2,000 Silver Coins Found In House: City Crew Finds Silver Coin Hoard In Florida

August 10, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Florida Silver Coins Found In House

2,000 silver coins in a wall? 2,000 silver coins were found in a house by St. Cloud demolition crews in Florida. Workers found more than 2,000 silver coins in a condemned house, in East Lake Tohopekaliga, Florida. City officials found the coins in April but kept quiet, waiting to see if the owner would claim his treasure. The 60 pounds of silver coins, which might have belonged to a Civil War soldier or sailor will be auctioned.

City workers in Florida found an impressive amount of silver coins in a dilapidated home located in East Lake Tohopekaliga, few months ago.

The crew was demolishing a wall when they heard a glass shattered, that was followed by what they described as cling cling sounds.

Inside the fallen wall, they found a large cookie jar with hundreds of silver coins.

The employees said that it was like a real treasure hunt, the more coins they would pull out from the debris, the more they would find.

One worker joked that she wished the finders, keepers rule would apply but she was forced to turn the abandoned loot to the police.

According to the City Saint Cloud Florida Police Department they have collected a total of 60 pounds of silver coins, which is worth about $20,000.

861 half dollars, 1,016 quarters, 202 dimes and 3 nickels dating from 1917 to 1964 were placed in the police evidence room.

Police found the treasure on April 22, but never spoke about it as they waited for the owner to come and claim his possession.

No one ever came and officials have announced that they will auction the silver coins.

Many believe that the small fortune was hid in the home during the 1930s by families of a Civil War soldier or sailor.

During that era Americans, became fearful of banks. Several people have lived in the home and never spotted the money.

Lamarr LoMax Lowe was the last person to live in the home.

He moved out in 2013 after residing in the neglected bungalow, for several months without water and electricity.

Lowe purchased the cabin in 1991 for $39,900 and a lien was put on it because he owed the city more than half of a million dollars.

The former Walt Disney World staff member, who ran a Christian based company where he sold shirts, moved away last year.


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  1. larry says:

    cool they found coins, now find diamonds ha ha

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