Florida Woman Plasma Donor Accident: Pamela Miller Crashes Into Plasma Donation Center After Getting Rejected As A Donor

October 27, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Florida plasma donation center is a crime scene after a woman caused an accident that injured nine donors. According to reports, Pamela Miller smashed her car into the DCI Biologicals building, after she was told she could not donate plasma.

Florida plasma donor accident woman

After her donation was denied, a woman in Florida caused an accident at a plasma donation center. On Saturday, at around noon, Pamela Miller and her unnamed boyfriend showed up at the DCI Biologicals in Jacksonville, Florida in order to donate plasma.

For some unknown reason, Miller’s donation was denied. Angered by the rejection, she got into a heated argument with the employees. After feuding with the workers of the plasma donation center, she took the driver’s seat of her Honda Accord and drove an estimated 40 feet straight into the building.

It appears that the boyfriend left the facility before the accident. The crash injured nine people, including one man who suffered a minor heart attack. The donors were rushed to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police rapidly arrived on the scene because the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is next to the plasma donation center. Lt. Derrick Mitchell, of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office explained that he has no idea why Miller’s donation was denied, he added:

“We’re getting conflicting stories.Some folks are saying that she was upset because she wasn’t able to donate. After she was told she couldn’t donate, that’s when she crashed the car into the front of the business.”

According to several people who were in the facility, the Florida woman was seen taking several pills and acting weird prior to the accident, The Inquisitr reported. Witness Jamal Ford said:

“She didn’t spare any mercy for anybody. She sped and plowed through everyone that was standing there.”

Miller was taken to the hospital and has been charged with aggravated battery. The State Attorney’s Office could add more charges.

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