George Ferguson ‘Con’ Obit Is From Daughter Karen Shirley

July 10, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

George Ferguson Con Obit

Con man George Ferguson’s obit goes viral. George Ferguson’s daughter Karen Shirley wrote a comical obituary for the well known con artist from Canada who pretended to be a preacher and stole from his church members. Ferguson also seduced numerous middle aged women into emptying their bank accounts. Ferguson who loved to drink was often wanted by the police for his petty crimes. The obit revealed that George Ferguson left behind a lot of fun memories and a boat load of debts.

The obit for George Ferguson, a con man from Canada is making headlines.

George Ferguson’s child Karen Shirley penned a very creative obit in the Victoria Times Colonist, sharing hilarious and unreal details about the decease.

The piece revealed that George Ferguson was often on the run from authorities for his numerous illegal activities.

He was married at least twice and ran an antiques store, a bar and held auctions with a parrot on his shoulders.

While he was kind with his nieces and nephews, the fugitive who was in and out of prison could never call one place home.

In order to dodge the authorities, he had addresses in Quesnel, Barkerville, Bella Bella, Greenwood, Nipawin, Sask and Kelowna.

Ferguson was often drunk and getting in trouble, but when he was sober he was a professional gigolo who fooled, seduced many women into emptying their entire bank accounts for him.

The con man’s obit shed light on a brief period of his life when he took on the role of a United Church minister.

He never read the bible, made up weird sermons and stole every dime donated by the congregation.

The criminal’s death was caused by a gastric bleed. Two days before his passing he took the decision to stop taking his medication and prepare his transition by calling his friends, children and family members to say good bye.

While he was in the hospital he had few beers and took few senseless decisions.

The bad son, father and husband left behind a pile of unpaid bills and debts for his kids


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