Ralph Peters Profanity: Fox Commentator And Stacey Dash Suspended, Donald Trump Asks ‘Is That All?’ Obama Speech Angers The Right

December 11, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Two Fox commentators – Ralph Peters and Stacey Dash – have been suspended for using profanity to blast President Obama’s terrorism speech from the Oval Office. Meanwhile, Donald Trump asked, “is that all?” Peters, a Fox News strategic analyst, claimed that Obama was a “total pu—y,” while the Clueless actress said POTUS “didn’t give a sh–.”

fox commentators suspended

A pair of Fox commentators have been suspended for using words like pussy and sh*t to describe President Barack Obama‘s major national security Oval Office address on Sunday night. GOP front-runner Donald Trump, who live-tweeted the speech concluded by asking, “is that all?”

In a statement issued by Fox senior executive vice president Bill Shine, it was revealed that two Fox commentators have been suspended indefinitely. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, who is a Fox News strategic analyst, appeared on Monday’s episode of Fox Business’ Varney & Co. with host Stuart Varney where he had the following to say about Obama:

“Look, Mr. President! We’re not afraid, we’re angry! We’re pissed off, we’re furious! We want you to react! We want you to do something! You’re afraid!. This guy is such a total pussy, it’s stunning.”

Varney tried to calm Peters down by saying that he understood that he was “super angry,” but reminded him not to use the “sexual slur.” Varney said:

“I can tell you are super angry, and I asked you for your reaction, but you can’t use language like that on the program.”

Peters never apologized and kept slamming Obama. Few hours later, actress and former Mitt Romney supporter Stacey Dash was featured on Fox News’ Outnumbered, and she delivered an epic rant. The Fox News contributor said Obama lacked passion while talking about the country. Dash angrily said:

“It’s ridiculous. His speech was an epic fail. It was like when you have to go to a dinner with your parents, but you have a party to go to afterwards, that’s what it felt like. he was just trying to get through it because he wanted to go to this event afterwards.”

She added:

“I did not feel any better. I didn’t feel any passion from him, like you said Andrea. I felt like he could give a shit– excuse me, like he could care less. he could care less! And here we have fourteen people dead.”

Peters’ profanity was censored, but not Dash’s words. The type of language used by the two Fox News pundits got them suspended, according to Bill Shine, who said:

“Earlier today, Fox contributors Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and Stacey Dash made comments on different programs that were completely inappropriate and unacceptable for our air. Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel do not condone the use of such language, and have suspended both Peters and Dash for two weeks,”

Fox News journalist Howard Kurtz, who hosts the weekend media analysis program MediaBuzz also slammed Peters and Dash for their “crude language on the air,” and added that they were embarrassing the network. Donald Trump live-tweeted the speech and he concluded by saying, “is that all?”

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  1. Tommy griffin says:

    Bring them back! They were only saying what we are all feeling. Enough is enough.

    • barbara says:

      I am with you Tommy … They where just telling it as we all want too… They didn’t do nothing wrong… I am getting to where I don’t like Fox News… There not telling the truth like they did…

      • CISSY says:


        • peter huston says:

          Save who? Your son helped weaken this once great nation lady, no war we have been in since world war two was legitimate. All fought for big business. Dupes are not heroes.

        • NPJ says:

          Last I checked, there is no draft.

          It was your son’s choice to enlist. Don’t go guilt tripping others.

          I’m fairy sure you’re just an Internet troll, though, considering how little your ranting has to do with what’s being discussed.

          • RichardH says:

            These young free men volunteered to support and defend this country and the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Much like the first patriots did in 1776. You enjoy the freedoms and liberty that others have sacrificed their lives to maintain. You are an ungrateful turd, and undeserving of being called an American. You in fact are one of the domestic ememies and hopefully one day, you’ll get what you deserve.

            SFC (U.S. army, Ret.)

        • Hmficn says:

          That’s the republicturd mantra,,, you can send your son to die, but they are too much of a P****y to send their own children to die.

