Florida Island For Sale: Little Bokeelia’s Price Tag Goes Down To $25M

March 19, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Florida island is put up for sale by its Christian owners, who want to focus on their ministry. Little Bokeelia, a 104-acre island south of Tampa Bay, Florida, owned by Tom and Elizabeth Munz, can be yours for the small price of $25 million instead of $29.5 million. The island comes with a Spanish-style villa where Thomas Edison used to stay in.

florida island for sale

A Florida island is put up for sale by owners who are eager to start spreading the word of God. Tom and Elizabeth Munz are the proud owners of a stunning 104-acre island located south of Tampa Bay, Florida called Little Bokeelia.

The duo have put up their small piece of paradise on the market for the price of $25 million. The Munzs had listed the island for $29.5 million in 2013, but dropped the price to $25 million because they are “looking to immediately sell the Florida island, so they can focus on a Christian ministry they work with.”

According to Klaus Lang, a representative from Michael Saunders & Company, the real estate agency handling the sale, the couple owned Little Bokeelia for more than 26 years. A brief statement from Michael Saunders & Company revealed:

“The owners of island are asking potential buyers to present their best offers.They don’t even have a minimum figure requested. A $100,000 security deposit can get you a personal tour of the island with a free lunch. All offers will be considered until April 30.”

Little Bokeelia comes with a four-bedroom villa and a three-bedroom guest wing that was built in the 1920s. Other features include a tennis court, nature trail, pool, waterfall, koi pond and a lagoon.

And there is enough land to build at least 28 more homes. The mansion originally belonged to Charles Burgess, the founder of the Burgess Battery Company/Duracell, and inventor of the dry cell battery.

Thomas Edison often stayed at the villa. Klaus Lang said:

“It truly is a magical place.And, boy, it’s everything and then some.”

He went on to share the one problem the new owner may encounter:

“The challenge we have is that all the water in Southwest Florida’s not very deep. If we’d been able to get a 100-, 150-foot boat in there, we’d have been able to sell it in a few weeks.”

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