Essure Side Off Market Effects: Popular Birth Control Said To Be Dangerous, Women Want It Off The Market

November 16, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Essure’s side effects have women demanding that it be off the market. Thousands of women, who used the permanent birth control, claimed that they have experienced severe side effects including heavy bleeding, joint pain, hair loss and even getting pregnant.

essure side off market effects

Women want Essure off the market due to severe side effects. Since 2002, thousands of women, who no longer want to have children, have been having the non-surgical procedure to have the non-hormonal permanent birth control, Essure, insert fallopian tubes.

According to Bayer AG, the maker of the procedure, to have Essure’s tiny metal coils implanted lasts about 10 minutes and costs close to $10,000.

It is often performed at a gynecologist’s office and general anesthesia is not required. Here are some info on the procedure:

Small, flexible inserts are placed into the fallopian tubes by a catheter passed from the vagina through the cervix and uterus.The insert contains inner polyethylene terephthalate fibers to induce inflammation causing fibrotic reaction and is held in place by flexible stainless steel inner coil and a dynamic outer nickel titanium alloy coil.Once in place, the device is designed to elicit tissue growth in and around the insert over a period of three months to form an occlusion or blockage in the fallopian tubes; the tissue barrier formed is supposed to prevent sperm from reaching an egg.

While Bayer warns their clients to expect considerable pain during the procedure, many women have been complaining about the pain they endured after the brief operation.

Some of the severe side effects include joint pain, chronic fatigue, weight gain, heavy menstrual cycles, migraines, hot flashes, hair loss and severe pain.

Few women have revealed that uterine tissue failed to grow into the metal coils, it therefore migrated to other areas of their bodies, cutting through internal organs.

One individual claimed that despite the fact that Essure states to be 99.74% effective, she became pregnant and the metal coils caused the death of the fetus.

One of the victims of Essure is Sarah Payne who got the Essure coil implants in 2010. Payne shared that it was the most excruciating pain she had ever felt. She said:

“It was like a ripping.When you stand up it feels like someone’s taking your muscles or your insides and trying to pull them apart. It would take me to the floor.”

Payne explained that the metal coils sent her into early menopause and the severe pain lead to doctors suggesting a hysterectomy. President of Brockovich Research & Consulting, Erin Brockovich, has joined the fight by launching a website for victims of Essure.

Do you think Essure should be off the market due to the severe side effects?


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  1. Crystal says:

    Yes, Essure needs to be taken off the market. I also became pregnant and developed blood clots in both lungs that could’ve killed me. I have a blood disorder and when pregnant have to be on a blood thinner but I thought I could not get pregnant. I trusted my dr and the FDA to advise safe and sound advice but both have let me down. My health has declined dramatically just in a year in a half since getting Essure at 32 yrs old. It would take a while to list all my symptoms so I’ll just put a few- hair loss, severe joint pain, severe muscle spasms, back pain, painful intercourse, bleed after sex, rashes all over body, boils, metal taste in mouth, teeth breaking, weight gain, severe pelvic pain at all times.

  2. sandra grock says:

    Essure should no longer be a contraceptive method. It should be completely off anywhere in the world.

  3. Jen says:

    It has been almost a year since my procedure. I have never experienced any complications. To read these stories is heartbreaking and I feel blessed that I have not had to go through this. It was a very difficult decision I had to make about getting the procedure or not. I have not regretted having the ESSURE procedure.

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