Florida Lotto Jackpot Winner Is From Jacksonville

January 5, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Florida Lotto jackpot winner of $9 million, has yet to be identified. Over the weekend, a person, who played 2-21-24-44-50-51, was the sole winner of the Florida Lotto jackpot, which was up to $9 million.

Florida lotto jackpot winner

Florida Lotto jackpot winner of $9 million is somewhere in Jacksonville. On Saturday, a player was thrilled to learn that he or she, matched six-of-six numbers, which were 2-21-24-44-50-51 for the $9 million Florida Lotto jackpot.

Officials stated that the winner of the $9 million Florida Lotto jackpot in Saturday’s drawing has not yet claimed their prize.

It is believed that the retailer where the ticket was sold will receive a $10,000 bonus commission.

According to the Florida Lottery’s website, 20 others, had tickets that matched five-of-six numbers for a cool $7,010.50 each.

While 1,222 tickets matched four-of-six numbers for $87.50 and 25,692 tickets matched three-of-six numbers for $5.50.

While the winner of $9 million Florida Lotto jackpot is still a mystery, Mark Nickel, Sr., who won the $1 million Mega Millions prize from the drawing held Dec. 19, 2014 was happy to appear in the media.

Over the weekend, officials from the Florida Lottery had a brief press conference with Nickel, Sr., 67, of St. Augustine, where he posed with his giant $1 million check.

According to local media, Mark Nickel bought a Quick Pick ticket from Publix in St. Augustine Beach. The owner of the Quick Pick store will get a $1,000 bonus commission for selling the ticket.

All hopes are now set on the next Mega Millions drawings scheduled for Friday, which is estimated at $188 million. Many have taken to social media to congratulate the Florida Lotto jackpot winner.

Several people advised him or her to never reveal their identity and to leave Florida as soon as they can, so they are not hounded by family and friends for money.

Some are wondering, why did Nickel accept to have his name in the media? The Florida Lotto jackpot winner is probably waiting on the media frenzy to calm down before claiming the check.


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