‪‪Fire Near ‪Stevenson Ranch‬ In Santa Clarita Leads To Evacuations

July 9, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

There is a fire currently blazing through Santa Clarita‬‬, Stevenson Ranch‬, Calgrove Boulevard, and it has been dubbed the #SageFire. The fire has already burned through more than 600 acres and forced the evacuation of 700 homes.


Fire is burning through Santa Clarita‬‬, Stevenson Ranch‬, Old Road, Morning Mist Drive and Southern Oaks Drive, and has forced thousands of residents to be evacuated. Residents of Southern Oak Drive from Greenbriar to Meadow Way, as well as the entire street of Greenbriar have been added to the evacuation list.

According to Los Angeles County Fire Capt. Roland Sprewell, the fire began after a car crash, which ignited a brush fire and it is hard to contain due to harsh weather conditions and the location of the flames. On Saturday, the National Weather Service reported that the temperatures in the Santa Clarita area registered 88 degrees at 3 p.m. with wind gusts of about 25 mph.

More than 200 firefighters from several agencies including the Los Angeles County Fire Department, the Angeles National Forest Fire Department, and Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department are currently battling the blaze. The fire, which has been given the #SageFire, had torn through more than 600 acres by Saturday afternoon.

More that 700 homes are currently being evacuated as a result of the fire, but the good news is that none of them have suffered any damage. Sprewell said:

“We are having to battle with mother nature.The winds are blowing and the terrain is challenging. The firefighters are in dense, heavy brush, and after a five-year drought, all this vegetation is prime and ready to burn.”

He went on to explain their goals for the upcoming hours:

“We try get a line around it and keep it away from homes.There is some pretty tough terrain up in there that firefighters can’t get up to — that’s why you’ve seen so many aerial efforts.”

Residents of other areas might be evacuated. Health experts are asking Santa Clarita residents, who suffer from respiratory problems to stay inside or leave the area.


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