      • Kristen says:


        When did Fox “News” ever tell the truth? To call themselves “Fair and Balanced” is such a farce. And it’s Fox News, Limbaugh, Trump, etc. who pander to the fear of people in this country. Enough of all of this.

      • ekress says:

        It’s not just your grammar and poor spelling that reflect your ignorance, it’s your premise.

      • Eileen Beyer says:

        Trump sounds like a ridiculous idiot not to mention a bigot and a racist. I dont watch fox news and I haven’t for years because of their political slant—they are not objective. News is not subject to the truth no matter what station you listen to as news is now listed under and considered “entertainment.”

        • Marie says:

          …..and Network News, and MSNBC and CNN are not just a slanted?

          • tonyn says:

            As hard as Barack Obama pushed against all who opposed Homosexuality calling us HOMOPHOBIC , YOU WOULD THINK HE WOULD BE CALLING THE ISLAMIC RULE OF CAPITAL PUNISHMENT HOMOPHOBIC , WHERE IS Barack OBAMA , Hilary Clinton , Bernie Sanders , and all the Political parties and MSNBC , CNN and all the NEWS agencies FOX NEWS on this if they want to call Islam a Peaceful Religion ????

            In Islamic law, the death penalty is appropriate for two groups of crime:

            Intentional murder: In these cases the victim’s family is given
            the option as to whether or not to insist on a punishment of this

            Fasad fil-ardh (‘spreading mischief in the land’): Islam
            permits the death penalty for anyone who threatens to undermine
            authority or destabilise the state

            What constitutes the crime of ‘spreading mischief in the land’
            is open to interpretation, but the following crimes are usually

            Treason/apostasy (when one leaves the faith and turns against it)


            Piracy of any kind



            Homosexual activity

          • Rob says:

            I think if you care to read the last sentence. They were calling out all news stations saying none of them speak the truth. The reason he mentioned fox was because these people were on fox. I’m sure Eileen isn’t watching MSNBC thinking this is nothing but the
            truth. Otherwise she wouldn’t have wrote the last sentence.

        • kw says:

          Eileen , Truly what news now days is not slanted?

    • Catt Cantu says:

      “Bring them back”? Oh, I see. So vulgarity is okay as long as they’re slamming the President. But I bet you’d whine like pu$$y is they showed to men kissing, wouldn’t you?

      This is why the world hates you conservative dips$its. You’re an embarrassment to the planet.

      • Mel Cartel says:

        Now you can see what and who Obama really is. You voted for him twice. You Democrats never learn.

        • Rob says:

          And you voted for Bush twice and that turned out well. Pot have you met kettle. You can’t get me cause I didn’t vote for either of these turds. I’m an independent who didn’t vote for either so I can point fingers cause both parties are killing this country. Just look at the past 16 years.

    • CISSY says:

      Tommy…..My son died so you and your family can be safe.I wish it was you or your son……Maybe next time

      • Eli says:

        Why bring that up? He said nothing about the military. You just wanted to bring up that fact…for some reason

      • peter huston says:

        You do not understand “Safe” lady, no conservative does. Every war mongering impulse you clowns have weakens us.

    • Alice says:

      You do NOT !!!!!!!!!!!! speak for me .

  2. BunSmack says:

    Some of these folks are really stupid. The last person’s comment (implying that if troops stayed in Iraq, we would not have had the terrorism attack in California) is ludicrous.

    How would soldiers in Iraq prevent the nut jobs in California from doing what they did?

    But, then again, this is a Fox News show.

    • C Boyd says:

      The theory is that if we kept troops in IRAQ then ISIS would not have been able to gain so much ground. If ISIS is unable to setup a Caliphate and be so successful, then we are assuming that it would be less likely that people would be inspired world wide to support them. This is the logic.

  3. Darwin Burford says:

    Fox News is getting soft, the 2 commentators are only passing on what many of us have been thinking and saying for years about Obama and his henchmen and their gutless stances. Finally someone had the courage to come out and say it on TV. Bring them back without censure and allow more commentary that reflects the opinion of true Americans .

