish big banks…but they want to come to other countries and show leadership. Americans are so funny.

    • donttreadonme says:

      Lockey, you still have very little straight, unfortunately. No offense, but I am not sure you can be helped until you change your sources of information.

    • Kahless says:

      they can provide care this guy didn’t even want to try. and we haven’t wasted money on a spaceship to go to the moon in 40 years or so. women are also paid the same as men. they get paid 77% what men do because they worked 77% as many hours.

    • Gidget Hrobowski says:

      Lockey, no hospital that I know of would have refused treatment of this man, especially given the fact it was a deadly snake bite, resulting in death. I personally do not know what the hell was wrong with this foolish man. However, you seem to be right in all other areas of your comments. Chow Bella!!!

  19. wlw says:

    Anyone who is for Obamacare obviously did not do their own research. If you went to a broker, hell yes, he/she wants to write a policy and will try to convince you that it’s a good thing. All I ask is to get on the computer and do your own evaluations. It may be right for some people but not for me or anyone I know.

  20. John says:

    What ticks me off about this article is that underneath they ask “Should more people get Obamacare?” because of this incident. I hate that they took a tragedy like this and used it to feed their political agenda.

  21. JOLENE says:

    And the latest winner of a Darwin Award……One less redneck in the breeding pool.

  22. TWolfe says:

    No excuse for ignorance- single payor system would have cut the insurance companies out but are making out like bandits now. Who defeated it in our government? GOP.

  23. TeriS says:

    My daughter (working two min. wage jobs) has very good insurance under the affordable Health Care Act for $48 a month. My granddaughter – $85 a month. Neither of these young women had insurance prior to this because health care on the open market is priced way beyond the means of almost everyone. So, for those who don’t have “ObamaCare”, you should probably shut up since you don’t really know about it – you are just parroting what you have heard. For those who chose the wrong plan with high deduct., that was your option. I know several families who say they “can’t afford” $150 a mo for health ins. but they can afford to eat out, take cruise vacations, etc. That’s their decision, but don’t blame the Fed. Health Care Act.

    • Ken says:

      My son works one minimum wage job and the cheapest he could find would cost him 70, and the coverage wasn’t worth crap. Granted his preventive is free, but that doesn’t cover much. And his max out of pocket, is more than half his annual income. Great plan!

  24. WeltSr says:

    So, in conclusion, healtcare in America SUCKS.

  25. Alfred says:

    I don’t care if he had Obamacare or your Mamacare. He should have listened to his girlfriend and went to the hospital. Damn did the man dying get lost in this discussion somewhere?

  26. Kahless says:

    What an idiot. its much better to be dead than to have hospital bills. hows that working out for him?

  27. Anita says:

    Prayers for the family and girlfriend over this tragic loss. Something is wrong with our medical system – they do charge outrageous rates. Everyone knows this but does nothing. The rich rule and the poor will die.

  28. Hearth Lane says:

    Regardless of the decision made the deceased, it is rather low class to call him names. However, that appears to be the type of society we have evolved too.
    Sorry he felt he could not seek the medical attention needed.

  29. Dee says:

    No matter how you look at it OBAMA CARE SUCKS. I had to have an MRI done, under Obama care plan it would of cost me $800.00 so I opted for self pay of $210.00. So try to argue that one..

  30. Ashley says:

    How about everyone who reports stories gets the facts correct before they publish. You said a “poisonous” snake bit him and then use quotes using the word venomous?

  31. ranwil says:

    Maybe he could have afforded the co-pay if he hadn’t spent all his money on tattoos. Everyone has priorities, I guess his is art.

  32. seaweaver says:

    Pretty telling how so many think the first reaction is to run to the government…. to suckle at the teat. Sorry gang, his healthcare is HIS responsibility…NOT MINE or ANYONE ELSE’S.
    Abdication of personal responsibility is a popular trend in America. The Statists love it.

  33. mtnlady14 says:

    Maybe he was afraid of hospitals/doctors in general. I work in the healthcare field. MANY people come to the ER and none are turned away. Also financial adjustments are available if the patient works with the business office. Quite frankly I think it was fear medical community that caused this gentleman to avoid getting the healthcare he required. Oh and BTW, trying to “drain” the poison out only helps to circulate it faster.

  34. Darwin says:

    “Ferris Wheel Kills Man”

    A man that was cut by some sharp metal on a Ferris Wheel has died. One year prior, Riley Stoopid obtained the injury and never had it treated when it became infected. Eventually he succumbed to his injury.

