Garner Affleck Divorce Rumors: Jennifer And Ben’s Marriage In Deep Trouble, According To Some Reports

May 9, 2015 | By TheSpreadit More

A Garner-Affleck divorce rumor has taken a life of its own, and it seems there is no end in sight.

Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck

Actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, who have been married for over ten years and are proud parents to three beautiful children, are at the center of some pesky divorce rumors.

There is no substantial evidence, but the divorce claims are spreading like wildfire. Most of the drama is based on a solo trip the actor took to Nova Scotia in April.

On April 16, the 42-year-old Gone Girl actor was spotted at a Canadian gas station without his wedding ring. Security footage that was released by Cheticamp gas station apparently confirmed the matter.

On April 24, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were photographed in California dropping their kids to school, and the wedding band mysteriously reappeared.

It is possible that Affleck, who is currently filming The Accountant, removed the ring for professional reasons. Additionally, some married people do not always wear their wedding bands. The gossip industry is probably stretching if a day without ring is enough to mean that a divorce is near.

The National Enquirer is adamant, the Runner Runner actor is going through a “mid-life crisis” and is having a hard time working on his marriage. The publication alleges that Affleck is having an affair with Anna Kendrick, his costar in The Accountant. The tabloid states that a divorce between the two Hollywood stars would translate into a “$150 Million” war.

According to Gossip Cop, all of this information is erroneous because the National Enquirer has been pushing Garner-Affleck divorce stories since last year.

Celebrity couples go through ups and downs just like average people, but divorce is not always at the end of the road. This is an element that the gossip industry seems to have difficulty understanding. Garner and Affleck might be enduring something like this at the moment. All they probably need to get back on their feet is some privacy.

Affleck might find some solace in the fact that his manhood really impressed Reese Witherspoon, who produced the movie Gone Girl. Thursday night, Witherspoon said on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live that Garner is a very lucky woman because her husband is well-endowed. The father of 3 did a nude scene in the critically-acclaimed film.

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