Ferguson Cop Beaten: Cop Darren Wilson Was ‘Beaten Very Severely’ Before Michael Brown Shooting

August 22, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Ferguson Cop Beaten Picture

Ferguson cop beaten by Michael Brown, which prompted him to shoot and kill the teen. Two new sources have stated that Darren Wilson, the Ferguson cop who shot Brown six times, was severely beaten by the 18-year-old and needed medical attention for his numerous injuries. Fearing for his life, the cop has been hiding since the August 9, 2014 shooting, which lead to countless protests and riots in Missouri.

The Ferguson cop by the name of Darren Wilson, who was involved in the shooting of Michael Brown, was beaten by the young man, according to several new sources.

On August 9th, between 12:01 p.m. and 12:04 p.m., the officer spotted Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson walking in the middle of the street and ordered them to get back on the sidewalk.

Johnson and other witnesses claimed that they were unarmed, and Brown had his hands up when his was gunned down.

But, an unnamed member of The Ferguson Police Department spoke to FOX, where he dropped few explosive details about Brown’s death.

The person claimed, the 18-year-old did indeed stick his head through the open window of Wilson’s patrol car and punched him numerous times on the face and head.

According to the insider, when the law enforcer stepped out of the car, the teenager who was 6’4″ tall and weighed 292 pounds charged at him and knocked him briefly unconscious.

It appears that after being beaten by the amateur rapper who went by the name Bike Mike, the police officer who thought he could get killed, got up and fired six times.

The insider stated that the 28-year-old, was badly injured during the four-minute altercation and was taken to a hospital.

His face was swollen, he suffered a fractured eye socket and had his orbital bone broken.

According to the friend of the police officer, he fears for his life and feels bad that he had to kill while on duty.

But, he has no regrets because the shooting was justified and also believes that he will go to jail because the judge and jury in the case will want to make an example out of him.

Despite raising over $70k for his legal case, he feels that the public has already sided with Mike Brown’s parents.

A female friend of Wilson recently spoke to the media, where she explained that he is a good man and he is not a racist.

She also confessed that the cop was aware that the teen was a suspect in the robbery that took place few hours prior to the confrontation.

But, a new video surfaced showing Brown buying the cigars and getting in a fight with the clerk because he was rude not because he stole.


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  1. Truth says:

    The only injury the officer had from what I heard on the news was a swollen face that’s all so where is the beaten badly inaccuracies coming from. Once again making things up just like the Zimmerman incident.

    • don phillips says:

      racist what about the white person robed and beaten because of a white cops actions what the heck that allright lets hear about that that racist to you don’t see white people beaten and robing black people im I messing something hear

  2. Giles Jefferson says:

    Mark Fuhrman talks as if he was their video taping the complete incident. I don’t care to here the politics from his stand point, because his comments are completely irrelevant.

  3. Giles Jefferson says:

    What causes a police officer to use lethal force when the victim is unarmed and does not pose a immediate direct threat?

    • John says:

      Getting your face beat in would be my first thought. The Police on arrest “innocent” people to begin with. I know from personal experience what it feels like to be attacked by someone and being beat even after you’ve been knocked out. If you look at the facts in this incident you’ll see that Micheal Brown was already in an aggressive frame of mind to begin with. You were NOT there to witness the incident. You do NOT know all the facts. But, you have already determined whose guilty. Good for you!

      • jerry says:

        and you don’t know and was not there either

      • A. Reed says:

        if the only way a officer know how to defend himself is with his firearm, maybe he is to weak for the job and should seek employment as a security guard. a scared officer with a firearm is a danger to everyone, including himself. to many white officers put that uniform on with a firearm and get this sense of power to taunt and harass young blacks. I am 58; however, i look a lot younger and have had it happen to me because one of my licence plate lights was burned out.

        • yesterday says:

          A.Reed,reply to your B.S.comment,You wrote,if the only way an officer knows how to defend himself,is with thier firearm,a scared officer with a firearm is a danger to everyone. A.Reed,anyone including yourself,scared with a firearm,is a danger to everyone. You also wrote,to many white officers put the uniform on with a firearm,and get a sense of power to taunt and harass young blacks.You had it happen to to you because your license plate light was burned out.I will cunclude that you are black then.
          I would like to know how is it police harassment or taunting you, by you receiving a ticket or verbal warning ,to fix your burned out licence plate light. I would also like to know,if an officer gives a ticket or verbal warning to a white person ,does that mean they are doing thier job?

    • Lysol says:

      day racest !!!

  4. Fair and Balance says:

    I personally believe that Brown did charge at the officer. There was an eyewitness that stated that he came toward the officer before he was shot. However, the orbital bone fracture has now proven to be false. Wilson didn’t suffer that type of injury which is sometimes is seen in combat sports. Moreover, the Brown Autopsy states that Brown had no bruising in his hands which is expected of he broke the eye bones of an eye socket. THere is still much more info we need before making a determination if this shooting was self defense or merits any variation of a homicide charge.





  7. Whitey says:

    Dirty banger Thug beating up a cop then trying to steal his gun, deserved what he got. Bang Bang filthy banger!

  8. Lysol says:

    U know that whyte cop wanted to spill negro blood…i can see it in that DEVIL eyez!!!

  9. A. Reed says:

    If a officer involved in a deadly shooting states he was severely beaten by the victim. Where are the photos taken while being treated for his injuries. is this not required protocal? it is done for all major assault crimes…it was done for George Zimmerman…and he was assaulted after he assaulted his young victim first.

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