Famed Grey Gardens Is For Sale At ONLY $20 Million

February 24, 2017 | By Kristian S. More

Grey Gardens for sale Cult 1975 Documentary

Ben Bradlee‘s Grey Gardens located in East Hampton is up for sale and can be yours for the hefty price tag of $20 million.

This is an incredible profit for Bradlee and Sally Quinn who purchased the famous property from Little Edie in 1979 for $220,000.

The lucky buyer, who snags the Grey Gardens, will be enjoying the splendid view of the Lily Pond Lane because the old estate is located in the Georgica Pond neighborhood in New York.

The 6,000 square mansion sits on 4 acres of oceanfront, contains ten newly renovated bedrooms, and 7.5 baths.

The old property is equipped with a stunning swimming pool, perfect for relaxing and getting tan lines, a tennis court to stay fit, a cottage for visitors, and beautiful gardens to admire. The Grey Gardens has quite the story.

When journalist Quinn and her husband, Washington Post editor Bradlee, made the crazy decision to buy the home it was falling apart and infested with raccoons, rats, mice, and cockroaches.

Additionally, the home was overtaken by vegetation, a sea of trash bags, and other debris.

The then-owners were mother-and-daughter socialites with the same names – Big Edie and Little Edie Beale – and they did little to maintain the home.

The reclusive Beales were related to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Upon learning that the pair was going to be evicted because the home became a squalor, the former first lady made many efforts to renovate the residence and keep it to standards. However, it eventually became one the most dilapidated homes in the area.

In the 1970s, the former wife of John Fitzgerald Kennedy was supposed to be the subject of a documentary put together by filmmakers and brothers Albert and David Maysles.

The Maysles had plans to focus on Jacqueline’s days in East Hampton, but the fashion icon had a change of heart.

The Maysles asked the Beales for the authorization to film their lives and filthy home, and they accepted.

What was the result? The cult 1975 documentary Grey Gardens, which became a Broadway musical and an HBO film.

Over the years, Quin with the help of contractors renovated the Grey Gardens and gave it a second life and used it as a vacation home.

After Quin’s husband had died, she decided to rent, and this week, she put it up for sale.

Quin said that she thought her late husband was crazy to buy the home, it is easy to believe that she no longer thinks that.


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