Kathrin Goldbach: Andreas Lubitz’s Live-In Girlfriend Kathrin Goldbach Pregnant , Co-Pilot Got Baby News Before Crash

March 31, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kathrin Goldbach, Andreas Lubitz’s girlfriend of 7 years has announced that she is pregnant with her first child, according to a German publication. The Germanwings co-pilot’s girlfriend, Kathrin Goldbach, a school teacher, is allegedly few weeks pregnant with his child, and he learned about the pregnancy, days before crashing the plane in the French Alps with all 150 people in it. It has also been revealed that Goldbach was planning to end her seven-year romance with the Germanwings co-pilot because of his constant cheating and erratic behavior.

kathrin goldbach photo

Kathrin Goldbach, the Germanwings co-pilot’s girlfriend, is said to be pregnant, according to several German newspapers. A close source to Goldbach revealed that the 26-year-old school teacher told Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of the doomed Germanwings Flight 4U9525, that she was pregnant about two weeks ago.

Miss Kathrin Goldbach claimed that Andreas Lubitz, 26, was happy to become a father. The insider stated that Goldbach was still living with the co-pilot during the crash, but was searching for an apartment to move out. After seven years together, Kathrin Goldbach was apparently tired of Andreas Lubitz’s constant spying and cheating.

The co-pilot was said to be sleeping with a stewardess named Maria, (not her real name), for the past five months. Kathrin Goldbach’s pal explained that the co-pilot was a control freak, who wanted to dictate what she wore and who she spoke to. The source said:

“He tried to order her what to wear, what men she could speak to, even the length of her skirts. He was a control freak of the highest order.”

Goldbach’s friend claimed that the co-pilot had mood swings and many insecurities. The person stated:

“She said he was very kind and attentive, but that he had problems with mood swings. And I think we sensed that she became more fearful over time.”

Andreas Lubitz

According to the source, the Germanwings co-pilot once told his mistress that he would be famous, and the world would remember his actions. Maria, 26, the woman the co-pilot was allegedly sleeping with, is also speaking out, she told the publication:

“He knew how to hide what was really going on and how hide it from other people. When I heard about the crash, there was just a tape playing in my head of what he said: ‘One day I will do something that will change the system and everyone will then know my name and remember me”

Maria also claimed that the Germanwings co-pilot lived on the edge and often had nightmares of his plane crashing.

Kathrin Goldbach’s pal claimed that the co-pilot was not well and lived in fear of losing his job because of vision problems. It has been confirmed that Andreas Lubitz had severe burnout syndrome and was gradually losing his vision. The vision problem was deemed psychosomatic.

Kathrin Goldbach, the Germanwings co-pilot’s girlfriend, had already announced to her young students that she was expecting a baby with Andreas Lubitz.

What are your thoughts on Kathrin Goldbach’s claims?


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  1. JRHJ says:

    I don’t put any credence into what anyone says about the relationship or what caused the accident.

  2. #NicoDiAngeloIsAwesome says:

    I think Everyone should BACK OFF and let them deal with their problems. Because this is NOT our problem so we should leave this alone.

    • rojer says:

      Get over yourself. You are on a public chat space trying to dictate to others. Take a look at this freak pilot. You are a control freak like him. This guy made this event everyone’s problem. Its ok to bash this mass murderer. In general I dont condone abortion, but in this case I give it my thumbs up.

      • John Smith says:

        STFU rojer.

        • Rojer says:

          Well said ‘John Smith’. Your angry acronym rebuttal is your way of cursing. Sad really…are you unable to express yourself? This is a public forum for commentary. If everyone “STFU” then we wouldn’t have a discussion, you simpleton. If you have a counter point to make, at least man up and tell me what you take issue with.

          Your pre-pubescent rant shows a psychotic inability to express true emotion – peculiarly like this mass-murder pilot. Maybe someone should look into what line of work ‘John Smith’ is in. If it is a position of public trust, maybe a doctor’s note is in order. Not fit to work!

      • jomary says:

        Are you saying kill the baby because of what his/her father did?

    • andrewSachs says:

      I totally agree.
      Attacking this woman or her unborn child is the worst kind of soulless behavior imaginable.

    • HeathNo says:

      Sadly it’s the problem of 149 families because everybody BACKED OFF – the doctor, the girlfriend, the executives at Lufthansa who processed his return to training after knowing he was out for psychological reasons. Everybody backed off then. After losing so many GOOD upstanding contributors to society, why should we back off? That’s what got us here in the first place.

