FSU Winston Accuser Erica Kinsman Opens Up About Settlement

January 27, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Florida State University (FSU) will pay Jameis Winston’s accuser the amount of $950,000 after she sued the school for mishandling her rape claim. The settlement does not change the ongoing investigation into the rape allegation Erica Kinsman presented against Winston by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.

Jameis Winston

Florida State University and Jameis Winston‘s accuser will settle for the amount of $950,000.

Florida State University has agreed to pay Winston’s accuser $950,000 to settle what is being called Title IX lawsuit, which was filed by Miss Erica Kinsman, who stated that the school failed to handle her sexual assault allegations made in 2012 correctly. Authorities at Florida State University waited over 30 days to open a serious investigation into Kinsman’s claims, and it took state attorney Willie Meggs more than nine months to decide that that no criminal charges would be filed against Winston due to insufficient evidence.

Winston was never arrested for rape and played throughout the investigation. Kinsman, who claimed that Winston raped her in his apartment after they had met at Potbelly’s, a bar near campus, will receive the lump sum of $950,000, which includes $700,000 for lawyer’s fee and the written promise that FSU will initiate a five-year sexual assault prevention program for students. The accuser, who is not entirely satisfied with the outcome, confessed that she settled because she knew that Winston would be cleared of any wrongdoing again. She revealed:

“I will always be disappointed that I had to leave the school I dreamed of attending since I was little.I am happy that FSU has committed to continue making changes in order to ensure a safer environment for all students.”

FSU President John Thrasher said the university is paying to avoid spending millions on the lawsuit, and added:

“We have an obligation to our students, their parents and Florida taxpayers to deal with this case, as we do all litigation, in a financially responsible manner. With all the economic demands we face, at some point it doesn’t make sense to continue even though we are convinced we would have prevailed.”

Winston, who is now a starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, denied Kinsman’s allegation and declined to comment on the settlement. However, unlike Winston’s other “incidents,” (stealing soda at a Burger King and crab legs from a Publix store), this matter has not been completely resolved. The civil suit against the Heisman Trophy winner is scheduled for the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida to begin in May 2017. Watch Erica Kinsman share her story on The Hunting Ground below.


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