First iPhone Buyer Drops It: 1st iPhone 6 Buyer In Perth, Australia Goes Viral

September 19, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

first iphone buyer drops it

First iPhone buyer drops it like it’s too hot, video goes viral and main protagonist in this story becomes an internet sensation.

Meet Jack Cooksey from Perth, Australia, he was the first iPhone 6 buyer in his city. The young man who was interviewed on live TV, accidentally dropped the precious gadget he wanted so bad.

Thankfully, the device did not break, but the incident went viral. Examiner reports:

The embarrassed Jack, under a chorus of ohhhs from the crowd (and at least one long sh*****t for good measure), grabbed his phone, snapped the back in place and declared it “all good.”

Cooksey, 18, was very pleased with his purchase, he told The West Australian:

“I am surprised, I didn’t expect to be the first one out of the doors.I reserved it online, it was much easier, I got here at 6am this morning… they rushed us in and I got my phone and I’m super excited. I’ve got the 4S, it’s definitely lighter, thinner and it’s got a bigger screen.”

The 36-second clip was watched close to 9 million times on YouTube in barely 24 hours.

Responding to questions on Twitter, Cooksey said that he was very nervous.

Most people who saw the video felt bad for the new iPhone 6 owner, although some failed to comprehend the passion that drives Apple users, who spend days waiting outside of a store when a new device is being released.

Another interesting point is that Jack Cooksey probably contributed to the promotion of the new product without even knowing. This is PR gold for the company.

Since Mr Cooksey is very happy with his iPhone 6 and the new found celebrity status it brought him, everybody wins in this story.

Internet users even got a good laugh along the way. It’s “all good.”


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