Gazans School Shelters: Hamas-Israel War Left Thousands Of Gazans Living In Schools

September 9, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Gazans School Shelters

Gazans flee to school shelters due to airstrikes. Several thousands of Gazans have taken refuge in school shelters because of the war between Hamas and Israel. It is believed most of the 100,000 Palestinians who left their homes in August are still living in numerous school shelters, which they have transformed into makeshift camps by turning the desks into dinner tables and adding curtains or sheets to the classroom windows. Officials are left scrambling for solutions as the new school year is about to begin and the facilities are taken by refugees.

Thousands of Gazans have moved to school shelters after their homes were destroyed by Israeli airstrikes.

It is estimated that more than 100,000 Palestinians have fled their homes at the height of the fight between Hamas and Israel in July and August.

Most have moved into the school shelters because their houses were destroyed by bombs, while others fled out of fear that a missile could strike at any moment.

Oddly enough, many of those who have taken shelters in the schools are children along with their parents.

The conditions are far from ideal for the Gazans who often have no running water, no beds and not enough bathrooms for the thousands who are hoping that their homes will be rebuilt soon.

But that will not be happening in the near future because of a blockade imposed by Egypt and Israel on Gaza that makes it almost illegal the import of cement, steel, wood, nails and other building materials. What is the reason for the restriction?

Israel strongly believes that Palestinian fighters could use such materials to build rockets and reinforce cross-border attack tunnels.

A Gazan grandmother who is living in one of the school shelters with 15 of her family members explained that the classrooms have been turned into makeshift camps with mattresses on the ground and sheets on the windows.

She said that she missed the comfort of her house and her home-cooked meals, but knows it is safer in the shelter.

Since the conflict started more than 75 schools have been destroyed, the few that are standing were supposed to open after the summer vacation, but that is no longer possible.

Gazans officials are clueless as to where to house the refugees in order to get the school year started.

Watch two Gazans share their experiences living in school shelters below.


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  1. Thinkaboutit says:

    Maybe next time you should tell your government-backed terrorists not to fire rockets into Israel if you don’t want to end up living in schools.

  2. Paul says:

    Perhaps they will choose someone other than terrorists to lead them in the future. I find it impossible to shed tears over this.

  3. Am Israel Chai says:

    Why don’t you start by reporting the reason why these people are homeless? Hamas used Gazan’s homes to launch and hide rockets, therefore making them target for destructions. They also used hospitals and schools. With billions worth in concrete, hamas chose to build tunnels to hide weapons and carry out terrorist attacks instead of building infrastructure for their people. Your reporting of the facts is shameful.

  4. Ron says:

    I truly do feel sad that these people are suffering. However, they suffer due to acts of terrorism by their ‘government.’ They are being abused by their leadership. I have seen it first hand.

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