  35. mickal says:

    I’ve been reading the comments, and except for a few, this whole debate is stupid!! This has nothing to do with President Obama, he died, because he didn’t get help, and those around him didn’t get help. His life wasn’t worth a hospital bill I guess, and to complain about a system that charges so much money when you’re sick that has been in place long before one man came into office, is so Asenine it’s laughable. Be mad at the people that charge your are ridiculous amount of money when you are in dire straights, not a scapegoat. Ask why one of the richest countries in the world, does not have universal health care? Ask why you pay for politicians healthcare for decades, but you can’t opt into their plans? Blaming one man for something that has been around before his grandparents is doing nothing for you, but stopping you from asking the real questions, and getting the real work done, HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT?? He tried to take a system that is F-d up and tried to work with it, when the real power is in the people so I ask you, What are you doing?

    • Gidget Hrobowski says:

      Mickal, you are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for your insightful and wise comment, well stated!!! Best comment ever!!!

    • Don't believe, Read. says:

      Wow typical Dumacrat Defend with questions not answers. Here are a couple.
      Why did this new system force people to have it?
      If your a legal citizen you can be fined if you don’t have Insurance but illegal immigrants can get it for free and don’t get fined, deported or refused for not having insurance.
      The unpaid services is were the majority of cost to hospitals and Dr. were coming from We the people didn’t right it so the Pusher (Obama)of this program gets the Blame on the screw ups of this Program. this system could have been simple until Both Parties wanted a piece of the action. If the Government was giving us healthcare, no one would be complaining but most us us have to pay more for less.
      If basic Healthcare was given to everyone and some could afford upgrading then the People that can’t afford upgrading would be complaining. There are plenty of programs that can be Stopped that could finance it all including Foreign aid money.
      This new law was added to the people paying all the bills already. The questions you ask have nothing to do with the truth of an egotistical President pushing a program down Americans throats until it chokes us.
      The Government can’t Give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from someone else.
      What Most people complaining about Obama is the method of paying for this system and the damage it is doing. I agree We should all be able to get basic Healthcare with the wasted money they already receive and that would have lowered healthcare because health insurance would be lowering cost to get people to upgrade government free policy. The point is he was not willing to fight to stop all these wasted programs that don’t work and money sent abroad to other countries and put it on employed middle and above.

    • lena says:

      wow..the truth has been spoken. go mickal…..

  36. Am I the only one here? says:

    I’m reading about $6,000 deductibles & even a $10,000 deductible, but have you people not read this article the man is DEAD!!!
    I’m sorry but this was craziness.
    NOONE & I mean NOONE wants high medical bills but I’d take a medical bill over the cost of a funeral and the emotional price his family & girlfriend are now paying!

  37. rock1979 says:

    Without “The Affordable Health Care Act” he could have gone anywhere and been treated. Now there are hospitals that would treat him and then move him to another facility. I don’t know of a doctor anywhere that would not do all they could to save a life. Yes there would be a bill to him. Before the “ACA” if he couldn’t pay the hospital would have written it off as a bad debt it was the cost of saving life and those of us with insurance had a part of our premium that was dedicated to that cost. See nothing is free someone pays for it. Bottom line the system we had wasn’t perfect but was most certainly better that what is being forced on us. I am proud to be from one of the states that didn’t accept the money offered to set up “ACA”. My state cant afford it nor can any state that took the money. For those with a high school education that went to a good school understand how this works. The federal government helps pay a large portion of the cost up front but as the years go by those payment by the federal government continue to decline to the point that the state bears the brunt of the cost. Therefore states like California and Florida which have a large population of elderly citizens will be devastated by the law as it is written. I hope that this situation is going to get a significant correction with the next ruling by the ever more powerful Supreme Court but that is a different problem.

  38. Stan says:

    How does this have to do with Obamacare? He should have gone to the hospital and his girlfriend should have dialed 911. If he could not pay the bill the state aka tax payer would end up paying it.

  39. Jim Schezlick says:

    OH NO!!! We lost another bro dog with a soul patch, a baseball cap AND a bandana AND sun glasses with a bunch a stupid tattoos taking a selfie of himself for his bros!!! I’m so glad he’s dead. And a bandana tied around his wrist, just in case.

