Fan Kisses Reporter: Sabina Simonato Gets Kiss From Croatian Soccer Fan

June 16, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Sabina Simonato

Fan kisses reporter during soccer world cup live TV segment and the video goes viral.

Brazilian reporter Sabina Simonato who works for TV Globo was at the Corinthians Arena in São Paulo on Thursday covering the 2014 FIFA World Cup opening game Croatia vs. Brazil, the reporter was surprised when a Croatian tourist and fan planted a kiss on her right cheek.

Although Simonato was not expecting such a brave move, she was able to keep her composure. The quite funny episode happened before the match that Croatia lost 3 to 1 with Brazilian and and Barcelona superstar Neymar scoring two goals.

After getting a kiss on live TV from a total stranger, Sabina Simonato had a humorous reaction stating that the atmosphere around the crowded stadium was very friendly.

The talented reporter then went back to her segment as if nothing happened. The clip quickly became an internet sensation and both protagonists got a little fame in the soccer world.

Most people who watched the video praised the man for behaving in a respectful manner but others argued that his behavior was sexist.

Sabina Simonato

Some online commentators also said they would have done the same thing because according to them Sabina Simonato is a hot and beautiful woman.

Doing her job might become a little bit more difficult for the Brazilian talent since her on-air Croatian kiss, now eager fans are waiting for the right opportunity to try to land one on her cheeks.

On Monday while covering the Germany vs. Portugal pregame, a supporter of Portugal imitated his Croatian counterpart and kissed Simonato. The proud mother got two kisses in less than one week while trying to do her job.

Sabina Simonato has been popular in Brazil for quite some time, now she is slowly becoming known world wide as much for her beauty as her cool demeanor when placed in unexpected situations.


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