South Korean Concert Accident: 16 Fans Die At K-Pop 4Minute Concert

October 17, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

16 fans die at concert

A South Korean concert accident has killed supporters of K-Pop group 4Minute. 16 fans die at a concert in Seoul, South Korea, a country is mourning. During a 4Minute concert, 16 fans died after a grate collapsed and they fell 65 feet into an underground parking area. According to police, the fans were told not to climb on the air vent because it could not sustain the weight.

16 fans die at concert in South Korea on Friday, and a whole city is looking for answers. A celebration has turned into a nightmare in Seongnam, where 16 fans died at a concert.

According to South Korean media outlets, more than 700 gathered at the Pangyo Techno Valley in Seongnam, where the very popular K-Pop girl group, 4Minute and several other bands were performing.

The arena was very crowded, which lead to 20 or 30 people climbing on an air vent in order to have a better view of the festivities (see picture of the 16 fans who died at the concert below).

Many concert goers spoke to the media saying that security guards at the multi-purpose complex for technology firms and concert organizers, had asked the fans repeatedly not to stand on the ventilation grate.

As the music got louder and fans got more excited, they began to jump and dance on the vent, which lead to its collapse. The group of people fell more than 65 feet to their death. A concert goer described the chaotic scene:

“There was a sudden, loud screaming, and when I turned it looked as if people were being sucked down into a hole.”

Firefighters and emergency workers were called to the scene to help the fans, who had fallen into an underground parking area. According to police, a total of 16 fans died at the concert – 12 of them were killed on the scene, 2 died on their way to local hospitals while the 2 others passed away as they were being treated for their injuries.

Numerous fans are still at the hospital after getting injured at the South Korean concert accident.


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