Fight over parking spot at Green Acres Mall caught on video: Two women fight, NY brawl goes viral

April 30, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A fight over parking spot at Green Acres Mall caught on video has gone viral. Last weekend, two women took part in a brutal brawl in the parking lot of the Green Acres Mall in New York.

fight over parking spot

A fight over a parking spot at Green Acres Mall in New York is putting the race debate in the forefront – especially with the protests taking place in Maryland and; now, New York and the lengthy debate over the usage of the word thug by President Obama to define the criminal activities in Baltimore.

Last weekend, LaToya Friday, 24 years of age, was trying to find a spot at the Green Acres Mall parking lot. Green Acres Mall is an indoor shopping mall located in South Valley Stream, New York.

The Queens woman spotted an empty parking spot with a man standing in it as if he was holding the space for another driver.

After parking in a different spot, the woman walked over to Tawana Morel, 35, also from Queens, and a heated verbal argument between the pair over the original parking spot occurred. What followed was sad, yet predictable.

The women started fighting, and Morel pinned Friday to the ground where she punched, slapped her over and over. As Morel was beating the other woman, her husband holding their baby could be seen cheering on.

In the video, the husband and father of the year nominee screams:

“Yeah baby, bust her face.”

The wise person in the Morel’s family is actually the couple’s young son who can be heard saying:

“Mom, stop it!”

A man, who was watching the fight, eventually pulled the two women apart. Via Facebook, Morel, who threw all of the punches, claimed that she is the real victim because Friday hit her first, and she was only defending herself.

According to police in Nassau County, both LaToya Friday and Tawana Morel, were charged with misdemeanor third-degree assault. The women have been released on appearance tickets, said Nassau Police Chief of Detectives Kevin Smith.

A fight over parking spot at Green Acres Mall video has gone viral with most of the comments linking the incident to the problem of race in America.

Many are wondering why are black people often the ones fighting at parking lots, and in malls for the stupidest of things. Some say that no race has the monopoly on stupidity, and the brawl has nothing to do with racism since the two protagonists are black.

What do you think of the fight over parking spot in New York?


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  1. Mr.Lewis says:

    Please don’t generalize. There’s ignorance in every race. Watch the Walmart brawl in Cottonwood, Arizona that ended tragically. Oh… they were not black…

    • Cynthia says:

      I hate to say it but I unfortunately live in this area and this is how people are; aggressive towards everything. I don’t know why people are so angry at the world and racist. I grew up in a black neighborhood, there is the good and bad in every race. We should stop saying black lives matter, all lives matter! We make it worse for ourselves by conducting ourselves in such a violent manner, use words, not violence, boycott, not riot. We all need God in our lives right now, what is this world coming to? Fighting over pettiness!?!

      • Sue Wilcox says:

        I agree with you Cynthia. Why can’t people just learn to put the race card away and get together. These women were not setting a good example for their children, or other children for that matter. The husband that was cheering his wife on while she was beating the other women should have been arrested as well as a conspirator to the fact. Why can’t people just get along?

      • Eleanor says:

        This was disgusting watching the mother fighting and the father cheering her on and cursing like that in front of their children. If you don’t act like trash, you wont get treated like trash. Black, white, green, or purple, it’s up to us to teach our children to be respectful, and we can’t teach them if we’re not. The world isn’t in bad enough shape, we have to add to it in our own neighborhoods? Get over yourselves and lets start treating each other better

      • Sneaky says:

        Cynthia & Mr Lewis, I agree that there are good and bad representatives for every race and that all lives matter, but people can hold up signs from now til the end of time saying “black lives matter” but the fact is as long as there is so much serious black-on-black crime, the perpetrators and the silent ones who turn a blind eye in the black community are essentially saying to the rest of the world “no, they don’t”

    • Cee says:

      uh oh!

  2. cherie says:

    they were already parked wtf they fighting for were they goen to set in the parking space come on now and that wasn’t a fight ive seen children fight better then that not that they should but still really people everyone here is STUPID AND HAS NO BRAIN WHAT SO EVER A ROCK IS SMARTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Common Sense says:

    Aggressive Physical Violence should be penalized by loosing any & all benefits provided by taxpayers for the violators & their dependents. There should be some form of motivation to be a peaceful citizen.

    • real deal says:

      If only you were a great law maker in this country. I bet both these fighting idiots are both on some type of assistance that isn’t valid or worthy of their idiotic antics.

  4. Common Sense says:

    A horrible way to show their children how to be. That was just down right Evil and a waste of time when they should have been doing something to make the world a better place.

  5. Common Sense says:

    Sorry, the problem with the United States is that they will Not allow enforcement or expectations for discipline of citizens because they say its against their rights. NO, in fact it only helps the Violators, and allows their bad, violent behavior to grow & prosper. A country that does not have discipline in its citizens is an easy target to be taken over by real terrorists. I am worried that we are all in danger of becoming victims.

  6. Cesc Entreri says:

    freaking animals….

  7. Yes I said it so get over it says:

    Bunch of hood trash no respect for the children’s and the father look like a ass hole with no brain lock them all up and throw away the key –the one in the orange look like a man she can use a good bath from head to toe–my my what a low class fools

  8. yolanda says:

    This is not about black or white and the FAT lady that was hitting the smaller lady. What type of example is she sitting for her child? Fighting in front of them and they youth son TELLING her to stop. And her man, holding the baby witnessing this egging it on.. This is ridiculous. I could care less what it was about parking spot or not. What a great example of being a mother she is, MOTHER and FATHER of the YEAR!!! (NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Poor kids!!!!

