Cassey Ho: Fitness Blogger Tackles Body Image Battle In ‘The “Perfect” Body’ Video

April 23, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A fitness blogger creates a video on body image, and her story has the web talking. Cassey Ho, a fitness and lifestyle blogger, is often slammed for her imperfect body on social media, so she decided to Photoshop herself to look perfect hoping to inspire others to accept simply who they are.

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A fitness blogger’s inspirational video on body image is making headlines. Meet Cassey Ho, a popular fitness and lifestyle blogger, who is often encouraging her followers and readers to eat healthy, exercise and find the happiness within.

Despite being positive on her blog, the fitness expert is often a victim of body shaming. Miss Ho found a clever way to answer her critics, take all of their mean comments into account and Photoshop her body in order to satisfy them.

To obtain the perfect body, the fitness blogger got bigger breasts, expanded her butt, slimmed her waist, change her skin color and other things. She explained the long process to obtain the perfect below:

“When you look in the mirror, are you happy with what you see? Or do you stare at yourself, pinching your fat away, lifting up your butt, pushing in your boobs, wishing you looked like a VS supermodel? It’s hard to be content with the shape of your body when people are constantly telling you how fat you are, how much weight you need to lose, how much weight you need to gain…literally what do people want? The body shaming, the mean comments, the cyber bullying – all of this messes with us…and it hurts.”

The fitness blogger went on to reveal that she decided to make the video for several reasons:
– Mean comments on the internet hurt the people they are geared to.
– She has gotten tough and built self-esteem in order to accept her body as it is and is hoping others will do the same.

She added:

“Since I’ve started YouTube, I’ve definitely been attacked here and there. I’ve learned how to deal with it by growing a thicker skin. Within the past few months though, it’s gotten really negative online. It’s actually been terrible. Not just comments, but people making full on videos trash talking my body and my techniques as a certified fitness instructor.
You may not know it, but when things get bad, I try my best to hold back my tears and tighten my mouth so that I don’t frown. But sometimes, it gets to be too much. So I break.
In this video, you will experience what it feels like to be constantly bombarded with outrageous negativity. You will see what it looks like to have your self esteem stripped away. You will read real comments left by real people. You will see me struggle with my own appearance.
So what if I changed? What if I had a slimmer waist and a bigger butt? Would everyone be happy then? What if I lived in a world where I could photoshop my body in real life? Would I be happy then?
Please share this video to battle body shaming and cyber bullying.”

The fitness blogger’s body image clip has gone viral with over 2 million views on YouTube.

After receiving a lot of positive feedback, the blogger shared:

“Wow guys. The response on yesterday’s post was moving, incredible, and shocking all at once. Thank you. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I’m happy that many of you clicked over to watch my short film when you saw my new “perfect” body. You experienced the most powerful video I have ever created. You saw me strip down my confidence and self esteem. You saw me raw. Hurt. And vulnerable. For those who haven’t seen it yet, please click on the link in my bio.”

While most commentators praised Ho’s move, some are wondering if all of this is really about Internet haters. Those people believe that the clip has more to do with her own perception of her flaws than what critics had said. Nonetheless, as The Inquisitr says it, body shaming is a very serious issue.

What are your thoughts on the fitness blogger’s body image clip?


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  1. Susan A says:

    …this brought me to tears. We all have issues, and if we could just encourage each other, build one another up, instead of projecting our own insecurities onto complete strangers; life would be good. Thank you for this.

  2. Andrew says:

    this is NASTY….i mean sh8t lets make all women go out and kill them selves cause of this GARBAGE. you were made the way you’re genetics thought you should, if you want to push this crap on ppl do it, just stay away from me cause ill tie you’re ass up and force feed you cheese burgers.

  3. Lisa says:

    I like the way she looks before the photoshop. She looks fit. Stay positive Cassey. You have a lot to be proud of. Think of all those young women you help with your fitness videos and advice and now your video to expose those body image haters.

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