  4. paul says:

    Fox… adding to the GOP getting crushed again in another election…

  5. Sara says:

    Anger is an immediate reaction. Look beyond it. Anger expressed through vulgarity loses it’s focus and fizzles. Supposition not connected to the actual argument is equally unfocused. Do any of the comments above propose a solution? The pundits are only suspended, thus they will return. However, their trick caught the attention of the population. hmmm. The comment referring to the gay couple kissing does not even apply, just sounds like a little child stomping his feet.
    Fact: no new steps were proposed in the speech. Fact: O did finally recognize the attack as terrorist. For those who wanted more, O’s speech failed. For those who support the president, his speech was fine. The ultimate answer must agree upon 1) the final goal, 2) the best forms of protection which do not jeopardize the freedoms. I bet a lot of people on both sides will be angry, but if you want others to listen to you, look beyond the emotion.

  6. John Morrisey says:

    Bring them back! Thier a lot calmer in their reactions than me. Dash said bring back Winston Churchill we can’t because that s–t head sent his statue back to England. If FOX doesn’t return these two I might as well listen to MSNBC because you’re getting as stupid as them.

  7. syluay says:

    It is refreshing to hear people say how they really feel about stuff. Trump has opened the floodgates of henesty in this country and now we can say how we feel about Mexicas, blacks, Jews, Asians, Caribean people, Candians, Somalians, Muslims, gays, Adele, Prince William, One Direction the wars, Don Lemon, and Taylor Swift, Cait Jenner, Marsians, the Kardashian and Obama.

    • Eli says:

      Ok now your just being blatantly racist…Carribean people…LMFAO. What the fu*k did Prince William do to you anyway? Freedom of speech is and always will stand in the US, so your point is invalid. Fox news just doesn’t want certain words on there station…just like every single other channel in existance. These people knew it, and did it anyway.

      • blackraven50 says:

        Why are you so quick to call them racist. Are you sure you are not? And yes it is his or her first Amendment right to offend anyone they want. Including you. Their point is valid no matter what they say. It is there speech.

    • ChilePepr9 says:

      LOL, your so right. Wake up America! At least acknowledge the truths, that is more important. We are definitely one angry stupid country while they watch and read us and plan their attacks. Shut up and be vigilant. I just read that a school district in Cali. has banned children from doing an assignment on Muhammed. Why? Are you kidding!! So Muslims have been teaching American children their religion. I can’t anymore. Wake up America! Wake UP!! They are creeping and creeping. I love Cali. I can’t believe they have taken over there too. Yes, inside attack and converting the youths. Wake UP!

  8. Mel Cartel says:

    You have to be a Democrat to be easily dumb-down.

    • ekress says:

      No matter ho far Democrats dumb down they will never reach the dumb down depths of the Fox News audience and Trump fans.

      • blackraven50 says:

        Its a three way tie. MSNBC leads at #1, CNN comes in a close #2, Fox News are coming in a Close #3. One American News are the only winners on television right now.

  9. Phil Dirt says:

    “Peters never apologized and kept slamming Obama”

    Wrong! Lt. Col. Peters did, in fact, apologize on Varney & Co. after calling Obama that word.

    • blackraven50 says:

      He sure did but I am sure the left liberal idiots will continue not to hear that part. Oh I am sorry. The stupid left wing extreme idiots.

  10. Righty says:

    Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and Stacey Dash probably aren’t allowed to say it…but we can. The fag-in-chief IS a PUSSY…AND doesn’t give a SH8T about us!!! These two are true patriots to our country. And…can we really blame them for their righteous anger towards that idiot in the White House? Come on…what the hell was that speech really all about?!?! It didn’t show what that faggot ass was going to do about the first major terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11. But…attack the 2nd Amendment AGAIN…and that we have to be all lovey dovey with the Muslims despite if their radical or not. WAKE UP PEOPLE…IT’S THE SAME BULLSHIT THAT “SHE” AND THE DEMONCRATS HAVE BACKED!!! obummer and that lying bitch, hellary, keep saying that it will help the Islamic terrorists with their recruitment. What do you think their rhetoric is doing for those murdering pigs? Don’t you think it helps the jihadist when they know our supposed leaders don’t want to do jacksh8t or label it Islamic terrorism? Don’t you think it doesn’t embolden them when they know they will be able to plant themselves within the Syrian refugees with not much push back? If the obamanation administration supposedly vetted that bitch that help kill those people in San Bernadino. And…she still came in our country and did what she did. How can the administration say that the vetting process will be foolproof…including when their own F.B.I. director says they don’t have a foolproof plan. Then…to throw more salt on our wound…that fa88ot ass goes to some type of party right after “her” stupid ass speech. WAKE UP PEOPLE…PLEASE WAKE UP TO THE REALITIES HAPPENING TO OUR COUNTRY!!!

