Giant Crack Mexico: Earth Crack Appears In Mexico, Sparks Wild Theories

August 23, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Giant Crack Mexico

Giant crack in Mexico has an explanation. Scientists have been looking into the giant crack that opened in the earth in Hermosillo, Mexico few days ago. And fear not because the fissure in the earth, had nothing to do with aliens or earthquakes. It is believed that the mile-long crack, appeared due to heavy rain in the area.

On Friday, a giant crack opened in the earth in Mexico and many crazy theories emerged.

The impressive fissure is located in the small town of Suaqui de la Candelaria, Hermosillo, in the state of Sonora, which has less than 100 residents.

The crack, which is more than one mile long, splits a road into two. That road connects drivers from the tiny town to highway 36.

The earth opens up near the construction of a small dam and runs to an agricultural field (it starts very large and gets very narrow as if the earth is trying to close back up).

Experts who have visited the site say the trench is more than 8 feet deep and 16 feet wide.

Rafael Pacheco Rodríguez, from the University of Sonora and Martín Valencia Moreno, the head of the National Autonomous University of Mexico’s Regional Station of the Geological Institute have agreed to say that the mysterious crack was not related to any seismic activities.

Moreno and Rodríguez explained that there have not been any earthquakes in the area when the crack appeared.

Furthermore, the crack is stable, whereas if it was formed by a temblor it would have been moving and people would not be able to walk near it.

They believe that heavy rain in the northern parts of the central American country is the reason why the earth opened up.

The scientists backed the rain theory by pointing to a dry underground stream located beneath the rift.

The geologist said there is no need to be alarmed and added:

“While we will investigate the matter, but at the moment all indications suggest the trench was caused by ditch flows from rainwater that had infiltrated the ground.”

The geographical oddity has attracted many wild theories on the internet.

Some say that the giant crack in Mexico is a sign that God is coming soon and according to the book of Hosea, the earth is mourning.

Others claimed that the channel was made by aliens who have plans to take over the country.


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  1. Mike DuBose says:

    I say this. If rain caused this; then the top of both sides of the crack are level with each other. In other words a long board could be laid across both sides of the crack in most places and sit on the dirt evenly with no or few gaps. Maybe they could try this and see what happens. Rain could cause this but I doubt it.

  2. karl knudson says:

    it is written in revelations that a great earthquake will occur ,it say not one stone shall be left unturned. im thinking that this is about to happen,the earthquake in san fransisco ,now the earth opening up in mexico connect the dots .you have California probably under washed from the tide and getting ready to fall into the know they travel in submarines under California all the way to hawthorn lake in Nevada desert. yes me skert. time is drawing shorter by the minute .better repent and change our, my ways of living in sin im knoing,kk

    • Robert says:

      As long as the crack keeps going to the east coast of Mexico so we don’t need to build a fence,, A BIG crack so the wetbacks can’t swim across it…………………….

  3. Douglas A Torres says:

    The Earth is Expanding And Becoming A Bigger Place To Live In
    I Call That A Stretch Mark <3

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