French Artist Abraham Poincheval Lived Inside A Rock, Compared It To ‘Tripping’

February 26, 2017 | By Kristian S. More

Abraham Poincheval French Artist Rock Tripping

A French artist, who locked himself inside of a giant rock, has compared the experience to tripping and said he would have stayed in the stone for at least one week.

Despite the fact that French President François Hollande is grabbing headlines for fighting and mocking President Donald Trump, the world is more focused on another Frenchman.

Meet Abraham Poincheval, the famous or infamous artist, who decided to live inside of a 12-ton rock for nearly four days.

Before you even ask, how is he still alive after four days? Here is the answer: He survived inside the rock because he had several bottles of water, soup, and dried meat with him.

As for his bowel movements, he had no other choice than to do his business in the rock and some reporters claimed that he smelled of feces when he emerged from the stone.

Poincheval, who had his project exposed at a Paris art museum, conducted interviews through the cracks.

He told reporters, who traveled from all over the world to talk to him that he was more or less standing for four days in a hole in the rock. He carved the hole in his own image.

Poincheval said he was not able to sleep and discovered that he was claustrophobic while living in darkness in the rock.

He told journalists he did not have a watch but was provided an emergency phone line in case he fell ill. The man went on to reveal that some visitors spoke to him about their dreams and nightmares as he was in the rock.

Poincheval, 44, went on to say that others were very kind to him and asked about his well-being and read poetry to him.

The performance artist stated that he went through an emotional rollercoaster while locked up in the stone, he said it was like tripping.

He explained: “It’s very complex. You pass from one feeling to an another. Like you are being carried away on a raft. It’s like tripping. I am trying to explain (the feelings) in language but it very difficult to put down in black and white.”

Mr. Poincheval kept a diary of his thoughts and feelings that he will eventually turn into a book and publish later on.

The artist is known for his wild stunts. In the past, he ate worms and beetles while living inside an enormous bear and spent almost one month underground pretending to be a human mole. Moreover, he has plans to live like a chicken in the future


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  1. Smarter than Him says:

    Ummm….. just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should.

  2. Salamander says:

    Artist? Really? You just can’t fix stupid.

  3. HappyHippy says:

    Why is he stupid? Because he did something “different?” It sounds more interesting than sitting in your gym shorts with your hand down them (!), sucking down some brewskis while watching sports on the tube and seeing your boring life pass by!! LOL!!

    • bpolo215 says:

      No, it doesn’t sound more interesting to sit inside a rock for four days. I would rather do anything else, anything.

  4. The man says:

    YEA I guess when you have too much time on your hands this is what you do!!!!

  5. Lyn says:

    STUPID! Guess some people will do anything for attention…even sit in their own excrement…sh*t!

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