    • CelticMom says:

      I hope you were just trying to be facetious – who of us hasn’t taken a selfie while dressed ridiculously? Perhaps the craziness of the bandana, sunglasses, and ball cap was the reason he took the photo. As for his choice to sport multiple tattoos and a soul patch, this was his personal style/choice and wasn’t necessarily a reflection of his intelligence, his compassion for his fellow man, his love for his country, etc. THOSE are things that matter when judging somebody’s fitness to live. And unless you are above reproach, then his life wasn’t for you to judge. And just incase you think you ARE above reproach, re-read the hatred in your comment.

  40. Jubb Jubb says:

    I am a conservative and I have Obamacare BCBSTX HMO Silver Plan. I went to ER with what turned out to be gallstone attack. I had to pay the entire $6500 bill and still had $1000 of my $7500 yearly deductible. None of my current DR’s take the HMO and I can not afford $1500 obamacare PPO for my family of 5. All Obamacare REALLY guarantees that if I am in an accident the most it will cost me is $7500. It is just basically catastrophic insurance and not a health plan.

    So yeah… FVCK OBAMACARE in its a$$…

  41. The Grande Pistolero says:

    The solution is Kiser Permanente, it takes a little longer to be seen but the cost and medicine is very affordable, good for you KY Fried and it is too bad this services only exist in the west coast…

  42. Tommy says:

    A man died following a seemingly small incident. My condolences to his girlfriend, to his family, and to his friends.

  43. Patrick says:

    And the GOP chorus keeps singing “we don’t need no stinking Obamacare, not us”! Why not ask the GOP for some lube to go with that?

  44. Dustin Mooney says:

    My insurance was 168 a month for the wife n i b4 obamacare. I went to marketplace after my provider sent me a notice that my bill was going up to 500a month for the same plan. I got on n found a similar policy for 189 a month. After 6 months of paying it my policy is now 500 a month with no reason for increase. Were not paying a price we cant afford. We used to be free and had a choice. The only choice we have now is without. Not our fault. Obamas fault. Damn liar.

  45. Kathy Stern says:

    Just another sad case in this country of the poor finding it difficult to get proper health care. Health care sucks in this country, but at least ObamaCare is better than nothing.

  46. Vicki says:

    Obamacare and basic math. The average deductible for Obamacare is $6,250.00, if the youngman was afraid of high medical bills, Obamacare would not have been a great help.

    For those of you who are touting Obamacare this means Obamacare would have started paying it’s 80% on APPROVED procedures AFTER the youngman had paid $6,250.0.

    $10,000 hospital bill — on Obamacare — Patient pays $7000.00 – Obamacare pays $3,000.00

    The reality is this is a tragedy, that probably would have occurred regardless.

    Please people have some compassion!!

  47. Rico says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. Money is Money Life is Life. Always choose life to hell with money. The girlfriend should have called 911 that would have probably saved him.

  48. D'Money says:

    So I think we can all agree then, that this is a tragic loss …

    And that not only does “Obamanation Care” suck, but the fear of it actually leads to death.

    We can only HOPE that there is a CHANGE…

    • Me says:

      D’Money! Love that second line!!! “not only does “Obamanation Care” suck, but the fear of it actually leads to death.”. Lol!! Best comment so far & there are a lot of great comments here!

  49. Demitri says:

    Why is everyone discussing the pros and cons of Obamacare? Isn’t this about a man dying and his poor family that has to deal with the loss of a loved one. Why must we make this about healthcare. I’m sad for this guy’s family and girlfriend. My prayers go out to them.

    • lena says:

      Amen!Enough said. This man had a choice to get medical help and he chose to try and save himself so it’s nobody’s fault but his own. Treatment can not be refused regardless what it cost.

    • Me says:

      Well we are discussing Obamacare because the article states at the end what our thoughts are about whether or not Obamacare could have saved this guys life. Yes it is tragic & yes he should have sought treatment & yes his girlfriend maybe should have taken control of the situation & called 911. But Obamacare would have done nothing for the man. If he was afraid of the cost, Obamacare would have done nothing because it doesn’t cover anything worth a poot! Its not that we are callous, we are responding to the articles question.

  50. Demitri says:

    Oops, I Missed a couple question marks there.

