Fisherman Catches Plane With Dead Body: NZ Boat Finds Pilot’s Body

August 8, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

New Zealand Boat Catches Plane

Fisherman catches plane with dead body inside, story goes viral. A New Zealand fisherman caught a small plane with a dead body, believed to be of pilot Daroish Kraidy, who may have deliberately crashed his Acro Sport plane in May, after being inspired by Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

A New Zealand fisherman is surprised, after he catches a plane with a dead body inside. On Thursday, the San Kawha was sailing off the coast of the Great Barrier Island near Auckland, New Zealand, when the crew made a shocking discovery.

Instead, of catching arakihi and orange rough, the men brought up a small plane in their nets measuring about 19 feet.

Inside the wreckage of the aerobatic biplane was the remains of a man.

A police boat came and collected what was left of the severely damaged aircraft and brought it to land.

New Zealand experts quickly learned that the components such as the metals and fabric, matched an aerobatic biplane that was home-assembled from a kit and flown by missing Auckland pilot Daroish Kraidy.

The New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority said Kraidy vanished on March 25. The family of the former World Precision Flying Championships contestant was contacted.

The veteran pilot took off from Ardmore airfield near Auckland and few minutes later his plane had vanished from the radars.

Investigators believe that Kraidy had either intentionally switched off the plane’s transponder or was flying at a very low altitude and crashed in the ocean.

At the time of the disappearance, Kraidy’s daughter and ex-wife Judy told local media that he was very depressed for several years and may have committed suicide.

The former Mrs Daroish Kraidy, said that she believes that the father of her child was inspired by the doom of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which vanished on March 8th into the Indian Ocean with 227 passengers.

Judy has revealed that she plans to have the body of her late ex-husband, cremated and will scatter the ashes in his favorite place.


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