  9. Bernie Hoversten says:

    Neither of them look very handicapped to me unless it’s mental.

  10. italian stallion says:

    Well garrett Montgomery who’s report this is ,i’ve seen plenty of white people fight over parking space and one shoot the other of one also. So are you saying president Obama had something to do with it and protest all over the country is the cause of it ??? Ok them by your analogy and logic then we should blame all of us white people for the protesting of all the bombing and killing of millions of people around the world on white people huh ? We whites should take responsibilty of all the pedophilia , bank robberies, sadistic , beastiality devil worshipping crazy sick stuff that white anglo saxons do on a regular daily basis – how about that analogy to all the posters and stupid uneducated commenters and writers !!

  11. Sick of it says:

    Let them out of their cage and this is how they behave sterilize them!

  12. amber says:

    It isn’t about race. I’ve seen white trash meth heads beating on one another over the last available dryer at the laundry mat. It’s the fact that we aren’t evolving anymore. We’re devolving. This planet is gutted and overpopulated and full of apes. Of all colors. Actually I rather like apes, so I wouldn’t want to insult them by comparing them to the human race.

  13. do the right thang says:

    its a shame that a man would let his wife fight over a parking lot that don’t even belong to them and the girl that his wife was fighting had no chance at all to defend her self . And as the father trying to stop everybody else from breaking it up well he should go to jail also because he was part of the problem and the other girl who was trying to help the other lady that was trying to help but the women husband was stopping her from helping the other girl . thanks to other ppl for helping he was less of a man which ppl will call him a punk because he allow this to go on in front of the kids. it seem like this is not the first time this happened before. but if I was that girl that she apporch I will press charges on both of them her and her husband and then the remake he made now watch what u say u got ur ass beat . which show he was taken part in it too.

  14. Tim says:

    look like a couple of fine, upstanding protesters to me…. What’s the problem?

  15. Robert says:

    Attention Walmart shoppers, there will be a non pay for view fight in the the east side of our parking lot right now. Enjoy.

  16. Deana says:

    How can this be about race? This stupid fight is about ignorance. These people involved are just pure stupid, the dad holding the child pushing people away, is the most stupid. The children trying to help are the true victims, I just hope they learn a lesson from this, not to act like their parents. Maybe if they learn its all worth it.

  17. Black Bart says:

    Typical black mentality

  18. Michelle says:

    Horrible! The mother whose son is heard screaming “mom, stop it” over and over should be reported to Children’s Services. Along with the man that was blocking anyone from breaking up the fight with a baby in his arms.

  19. Deloresca says:

    This is terrible!! But the real question is why didn’t anyone break up the fight?

  20. Nana says:

    It is pretty stupid to fight over a parking space, or whether or not someone is “saving” a parking space. But I hear over and over that only white people can be racist–so how can this fight between 2 black women be called racist?

  21. Mag says:

    The husband you be charged for not letting civilians break the fight up. He is an ass Brooklyn, Brooklyn big deal ass hole, ass hole……
    Why kids have to have these two idiots as parents what guidance.

  22. Eleanor says:

    that was disgusting watching a mother fighting and a father cheering it on and using that language,The fathers mouth is disgusting. All you hear on T.V. is how “our black children are at risk from the police” well if this is how your raising your children, why shouldn’t the police be nervous around them. there is no respect for yourself or people around you.

  23. Enough is Enough says:

    While I agree the actions of these woman were barbaric, it’s shame when so many people stood around and did nothing but pull out their cell phones to video tape it. As a society, we are losing it. Stop trying to utilize the behavior of two individual and classifying all African Americans as acting as such.

    While not related to this specific issue, the race issue in America is on-going because it has never really been dealt with. The judicial system is a business, and minorities are used as pawns to ensure its existence. Based on all the killings of unarmed minorities killed by police, the issues in Baltimore is the only start of it. We’ tried peaceful marches for over 50 years and where did that get us. #stopkillingourkids

  24. Lillian says:

    This has nothing to do with race it is stupidity at it’s best. You have two people with entitlement issues, that have to have the last word. I would say it’s youth but by 25 and 35 common sense should have surfaced by now. But youth is not always a number as we can see in this video. Please America stop making it a race thing, the only difference between our fools and your fools is that ours always seem to make the news and yours always seem to be conveniently hidden.

  25. Tony says:

    The real coward is the husband, what real man wants to see his wife fight like that in public, in front of their kids, creating a spectacle for no reason. what are we teaching our children. And put down these cameras and step up people, and break up this barbaric activity that we call entertainment. Knock the sorry no account man out first then break up the fight.

  26. will says:

    The cats in the cradle and the silver spoon…….
    You know I’m gonna be like you dad, you know I’m gonna be like you.

  27. char says:


  28. Ardra Flowers says:

    Truly sad that anyone would want to maim or disfigure a person over this.
    Could you just have walked away and tried to show the children some self control in this type of instance. It’s so sad that she was really trying to hurt her. What would she have done if this woman would have somehow died?

  29. Edward R. Franklin says:

    More measures of entitlement! Pretty sad for a supposed human being. Why didn’t they burn the parking lot? Which is normal these days!?!

  30. L.C.F. says:

    Please, will someone tell me WHY, on earth do people act this way in public. This is becoming a norm in our society, people fighting in the streets and some other dumb-ass videoing it. In this case, that husband/boyfriend stopping others from helping, should have been arrested as well for allowing it to go as far as it did. Those poor children certainly do not have a positive role model in their lives……SO SO SAD!!

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