  3. Celene says:

    Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame. I guess the girlfriend wants her’s too. The co-pilot should have just killed himself, if that was his objective. But, including other’s in your suicide is murder.

  4. Rojer says:

    As a rule I don’t condone abortion. However in this case, I give it my glowing stamp of approval. Ms. Goldbach should do the right thing. This freak-show of a pilot is a mass murderer, plain and simple. To have his offspring puttering around this planet makes no sense.

  5. najuma says:

    Why should the unborn child suffer for what the father has done? Everyone is responsible for their own actions. The girlfriends child has no bearing on the case.

    • Rojer says:

      I agree. I don’t want the child to suffer. Growing up with all your classmates knowing your father is a mass killer, not to mention your own demons living with the knowledge that your own father did such a thing, is true suffering. This child will never have the chance to succeed. In a perfect world a child wouldn’t suffer for the sin’s of his father, but we know better.

      • andrewSachs says:

        Obama seems pretty successful to me.
        Murderers can be quite successful.
        Get your head outta your ass all you cattle!

        • Rojer says:

          You are saying Obama’s father is a murderer? I don’t equate a divorced father to a mass-murder. You need to take your own head out of your own ass. If you are the supposed cattle herder, we are in for a heap of trouble. Maybe you would do better to get back in the cattle pen and follow, you are not fit to lead.

      • Elena says:

        Why should the child suffer??? How would the kids in his class know he is who he is, unless he wears that on his forehead. His mom can choose to change his last name to hers.
        We can’t control what others do and we should be judged by our own actions, not but how his/her father did. Remember he was not even born when his father choose to do what he did. We are fast at judging!
        On the other hand: I can’t seem to get out of my mind the idea of this child inherit his father gene and have a mental problem as he was conceived during a black period on his father life, where he was taking medication for depression!

        • HeathNo says:

          German women already routinely name their children after them if they are unmarried. I’m trying to feel sorry for her, I really am. I’m failing, though.

  6. KTE 450 says:

    The biggest issue I see is a doctor’s note stating he should not be at work. The doctor’s recommendation should have been reported directly to his supervisor.

    • Rojer says:

      I agree. Once a doctor decides you are unfit to work, and you are a pilot. The doctor should submit his note to the airline. To assume a person would take the high road and turn in his note in a timely fashion, knowing his career is in jeopardy, is expecting a lot.

    • andrewSachs says:


  7. Rojer says:

    What a legacy indeed. When you say all the best to the ‘young man’, who are you talking about? The ‘young man’ killed 149 people.

  8. jay says:

    It is almost textbook definition of a bipolar . Surprised she stayed so long.

  9. Jim says:

    I agree she should abort the child.

  10. reader says:

    Same narcisst like Pistorius, they even look similar, esp the hairline

  11. HeathNo says:

    But why bother mentioning erratic behavior when all he does is fly people around in the sky? I’m sorry, but everybody close to this man must have, at some point, overlooked the behavior/signs. You can tell people in Germany are not nearly as open with regard to mental illness. And yes, I have family there and was raised in the culture. This stiff upper lip business has its downside. I mean, the dude even looks nuts. Additionally, I have a kid with diabetes, no way she can fly planes, why should we all worry about pussyfooting around the issue of mental illness. If my kid can’t fly/be a cop/soldier because of a potential hypoglycemic incident, why do we all have to live with the uncertainty of knowing that airlines don’t take mental illness screening or prevention/reporting seriously? Oh, and military men routinely give up their wings when they have a medical problem; my father was a fighter pilot who was grounded when he had an aneurysm one weekend when he was working in the yard. So why are the standards so lax in Europe? So NOW Europe is going to do the FAA two-man cockpit rule, and NOW they are going to start asking for ID at airport security screens, not just boarding passes. Too little too late. And Lufthansa, shame on them. Those Germans seem to be willing to engineer something within an inch of its life, but give a physician a reporting mechanism/reprieve on confidentiality rules….NIE, das wird nie passieren. The rules come first!

    • Pete Rivers says:

      Sadly everyone believes the sh8t that pours out of their tv’s.
      Lubitz didn’t do this.
      It was purely a NATO strike because Angela Merkel was working with Russia to create a peaceful solution to the crisis in Ukraine.
      The u.s won’t have it!
      Beware all other western allies who don’t follow the agenda.

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