FBI Director James Comey Slams Chinese Hackers ‘Drunk Burglar’

October 7, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

FBI Director James Comey Chinese Hackers

FBI Director James Comey says that Chinese hackers are like intoxicated thieves who are not very smart and therefore try to be several places at the same time hoping to get away with something. Comey compared Chinese hackers to a drunk burglar in an interview with 60 Minutes on CBS.

Sunday, FBI director, James Comey appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes where he talked about Chinese hackers and ISIS. Mr Comey blasted the Chinese hackers that have been caught stealing billions of dollars worth of US companies’ intellectual property over the years.

Comey who became the 7th Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation last year, angrily said the hackers are like drunk thieves and added:

“I liken them a bit to a drunk burglar. They’re kickin’ in the front door, knocking over the vase, while they’re walking out with your television set.”

The FBI director went to slam the hackers who have stole nuclear and renewable energy secrets by saying:

“They’re just prolific. Their strategy seems to be: ‘We’ll just be everywhere all the time. And there’s no way they can stop us.”

When Comey was asked how many cyber attacks have hit American businesses and the government, he replied by saying that there have been too many to keep track of. Comey explained:

“It would be too many to count. I mean, I think of it as kind of an evil layer cake. At the top you have nation state actors, who are trying to break into our systems. Terrorists, organized cyber syndicates, very sophisticated, harvesting people’s personal computers, down to hacktivists, down to criminals and pedophiles.”

FBI director James Comey summarized the situation in the following manner, there are big US companies that are aware that they have been attacked by Chinese hackers and those who do not know about it yet.

You can watch the entire interview after the jump.

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