Evelyn Dahab Guiding Light: Fire Blamed In Actress And Author’s Death

December 11, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Evelyn Dahab, a Guiding Light actress and author, has died in a fire. The tragedy occurred in an East Village basement apartment on Wednesday morning.

Evelyn Dahab guiding light fire

Writer, bar owner, guest role on Guiding Light, Evelyn Dahab‘s short, but full life ended in a fire today. The one-time actress was found dead in her home around 3 AM. A neighbor, who was present when firefighters arrived, described a truly chaotic scene. The person said:

“The firemen couldn’t go in right away because of the smoke. When they opened the door, the smoke was gushing out. It was dark gray. It was thick. It was crazy.”

The author of Incapitated: Sex Power Money Control, an erotic novel published in 2011, was only 33. Here is a description of the sizzling book:

INCAPITATED is the true story of a young woman’s degradation into the dark underbelly of a world ruled by sex, power, money, and control. It spans 15 months of Ms Dahab’s life when she found herself becoming emotionally and sexually paralyzed by one of New York’s wealthiest bachelors. As he fell prey to the darkness of his own self loathing, depression, and alcoholism, she found herself discovering the darker depths of her own soul. Trading the sex acts performed by other young women as currency, Ms. Dahab struggled to maintain her sanity as she fought to protect herself from the predatory prowess of her keeper. Appearing as a pampered concubine to all who observed the two together, what is revealed beneath the surface is the real tale of the author’s Dantenian descent into sexual hell.

According to her parents, the fire that caused Evelyn Dahab’s death was triggered by an overloaded electrical outlet. This information has not been confirmed by police. Dahab’s mother, Carolyn Dahab, told The New York Post:

“She was beautiful. She was bright. She wrote a book. She was on ‘Guiding Light’ twice. She overloaded her electrical circuit, as far as we know.”

Dahab’s father, Richard Dahab, added:

“She was bigger than life and too young to die.”

Carolyn shared that she last spoke to her daughter on Sunday. Evelyn Dahab was set to leave the apartment at the end of the year after a lengthy legal battle with her landlord over an $18,000 deposit that she claimed was not going to be returned.

She alluded to all of this in an October post on Facebook, where she invited her friends to a big Christmas Eve party. Here is an excerpt of the post:

Evelyn Dahab

Guiding Light actress Evelyn Dahab dies in apartment fire, friends and family are mourning the loss of a talented individual who wanted her voice to be heard.


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