Faith Lennox Hand: Bright 3D-Printed Hand That Costs $50 Makes 7-Year-Old California Girl Happy

April 3, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Adorable Faith Lennox has a new hand. Faith Lennox a 7-year-old girl from California, who lost a limb when she was a bay, has a new robotic hand. Lennox’s hand that is made from a 3-D printer, costs about $50 and she loves it because she designed it. Lennox, who lost her left hand and forearm as a baby, received a new 3D printed prosthetic hand that costs about $50. In collaboration with Build It Workspace and Lucky Fin Project, 7-year-old Faith Lennox created a hand using her favorite colors – pink, purple, blue and orange.

Faith Lennox hand

The headline “Faith Lennox hand” has moved many. On Tuesday, a very happy little girl named Faith Lennox, was spotted at the Build It Workspace in Alamitos, California.

The 7-year-old was at the company in order to put the finishing touches on her new hand. Faith Lennox lost her hand and foreman when she was nine months old due to complication at birth.

Few months ago, Lucky Fin Project, an organization, which helps children with different disabilities related to their limbs, heard Lennox’s story, and they decided to help.

Lucky Fin Project was able to get Lennox prosthetic hand for about $50 instead of $50,000. When Faith Lennox outgrows her artificial limb in about a year, the company can easily build a bigger replacement.

Build It Workspace, a company that specializes in printing designs in high resolution, was able to create the perfect hand for Faith Lennox because she is the one who designed it. Inspired by Iron Man, the energetic little girl asked for a robohand that is pink, purple, blue and orange.

She got the finished product, and she could not be happier. After seeing Lennox, using her hand to pick up toys and ride a bike, Build It Workspace President Mark Lengsfeld, said:

“It’s just an amazing opportunity to be here just to help her.”

Faith Lennox, who is very shy, would not talk to reporters, but did tell her father, Greg Lennox, that her new hand was cool, and she was very grateful. Greg Lennox added:

“It’s a very, very good day.A very emotional day.”

Her mother, Nicole Lennox, spoke briefly to local media by saying:

“Her class has been amazing. We are so blessed. The students have been so great with her, and so loving and accepting just from day one. It’s really awesome.”

During Nicole Lennox’s labor, circulation to Faith’s arm was cut off, an injury known as compartment syndrome. After doctors had removed the skin and muscle, they discovered that the bones of her forearm broke and would not heal, which lead them to an amputation.

According to her family, Faith Lennox is a fighter, who taught herself how to swim when she was 3 or 4 and wants to be a professional surfer like Bethany Hamilton.

What are your thoughts on Faith Lennox’s hand story?


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  1. P38L5 says:

    3-D Printer Technology is the next big jump in our society. And this young lady will do ANYTHING she wants with this can-do attitude. How about a telephone call from the POTUS?

  2. Michelle Bringman says:

    What a winner! Faith is amazing, and her story is, too. What a brave young lady!

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