Nicole Gainey Arrested Because 7-Year-Old Son Went To Park Alone

July 30, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

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Nicole Gainey arrested for letting her 7-year-old walk to a nearby park alone. Nicole Gainey, a mother from Port St. Lucie, Florida was arrested and charged with child neglect because strangers, called the police after spotting her 7-year-old son Dominic heading to a local park. The story went viral and the police department, was slammed for what many saw as a ridiculous decision, prompting the Florida Department of Children and Families to drop the charges.

On Monday, a Florida mom, who gave her 7-year-old the permission to walk few blocks to a local park was arrested.

Nicole Gainey, from Port St. Lucie said when her little boy Dominic Guerrisi, asked to play in the park as he has a habit of doing, she said yes and gave him a cell phone.

The park is said to be about 10 minutes from Guerrisi’s home.

On his way to the playground, the kid passed in front of a public pool where he was stopped by two adults who asked him few questions, like his name, where does he live, where were his parents.

Frightened by the interrogation, Dominic Guerrisi ran from the adults and went to play.

The strangers who were concerned about the kid’s safety called the police.

An officer picked up Dominic and drove him to his home and proceeded to arrest his mother.

Nicole Gainey was charged with child neglect.

The Port St. Lucie police officer, explained that he arrested Gainey mainly because “numerous sex offenders reside in the vicinity”.

Gainey, was shocked by what occurred because she had done it several times before and always assumed it was OK to let her child, go play unaccompanied because he is mature enough.

The story of Florida mom went viral and many took to the internet to slam the officer.

Numerous people wondered will parents all over America go to jail for leaving their kids walk to school everyday?

Embarrassed by the headlines, the Florida Department of Children and Families officials decided to drop the case.

Florida Mom 7 Year Old


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