    • Eileen Beyer says:

      After reading your first sentence, the rest was not worth reading so I didnt.

    • K. Croom says:

      I’m going to pray for you because the hatred that is displayed in your commentary makes me very sad for you. And I don’t know you, but I am sincerely going to add you to my prayer list because I perceive from your angry rant that your heart is broken somehow and I’m so sorry about that. I hope that one day soon you’ll be able to let go of the heaviness that seems to be weighing you and your words down. I’m a Christian so all I know to do is pray for you because the Bible tells me that only God can change a man’s heart. I pray that you have peaceful sleep and hopeful days. I pray that your life be filled with so much love, laughter and joy that the entirety of your spirit literally wakes up each morning smiling and singing. And I pray that forgiveness will become a close friend to you and that somehow the two of you will come to terms about the disappointments and hurts of the past. This may all sound crazy and weird, but I sincerely want you to not hate the President of the United States and call him names that just aren’t true because it undermines the sanctity of what our great nation was built upon; as well as what it means to be American. Here’s a scripture that I’d like to share with you: 1 Timothy 2:1-3 (Living Bible) “Pray much for others; plead for God’s mercy upon them; give thanks for all he is going to do for them. Pray in this way for kings and all others who are in authority over us, or are in places of high responsibility, so that we can live in peace and quietness, spending our time in godly living and thinking much about the Lord. This is good and pleases God our Savior…”

      • Alice says:

        There is sooo much hate displayed . I often wonder why other countries want to flock to another such the USA when actually it’s no better . Sad . No one speaks for me . I’m fully capable of speaking for myself . When I pray I just pray for myself or my family , I pray for this sad sad world .

      • Eli says:

        Uh oh…here come the religious cooks.

    • Sara says:

      I agree with you Righty in ALL that you said. Damn right we are angry! we are watching our country go to hell in a hand basket and obama and this freaking government is doing it all. That guy that we call ‘president’ has announced just yesterday that he is allowing 500,000 muslims to enter into the US AFTER all that happened in california. That is just plain nuts. All of you who think this is fine-i cant WAIT to hear what you have to say when the next shooting by these nuts is in YOUR BACKYARD. And PLEASE remember that true muslims HATE the jews AND christians….AND THE UNITED STATES. We are a disgusting country to them. So why do they EVEN WANT TO LIVE OVER HERE IN THE US? How do you be FRIENDS with people who want to kill you? They think all of us women over here should be killed because we dont hide our freaking faces with a blanket. I can tell you why they want to live here-so they can take this country over……..and with our president a muslim its happening. Check it out folks in the Koran and remember that our dear ‘president’s’ REAL name is Barry Sorato and CHANGED his name to barack obama which is muslim

  11. K. Croom says:

    Those 2 pathetic pundits should have been reprimanded for not only using childish, reprehensible language, but for also bashing the President of the United States and sounding like sniveling idiots. When did journalism devolve to this base level of inane commentary and debased behavior?! President Obama deserves respect because he is the President of the United States and that type of language is simply and utterly un-American, un-Christian-like and unacceptable!

    • Bill says:

      President Obama deserves respect, SERIOUSLY???!!! The title of President deserves respect but that person needs to EARN RESPECT not just blindly giving it to him as you suggest.

      • Rob says:

        I agree this isn’t for the good and King and country a free nation should never idolize its leaders without just cause.

      • Eli says:

        That type of language is definatly not un-American. Maybe un-Christian, but who really cares? Not I.