  51. will says:

    You people are DUMB!!! Im sorry you have horrible Insurance, I pay 35$ a pay check ,NO co pay, no deductible, prescription’s $10, so kill that nose, your have a half ass company / Job its been this way for me since I was born 1968 so get a better company to work for…NOTHING TO DO WITH OBAMACARE…JUST SOMTHING FOR YOU IDIOTS TO TALK ABOUT…

    • Me says:

      What company do you work for & I will apply right away! By the way, my company doesn’t even offer insurance at all. A lot of businesses don’t offer healthcare. Jobs in my area are hard to find …. Just saying that because you got a great deal that doesn’t mean we’re all idiots.

    • Jerry Atric says:

      Cool grammar, bro. Common Core?

    • just b/c says:

      You’re employer pays the rest. Consider yourself lucky to have the employer.

  52. Julie says:

    A water moccasin, aka cottonmouth, isn’t the only poisonous water snake. Copperheads also live in and around water.

  53. Common Sense says:

    Julie, copperheads do not live in water. And all creatures live around water. There is a difference in around or in water…

  54. Common Sense says:

    I also noticed that he could afford sleeve tattoos on both arms but not health care deductibles…Hmmmmm…Maybe its a priority issue along with his disease of stupidity…

  55. Mike says:

    He could have just done the smart thing most people did before or with obamacare Get treated then not paid the bill. They have to treat you. Dumb

  56. NOLATechy says:

    For all you people complaining about your high deductables and high premiums, you can blame your own Republican Governors for not accepting the Medicaid Expansion Program for that. Same thing in Louisiana. My sister had to get insurance on Obamacare and she is having to pay $300 /mo premium and has a $2,000 deductable. However, when I spoke to the woman at the insurance assistance program office, she informed me that if Governor Jindal has accepted the Medicaid Expansion Program from the Federal Government, most of that premium and deductable would have been absorbed by the federal aid. Her monthly premiums would have only been $85/mo and her deductable would have been $950/year. So go blame your Republican state consituents for your high premiums and deductable, not Obamacare!

    • Poor Righteous Teacher says:

      You are so right if only the heads of states would have accepted this program, there wouldn’t be any extra cost to their healthcare; now people without and healthcare on the state level that’s not supported by the Affordable Care Act have to suffer because the Republicans think its just another welfare program.

  57. Markus says:

    The sad thing here is that a man died from what was probably a treatable accident. He left a girl who found him and loved him. And, he seemed to be an all-around good fellow. He was bitten in the river right down the road from our house.

    This was a tragic accident. And, instead of telling the woman that loved him that we are all sorry for her loss, you’re all being generally callous and mean about it and to each other.

    The truth is that you deserve his fate. Most likely, a ton of haters will reply to this and call me all sorts of names, give me death threats, etc. That, I’m afraid, will not change the truth.

    Change who you are.

    I’m sure I will get pummeled by the haters for that comment.

    • just b/c says:

      Totally agree with this guy. It’s obvious this event is being used by media to generate controversy over a debate that won’t change anything. I say good on you man for recognizing the true travesty here.

      I wouldn’t say people deserve anything, but it is what it is. My condolences to the girl b/c he seemed like a decent guy and I’m sure he will be missed.

  58. jon wondo says:

    Would it have cost a lot? YES
    Less than his tatoos? Maybe but that money is gone so its kinda like saying you would have more retirement if you never ate chocolate all your life.
    This comes down to not being informed and not wise in decisions about the nature you grew up with. He would have been very misinformed or lived sheltered life to grow up in that area and not know you do not mess around if you even suspect it could be a cottonmouth bite.

    In regards to Obamacare, it is a long long ways from good and that is because it was the only junk that could get passed to get foot in the door. We already had fully functioning insurance system in place with medicaid, vet system, and medicare. Perfect? NO!!, but better than Obamacare. Too much obama hater polititicans, big money insurers, and ignorant people didnt want to go down that road. It would have been easier, cheaper, and better result. Better than paying $150 a month for $3000 deductible when you are unemployed – FACT – that is what it cost for my wife when she lost job and went 8 months without job. I am retired and have medicare + i’m a vet.

  59. Robert says:


  60. Richard Bolland says:

    My young barber gal in northern Colorado tried to sign up for Obamacare, but the premiums for this lady ran $1,200.00 per month and the deductible was $12,000.00. There was absolutely no way she could either afford to purchase it or use it if she did purchase it. That means that Obama care is essentially a worthless insurance product. Additionally, subsidies (if they do stand up in court) of 75 % is just another Obama redistribution of wealth ponzi scheme. But then virtually every domestic policy Obama has made or proposed has resulted in the redistribution of with with the government being the very inefficient re-distributor. Once again the government has proven that it cannot do anything in an efficient way. Obamacare just needs to go away…please!

