45-Foot Yacht Shore: Amazing 45-Foot-Yacht Stuck On California Beach, Where Is The Owner?

March 12, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

45-foot yacht hits California shore and story makes headlines. Mysterious 45-foot yacht washes ashore leaving surfers baffled. The 45-foot luxury yacht has landed on the beach in San Diego’s North Island Naval base. The vessel, which belongs to an elderly man from San Francisco, is buried in the sand and if someone does not claim it soon, it will become the property of the US government.

45 foot yacht shore

The headline “45-foot yacht shore” is trending. About two weeks ago, a flash storm hit the San Diego County/Coronado peninsula shores, it caused an impressive 45-foot yacht to wash ashore and get buried in the sand of the beach in North Island Naval or NAS North Island.

According to lifeguards, when the ship landed on Naval Base Coronado, there was no passenger on board. Due to the fact that civilians are not allowed on the aerospace-industrial complex, it is very difficult to get a close-up of the 45-foot yacht.

The blue water trawler yacht may have the following features:

“A ballasted, full keel, heavy displacement fiberglass hull with encapsulated stringers.Complete array of Garmin navigational equipment, Furuno radar, auto-pilot, custom-designed boom davit for tender, electric Ideal windlass, two Bruce-type anchors and even an additional danforth anchor.”

A 45-foot yacht may also include:

“Open salon seating, ample storage, large master midships stateroom with queen bed, centrally located head and second guest stateroom that sleeps two.”

But according to a local reporter from FOX San Diego, who was able to view the vessel via surfboard, it has sustained substantial damages. Sand has swamped the lower staterooms and it is half buried in the shoreline.

The name of the boat is also partially buried in the sand, making it very difficult to know who it belongs to. It is also believed that the boat might belong to an elderly man from San Francisco, who is currently out of state.

If the owner does not claim the boat that is worth more than $200,000 soon, it will become the property of the federal government. Jason Bronis, a beach-goer, said that he heard about the 45-foot yacht story from a friend, who body-surfs near the naval base and he had to come out and see it for himself. Bronis explained:

“In the 30 years I have been surfing, I have never seen anything like this. It’s not often you see a vessel like this. It looked like it was a prestigious vessel, but now the windows are smashed, the antennas are broken, and more sand covering it as days go by. This is sad.”

Another surfer, who got a closer look at the boat, jokingly stated that someone might try to sell the parts on the internet soon.

45 foot yacht shore pic

As the storm was hitting California, another 45-foot vessel with the sail number 4528 was stolen in New Zealand. A statement was released by the owners and the police describing the boat and asking the public for help. It reads:

Sometime in between February the 4th and February the 6th 2015 the Sailing Vessel Harlech was stolen from her mooring in Opua, Bay Of Islands. Via our extensive network of Sailors right around the South Pacific and further afield LiveSailDie is determined to track this vessel down and return her to her rightful owners. Many of us have vessels which sit on moorings and when you think about it there’s not really a lot which can be done to make these vessels more secure. Therefore we have determined our best course of action is to track her down and show to those who are considering committing such a crime that really, there is nowhere you could take a vessel and hide. To do this however we really need your help, both on the water and online.
If you have any information please contact your nearest Police station and quote Police file number 150206/7449.

45-foot yacht hits California shore with a lot of mystery: Will it ever reveal some of its secrets? What are your thoughts on the 45-foot yacht?


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  1. Christi says:

    Why not contact the suspected owner?

    • tba says:

      That seems like a very smart idea. The owner may not even know their boat is missing, let alone found. Not everyone is glued to the Internet. That doesn’t include me, as I am glued to the Internet. 🙂

  2. zz says:

    And what exactly are they supposed to do Gumby. The property is being effectively abandoned. 🙂

    • tba says:

      Why the personal attack? Gumby? Please stop.

      Why do you say abandoned? Perhaps the owner doesn’t know their boat is missing. If I have a car in storage, do I have to scour the Internet daily to see if my car was stolen and it showed up somewhere? Same for a boat.

      Stop being rude.

      • red says:

        My first concern would be find out if anyone had been on the boat and fell to a unfair fate of some kind. Maybe the owners fell into the sea from the storm.

    • James says:

      Find the registered owner, track them down and tell them about it. If it really is the elderly man and he is out of state for a month or so, he could have NO IDEA that a storm blew it out of storage onto a beach.

  3. Steve woods says:

    This is stupid. The Navy should have dug out the name, and the California stickers and numbers on the hull will tell them who is is registered to and they should have been contacted long ago. It is the world of electronics, and they should have contacted the owner long ago no matter where he is. Is he alive? There is more to this story.

  4. Samantha says:

    It says that beach does not allow civilians but there are tons on camera while they viewed the vessel….

    And how come nobody tries to contact this out of state man???

  5. Shelley says:

    What if the owner of the boat was onboard and something happened to him during the storm?

  6. BoatShowAvenue says:

    Well that’s a mistery!

    Maybe an insurance scam?

  7. jimmy boy says:

    I claim the marijuana and/or cocaine in the hull. Other than that, you can have the boat for the price of one coconut cream pie.

  8. Sammy says:

    Where’s Gilligan and the Skipper? Mary-Ann? Ginger? and what about the Professor and Mr. and Mrs. Howell?

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