George Clooney ‘Marrying Up’ When It Comes To Amal Alamuddin

July 20, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

George Clooney Marrying Up

Is George Clooney marrying up? He believes the answer is yes. Talking to Variety George Clooney explained that in September when Amal Alamuddin, a powerful human rights lawyer walks down the aisle he will be marrying up. During the interview he also opened up about his fight with the Daily Mail.

George Clooney is not only getting married this fall, he is marrying up, which is why the actor was surprised and angered by the fake stories published in the Daily Mail recently.

The paper published a story few weeks ago that claimed Amal Alamuddin’s family, mainly her mother Baria had been telling half of the people in the Middle East that she did not want her daughter to marry the Hollywood actor.

The Daily Mail claimed that Baria was willing to change her mind if George Clooney would convert to Islam.

George Clooney slammed the Daily Mail in a piece he wrote in USA Today for fabricating lies and the British mag apologized.

Clooney who is currently in Italy (where he is set to wed Amal Alamuddin in few months) spoke to Variety by phone saying that the paper should not have written that piece without digging for the facts.

The actor made it clear, when it comes to his fiancée Amal Alamuddin “I’m marrying up” he said and added that he has a wonderful relationship with his future-in-laws.

Still angry with the entertainment news website, George Clooney confessed that as a person who has a passion for journalism and respects the profession, he is mad that some tabloids can just invent things and other serious news outlets mistakenly take their articles as credible sources.

Amal Alamuddin soon-to-be husband said that those writing these nasty articles should know that their words will hurt entire families.

The Oscar winning producer went on to explain that he was happy to “slap those bad guys” in his piece in the USA Today and hopes they will think twice before publishing crap about people.


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