  12. Michael says:

    I’ll go where they’re welcomed, then, SCREW the DAMN idiots OVER at WEENIEVILLE aka FOX.

    I actually prefer honesty by profanity, at times, actually a lot of times!

    It (profanity) gives depth of expression, as there are definitely times that no other word, or words, can properly express.

    Expletives are reserved for use when everyday lightweight words lack adequate strength or impact.

    Hit your thumb with a hammer, ouch, ow or oops oftentimes just don’t cut it.

    That’s when $*1t, G|}, €*€k$*€k*r, and £*ck come in quite handy. We all know it hurts, not just HOW BAD it hurts, thus expletive usage conveys additional information regarding the severity of the pain. The F word can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, and more. It can replace almost all words in a sentence and make sense.

    Think Smurf!

    Read this and replace the Ss and Fs. Pretty interesting, really!

    “You Fg S head, I can’t Fg believe you Fg did that S. You just Fd our S. Now our S is Fd and it’s Fg all your Fg fault. Go F yourself! S Man, F!”

    Now I gotta say for the record that I love Stacy Dash, she’s incredible (and smoking hot)!

    Lt. Col. Peters just flat rules! He was asked what he said to his TV and he complied! Great man!

    We all now have NEWSMAX and THE BLAZE, both of which I find far superior to FOX in many ways.

    The Blaze has news couched in satire and humor which I really enjoy.

    Newsmax is pure unadulterated commentary with fact over opinion.

    So who needs another MSM Fatcat like FOX anyway. Rupert Murdoch is just another MSM jackass carrying yet more tainted water!

    FOX News with their “All female hosts must be tall, thin, blonde bombshells” rule. Really?

    PS: Megan Kelly should be replaced with the gal who frequently fills in for her, her name?, she’s far better!

  13. Lester Bowen says:

    It has come to this. The progressives knew they were starting trouble when they nominated that pussy at the DNC. I don’t believe he was ever elected by Americans, I don’t know a single person who admits voting for him. Obama is ineligible, incapable and unqualified for that office. Illegitimate, criminal, enemy outlaw regime! Have the election today and President Donald J. Trump will make America Great again with and for the most outstanding and exceptional people on this planet. We cannot survive the wait. Let’s get this thing done and get back to freedom for all American citizens and death to all Muslim terrorists. God Bless America.

  14. Al JEWEL says:

    Open note to all,
    Anger opens the door for base feeling to rise and carry with it basic language. Many in the country feel as if we are being ripped apart and our commander and chief is going little to fight back at its loss. Most fell strong action must be taken. Commentators should strongly speak out but they should not let their anger fall into rough street talk. Let us stand above a bar fight and react like a strong nation of conviction. Al

  15. Pakinpastor says:

    Again, another blog that has Americans divided one against another. Mission accomplished for Obama and co.

    • Alice says:

      It’s President Barack Obama . It’s obvious you don’t have respect for the President of the USA.

  16. Rona Riley says:

    Critics, mostly republicans slam Obama for not being passionate or caring enough when he gave his speech. Why should be be passionate about something caused by the right wing? If he really let loose he’d tell the republicans the truth: that they caused all this bloodshed by blocking all measures to control this nations obsession with guns and killing.

    If you want to blame something for this lack of passion, look in the mirror, the answer is right there. Ladies and gentlemen, you need to block all these extreme guns from getting in the hands of…anyone who wants one. (One does feel like swearing at times like this. Using dirty, inappropriate words only weakens your argument, however) Not one word about WHAT he said, and he said plenty. Obama has been saying these things all along…to deaf ears.

    Rona Riley
    a proud democrat

  17. jeanne says:

    I think Fox is the loser by dropping Peters from their commentator list. We all think the president is a P–y! Ralph Peters is a soldier who is angry with what he sees as a lily livered, sap sucker president with no agenda to protect this country. I am surprised he didn’t say worse. He is reacting to the fact that our “commander in chief” is neither a commander or a chief. He is a little boy who likes to play president for the perks! Bring Peters back! Forget the politically correct actions, and have a backbone. there are far worse things said on television than that! Just listen to the ED adds!

