Ferguson Cop Resigns: Ray Albers Was Caught On Video Pointing Rifle At Protesters

September 2, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Ferguson Cop Resigns Pic

Ferguson cop resigns after being caught on camera threatening to kill protesters marching for justice for Mike Brown. The veteran police officer also cursed some of the citizens who asked him for his name. Lieutenant Ray Albers was part of the St. Ann police department for more than 20 years.

After getting caught pointing a gun on protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, and telling them “I will fucking kill you!” Ray Albers was strongly advised to resign or he would eventually be fired.

The incident that lead to the law enforcer losing his job occurred on August 19th. The 46-year-old arrived in Ferguson where he spotted three men wearing bandanas with a gun in the midst of the mob protesters.

The cop heard a gunshot, and pulled out his weapon. None of the events described above were recorded. But as soon as he started pointing his gun at Missourians, they pulled out their smartphones to film.

The officer was taped telling a group of young people to step back or he will shoot and kill them. When they asked him for his name and badge number, he replied by saying “go fuck yourself” and walked away.

According to Examiner, St. Ann police department’s chief Aaron Jiminez said the incident that occurred in Ferguson forced him to more or less fire the cop whom he considers a good friend.

Jiminez also defended the officer by saying that he took out his riffle because he was scared. And as a police officer he had the right to do so.

The chief explained that during the more than 20 years he was on the police force, Lt. Ray Albers solved many cases and protected the community.

Jiminez also blasted the so-called citizen journalists, who are always walking around with their cameras waiting for something to happen, so they can post it on YouTube.

The police chief did also acknowledge the fact that the cop was not really loved in the department, and revealed that Albers was not a perfect employee.

In 2013, he used couple of expletives while arguing with a citizen. In 1995, he put a man behind bars with his jeweleries on.

And in 1996, the fired officer accidentally released a prisoner with a misdemeanor traffic warrant .

Albers was not the only cop who lost his $54,000 a year job in Ferguson last week.

Glendale Officer Matthew Pappert was fired after he posted on Facebook the following message about people who are taking to the streets in honor of Micheal Brown, he wrote, “these protesters should be put down like a rabid dog the first night.”

One Ferguson cop resigns, another one gets fired, the Michael Brown shooting really left a mark in the community.


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  1. Cali says:

    We have so many black on black gang violence and there are no protest! Where are the clergymen or the NAACP people and the marches against gang violence. They are no where to be found!

  2. Steve says:

    Ferguson will burn after the the officer is no billed as he should be. The gentle giant had already bashed his eye socket in and was going after the officers gun. Its funny that one of the leaders of the “F” The Police rally had her car stolen by one of the thugs she is rallying with. HAHAHAHAHA. Wonder if she called the police to try and get her hooptie back.

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