Gap Shirtdress Model Blasted Over Skinny Body

August 12, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

gap shirtdress model

A Gap shirtdress model is the latest victim of internet body-shaming. The young woman is said to be too skinny, with some commentators even telling her to go eat a hamburger.

On August 4, via their official Twitter account, Gap decided to promote a pastel shirtdress using the following caption, “Dress up your days in pastel plaid. #since1969.”

Nothing in all of this seemed controversial, until some people started looking at the model wearing the plaid dress. The brunette who looks very thin, was photographed partly in profile, which accentuated her small frame.

The Gap shirtdress model photo quickly went viral and sparked a week-long debate about the meaning of a healthy body.

About 70 percent of the commentators deemed the model too thin, the other 30 percent backed the brunette and slammed those who engaged in what they call “thin-shaming” or “skinny shaming.”

Although Gap did not delete the controversial tweet, the fashion brand decided to use another picture while promoting the shirtdress on Instagram, opting to go without a model and just putting the dress on a clothes hanger. On Gap’s official website, the plaid pastel dress is advertised using a different model who looks less thin.

The clothing retailer put out a statement on Friday in order to calm things down a little. Gap Inc. spokesperson Edie Kissko said:

“Our intentions have always been to celebrate diversity in our marketing and champion people for who they are. Upon reflection, we understand the sensitivity surround this photograph. Customer feedback is important to us and we think this is a valuable conversation to learn from.”

Some cynical voices think that Gap is enjoying the debate, after all there is no such thing as bad publicity. The company could have deleted the tweet, apologized and moved on but instead opted to embrace the “healthy” conversation about body image.

Those who think it was wrong to use the super-thin model argue that it gives young girls and women unattainable standards to aim for.

On the other side, body-shaming is hurtful whether it is about someone who is fat or someone who is skinny.

Words do matter, in this particular case the Gap model got a pretty raw deal.


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  1. Sylvia says:

    In this particular photo, the stylist of photographer, editor or whomever, needed a second opinion before choosing this photo. Personally, I don’t think that the photo does the model or the promoting of the shirt any justice. the injustice id not that she is too skinny, but the angle and coloring of the photo in not complimentary.

    Consumers buy things that they believe will look good on their personal body, skin tone and overall self.
    The models hair is disheveled,(not sure what the stylist was trying to do) and she appears to have no figure or shape in this particular shot.
    Lastly, the color palate of the shirt has too much pink and grey against her skin tone, which is pink and grey. They should have put her in a blue based or burgundy and white plaid to create an even contrast. I feel really bad for this young lady, because she was presented poorly by those who should know better. SHAME ON THEM!

  2. Richard Myers says:

    It’s not the model, it’s those who chose her. Even full woman fashion shops tend to use unrealistically small people to sell their product. It’s a reverse-biase, even discrimination projecting “heroine chic”. The statistical market is larger so use larger people to sell it. Calvin Klein killed his market by saying he “doesn’t upholster couches(furniture)”. Since a camera puts size on the one photographed this girl is really quite thin, and if offered as a role model, potentially lethal. Just as a plus size shop got in trouble for using size 2 models, this does not reflect a compliment on the product, company, or company’s projected market. The only friend I ever had that skinny was seeing a Doctor for food allergies and in danger of losing her life (That’s real.) Sorry.

  3. normalsizegirl says:

    Forget how skinny she looks in the dress! What about that awful hair, make-up, and paleness? She could use a spray-tan and a different hair and make-up artist. She’s probably only 12-13 anyway, she will grow into a more “normal” size eventually. Back off GAP, they are only using models as the industry dictates….but their president of advertising could use a reality check.

  4. dionysius john says:

    “Shaming” is another PC indictment for daring to insist that some things are just wrong. Such as the Gap celebrating anorexia with the inclusion of a woman who appears to be a concentration camp survivor. This is NOT right, no matter how you cut it!
    That the argument is that the young woman was shamed is absurd.. if you put yourself out there as a model, you have no expectation that people will not take pot shots at you… it’s part of the job…

  5. connie bona says:

    is this girl have an eating disorder? somebody better step in and help her before its too late.

  6. ric dice says:

    hey folks, there are all sizes and shapes of people walking the earth, this one was skinny, sooo, shame on you all.

  7. stuart says:

    I believe we have some jealous FAT girls and some chubby chasers being mean. This young lady looks very beautiful and in GREAT shape. So get of your high horse (if you haven’t eaten them) and give this young lady a break. How do you think that dress would look with a fat girl in it.

  8. Malcolm R says:

    1)First, is the model healthy?
    2)If she is healthy, leave your alone. If not, get her some help.
    3)It is politically correct not to bash people, but this article is bashing skinny people, and Gap.
    4)Why did Gap pick this model and that photo? It’s advertising. they did it for attention. Was this their goal? Why are you continuing this subject with no fact?
    5)From a guy’s perspective, the shirtdress looks good and sounds sexy. 6)For my taste, the small model physical appearance in the outfit did not sell the product. I know what she looks like. I don’t know her or her personality, so don’t judge her. It’s a picture.

    If you have a problem, solve in your own head and stop looking for attention and creating problems.

    P.S. Sylvia was my sister’s name.

  9. Bob Nostaw says:

    I think you are one hot babe!!!!!!THE CLOSER THE BONE THE SWEETER THE MEAT!!!

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