  18. blackraven50 says:

    What a bunch of fakes at Fox News to suspend these two for asking there opinion then when they give it, to suspend them. They did the same thing to Charlie Daniels, Ted Nugent, Gene Simmons, Hank Williams Junior, and I could go on. Why any person would want to be a consultant on any of these shows and have the reporters, commentators, to get you all stirred up to do their dirty work then turn on you is actually why people do not trust Fox News or others who claim to be conservative. Look what they did to Glen Beck. And as for Kelly what ever her name is on Kelly Files. She is another Left Wing Liberal acting like she is a pertuial conservative. Ban these idiots and search the internet for a dose of truth. Commercial television is so limited.
    Shame on Fox News. Shame on some comments here saying next time I wish it was your son to be killed, and all the other extreme left and right killing our first amendment. The left for getting upset when someone says something about a politician they love, and for the right not have the courage to stand up for your claim you believe in. May Fox News fall in it’s ratings and if Hillary wins the POTUS, may they cry another 8 years and fall off the map. Contact Fox News. Let them know to stand up or you will band them.
    Long live breitbart and others who are not scared to tell the truth. His legend lives on even after his untimely let suspicious death.

  19. timothy says:

    Fox news is a bunch of p u s s y ‘s too, whatever happen to our free speech? I’ll be getting my news from somewhere else.

  20. Brent says:

    American censorship has gotten looser in some, and stricter in others. Freedom of Speech….our country was founded on that belief! Not alone, but in part! Freedom to bear arms! Freedom of Religeon! All freedoms that are currently under attack. Take, fir example, Speech. Censoring somebody cause they used a profane word is BS. And we shouldnt have to apologize for it either. Network TV will censon God but leave the word damn on all media platforms. How does that make any sense? Which brings me to Religeon….as Americans, we are to be accepting of ALL faiths and views. We dont have to agree with them, but we do need to be accepting. And, finally, bearing arms….old argument here…its nit the guns that kill people…people kill people. And until parents start to “give a $hit” about their children and their upbringing, and teaching them morals and educating the on work habits and ethics…its gonna get worse. Obama was “hired” based almost solely on his Healthcare package….umm…well that worked! But lets not forget that…POTUS cannot do it alone. Has to get things past the Senate floor…and so many things that Obama wanted, got vetoed. Oh…and im for my kids joining the military…not so they can “go off and die” for our country, but so they get a free education. But, should they have to fight, and die, for our country, I would be an extremely proud parent!

  21. Dave Francis says:

    While the bloody war is going on with extreme Islam and the Muslims that turn radical, it’s only Trump who has the guts to speak out and talk about the importation of Syrian Refugees. Both political parties refuse to acknowledgement that the Imperial court of King Obama, his minions and the GOP hierarchy that they already aware the dangerous Jihardists have already infiltrated the mass of refugees and patiently willing to wait for a chance to reach America. The butchers don’t care about living or dying, as long as their agenda is fulfilled and that is world domination.


    In the meantime with have massive financial problems at home, with Obama spending $$millions of dollars on his trips around the world, taking his retinue with him. The other growing battle within our country is Obamas lax laws on immigration. Once you read the notification from Stephen Frank’s daily intelligence, http://www.capoliticalreview.com /you will start to get angry and feel that awful sickly, hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach.

    Illegal Aliens ELIGIBLE for $10 Billion in Tax Credits—YOUR $$$

    As you borrow money or spend too much on your credit card to get through the Christmas Season, your local illegal alien has a banker to help them through the season—YOU. Oh, the more children they have, the more money you lose for your children.
    “Illegal immigrants are eligible to claim up to eight refundable tax credits under federal law, according to a report from the Congressional Research Service.
    One of the tax credits available to illegal immigrants under the Internal Revenue Code is the additional child tax credit, which allows families with children to reduce their tax liability by $1,000 per child. If the value exceeds the tax liability they owe, the family receives a refund for the difference.
    “The Tax Inspector General of Treasury says that the extra child tax credit, in a single year, doles out $4.2 billion a year to illegal aliens,” said David North, a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies. “Based on that number I would assume that other tax credits for illegal aliens amounts to more than ten billion a year.”
    Why hasn’t this stopped? Why do criminals continue to bleed honest Americans, especially our children? Who does Obama represent—who do you think!