  61. Commentator says:

    He looks like a tough guy. Tough guys really ain’t so tough, simply because the human body is not equipped with natural weaponry or armor. It is a frail machine capable of about 30 degrees sustained temperature differences up or down, can occupy a razor thin margin of altitude above or below the surface of the earth, and succumbs rapidly to microscopic organisms. It is capable of a relatively minor amount of force, easily overcome by most predators. This guy thought he’d tough it out, and save a few bucks. Maybe he’ll think otherwise next time around.

  62. Realistic Fairy says:

    Ok….It is like this. First, I am also from the South and far from being an Idiot! You my Sir is a Moron! There is many Good folks who still do not have Insurance, even though they made it mandatory!! We would rather pay the fine (Which is a lot cheaper)- than paying for a out ravenous Premium and a Deductible that has tripled, since Odumba care kicked in. I know that does not sound too smart, for those who scrape to afford it….or from those who get it for free….But, many of us struggle just to pay the bills and paying 450.00- 600.00 a month just for Odumba care, and a Deductible on the lowest plan is 4500, some of us had to make a choice to feed our families and maintain our lifestyles….many losing their jobs, but still could not get “Free Handouts”…, here I am over 50 and for the 1st time in my life, I am without Insurance and I pray to God that I will stay healthy, or accident free! My Husband is a Vet, so he gets free care through the VA. We both work part time and make too much money to receive any discounts, or help. This young man did not make a good decision……it cost him his life, but no one knows their Financial situation and I can almost bet, he was afraid to add one more thing on his plate……….just saying. So whoever thinks that this New Healthcare has been a God sent is a Fool. Even our Dr’s frown down on Odumba care and many services has been cut back, prices jacked up and other considerations excluded…..

  63. John says:

    Obummer care or Unaffordable care is forced insurance by the fed..
    This is not the feds place. What is needed is standards of care
    and standards of pricing for the medical establishment. There is
    very serious corruption within the medical establishment and no one
    is doing anything about it. I am suppose to pay $3,000 to $7,000
    for basically nothing!! There is nothing that the medical
    establishment can do for me that is worth those kind of expenses!!

  64. swamprat says:

    The less you give a FFFF,
    the happier you’ll be.

    this insurance S!@$ will drag all of us down to the hole, keep thinking about that S!@$ you will have a F@#$ING tumor on your head and will grow bigger, and next thing you know you are 6feet under.
    Get the point.

  65. Phill says:

    wow, can y’all hear yourselves. the guy died because he didn’t want a medical bill. that’s sad. even before o-care I was paying through the nose. are we to find some way of living without having to go to the doctors. he was making an attempt to have fun in the water, and an accident happened. now he’s dead.

  66. ThaStranger says:

    Man…That is a dandy old reason to not wanna live , cause your afraid of high cost medical bills !?! LMFAO…What a sped !!! Hey , this is the USA…join the high debt club , that most of the population is under !!! I would hope his girlfriend isn’t as stupid as he was , and enabled his decision ?!? SMFH !!!

  67. Pat says:

    Nobody needs Obamacare to go to the emergency room. Illegal aliens are treated every day, and they do not receive a bill. If that’s changed, it is due to Obamacare – that’s the only thing that’s different in this world. If it truly is the case that he could not receive free emergency care without Obamacare – that means Obama killed this man.

  68. Fred says:

    If you really want to return to the way it was, and should be, vote for the GOP candidates. The ONLY thing they may take away is Obamacare.

  69. Truth says:

    My deductible along with my son’s is $12000 a year and we pay about $400 a month because of a little above low income. It’s not a matter of being liberal or Republican. Liberals fooled us in this plan so they can collect more money from insurance companies. They probably ran out of ideas for introducing more taxes. If you are getting it free, it’s most likely of your low income or because you don’t have a job and depend on welfare. I need a heel surgery, and because of all the deductibles I have to pay, I’m trying to avoid it.

  70. Henry G says:

    This is just a sad story and the girlfriend should have been more responsible and call 911.

  71. James Madison says:

    Just about the only people who were helped by the Affordable Care Act were people who became eligible for Medicaid after the state they reside in expanded their current programs. Guess who is going to pay for that? Please don’s say the Government, without the taxpayer, the government has no money.

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