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August 18, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

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Gene Simmons is sorry for the harsh comments he made in July about people who are suffering from addiction and depression. Simmons stated at the time that he had no pity for a young person who was depressed for no reason. The musician went as far as saying that he would have told them to kill themselves. In the wake of Robin Williams’ suicide, Simmons was blasted and he was forced to take to Facebook to say how sorry he was to have offended so many people.

Gene Simmons says he is sorry for telling people who are suffering from addiction and depression to jump off a bridge or a building.

Back in July, the lead vocalist of Kiss sat down for a lengthy interview with where he was asked if he still gets along with some of the past members of KISS. The Demon had a very shocking answer.

The 64-year-old stated that he can not be friends with someone who is on drugs. Mr Simmons reminded the world that his mother Flóra “Florence” Klein lived through a horrible concentration camp in Nazi Germany and managed to pick up the pieces, got married and raised a family.

The Israeli-American rocker said if his mother never complained, no one else should.

And if a teen wants to kill himself because he is depressed in his beautiful home with his family around him, he would advise him to go ahead and jump.

For some strange reason after the death of Robin Williams who was battling depression and Parkinson’s disease the media decided to slam the singer-songwriter for his remarks, while his words were tough he was never talking about Williams, he was mostly going after drug addicts.

The Expecting Mary actor was blasted and his music was banned from some radio stations, which prompted him to issue an apology.

You can read Gene Simmons sorry post below.


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  1. carol stertz says:

    and with all of your self proclaimed sexual prowess & are not a sex addict??..what a f…hypocrite.

  2. David in MA says:

    I, for one, am sick and tired of people making comments and then apologizing, say what you will and let the “offended people” learn to live with it! WAAA! WAAA! WAAA! FEAKING CRYBABIES!

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