    Illegal Immigrants Eligible for Up To Eight Refundable Tax Credits
    Expert: Tax credits for those here illegally amount to more than $10 billion a year
    BY: Ali Meyer, Washington Free Beacon, 12/7/15

    Illegal immigrants are eligible to claim up to eight refundable tax credits under federal law, according to a report from the Congressional Research Service.
    One of the tax credits available to illegal immigrants under the Internal Revenue Code is the additional child tax credit, which allows families with children to reduce their tax liability by $1,000 per child. If the value exceeds the tax liability they owe, the family receives a refund for the difference.
    “The Tax Inspector General of Treasury says that the extra child tax credit, in a single year, doles out $4.2 billion a year to illegal aliens,” said David North, a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies. “Based on that number I would assume that other tax credits for illegal alien’s amounts to more than ten billion a year.”
    In addition, illegal immigrants are eligible for the earned income tax credit, which allows low-income families to receive a refundable tax credit even if they do not owe any taxes.
    They are also eligible for the American Opportunity Tax Credit, which is a tax credit for tuition, and the Health Coverage Tax Credit, which is a tax credit for insurance costs. Undocumented immigrants can also receive a tax credit for tax withheld on wages, for fuel excise taxes, any overpayment of taxes, and tax withheld at source for nonresident aliens and foreign corporations.
    Refundable credits can be larger than an individual’s tax liability, which means that illegal immigrants may receive the difference as a cash payment from the IRS. Nothing in the Internal Revenue Code prohibits illegal immigrants from receiving these tax credits.
    “Speaking generally, the Treasury Department is as casual about the negative impacts of illegal aliens as are other parts of the Obama administration, but with a twist,” says North. “Only the Treasury pays illegal aliens to stay largely through the various refundable tax credits.”
    “If the IRS were not grinding out billions in refunds to the illegal aliens, some would—without any other pressure—decide to go home,” North said. “And the end to these payments would also meet another goal—more money to pay off the national debt.”
    “Congress could do something about this,” said North. “Treasury could do something, but neither has?”

    I am NOT going to stop bring to attention the illegal immigration we have; its out-the-window in costs and the fact that neither party will do nothing about it. Donald Trump will! And instead of the Obama administration and his cronies, with the GOP establishment joining in one big expensive budget in pandering to the millions of illegal immigrants/migrants, Trump will cut off all welfare to all those being illegally here, and the dead beats who collect taxpayers money but decline to work.

    We should demand the Trump wall that will cut off the undesirables, especially the welfare illegal aliens. We must also demand MANDATED E-Verify, adjoined to biometric exit/entry visas.


  22. Alice says:

    I have responded to 3 comments on the subject , which is something I don’t normally do . Everyone has something to say , most are not respectful . Anyway I don’t usually respond , I just read the comments and keep my own comments to myself . I sleep so much better when I leave negativity out of my space . I don’t need or want it . I plan to live a long time , if my Lord says the same . I will not stress over someone’s opinion . Negative vibes are not welcomed in my space .

    • mARY says:

      Alice, thank you. Same thought came to me. I can sleep at night. These people go to bed with high blood pressure.

  23. uppyurarse says:

    This is b.s

  24. Rick Rodda says:

    Thumb’s up too Stacey and Ralph. Truth hurts he is a pussy and doesn’t give a shit about this country, other than how he can F**k it up.
    I’ll give him respect when he earn’s it. Go Trump.

  25. diane says:

    I feel so safe under this pres. ,,, like pres carter..he is in 2nd place now..

  26. Steve says:

    …but Obama is a pussy! Ralph Peters is only calling a spade a spade!

  27. Steve says:

    Fox news, by the way, Ralph Peters is a LTC, not a Lt Col. How long have you been covering the military?

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