TheSpreadit | March 16, 2009 | 1 Comment More is a website that offers free stuff in different states.It was featured on a TV show,earlier seems to be legit.Here is how it works:

An example scenario ex. Registered freenapkin user Bob has a father who owns a farm. His dads farm has a lot of old equipment. Much of the equipment is old and non-functional and takes up a lot of space. Bobs dad is old and he himself does not have enough money to hire movers to come haul away some of the big equipment. He decides its better and more lucrative if he registers a free account on freenapkin so that his father can get rid of his equipment that he needs at will. His 80 yr old father was able to take a photo of his farming equipment and then with no help at all upload the photos onto his freenapkin account. The items were claimed within a few days. See how simple and easy a freenapkin account is. Senior citizens might not be able to help lift heavy objects but they can take a picture.

That’s the latest update on Napkin.

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    1. Hellen says:

      I love freenapkin.

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