Fairfax Hiker Found: Dead Hiker Identified As Steven Philip Carter, Killed While Walking His Dog

October 7, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Fairfax hiker has been found dead, according to California police. The hiker identified as Steven Philip Carter was shot several times along with his dog, which survived the ordeal.

Steven Philip Carter

On Monday, a Fairfax hiker was found shot to death with his dog next to him. According to Marin County Sheriff’s Office, at around 6 p.m., a 911 call was made by someone, who spotted a man with several gunshot wounds to his body.

The victim was discovered on Old Railroad Grade trail in the Loma Alta Open Space Preserve, in Gunshot Fire Road, Fairfax, California. The man was rapidly identified as 67-year-old Steven Philip Carter, a hiker, who was staying in Marin County with a group of friends.

Carter told his pals that he was briefly stepping out to walk his beloved Doberman Pinscher. In a press conference, Lt. Doug Pittman revealed that Carter was killed by “multiple gunshot wounds,” and his pet was shot, but survived the brutal attack.

Police found the victim still holding on to his dog’s leash. Carter’s car was stolen by the criminal or criminals, who murdered him. Pittman stated that right now it is unclear what led to the killing and added:

“What led to the circumstances of his death, that’s what we’re trying to determine right now.”

Carter’s vehicle is a 2003 silver Volkswagen Jetta hatchback with the license plate number 6PPG662 and police are hoping for any kind of information that might lead to an arrest. However, they are warning the public that the suspects are armed and extremely dangerous. Pittman said:

“Persons associated with this vehicle as far we’re concerned should be considered armed and dangerous.”

Police have also shared two brief surveillance videos from a 7-Eleven store in Fairfax, showing a man and a woman dressed in black and talking to a clerk. Authorities are calling the pair “persons of interest,” and are hoping that someone will report them.

According to SFGate, Carter was a Tantra teacher for over 16 years, who believed in the Tantric religion, an Asian tradition of beliefs and meditation and ritual practices, “that seeks to channel the divine energy of the macrocosm or Godhead into the human microcosm.” The site revealed that:

Carter and his wife founded the Ecstatic Living Institute, based in Middletown. He was a tantra teacher and participated in numerous trainings across the country and in Costa Rica. The couple released DVDs on Tantric massage, yoga for lovers and meditation, and taught classes at Harbin Hot Springs, which burned down last month in Lake County’s Valley Fire.

Michael Carter, the victim’s brother, issued a brief statement saying that he was kind and would never hurt another human being. He said:

“I’ve heard that he was murdered, but I haven’t heard anything other than that. I can’t imagine that it’s anything other than a random thing. All of it seems very random and unbelievable. Nothing makes any sense.”

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