Ellen Strips For Letterman And Says Goodbye In Hilarious And Sexy Sketch [Video]

May 21, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Ellen DeGeneres strips and David Letterman loves it, too bad it never really happened. Comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres found a clever way to tell David Letterman goodbye, she shared a hilarious video where she took part in a Top 10 Things segment, and she was naked.

ellen letterman strips

Today is the last day for fans to see David Letterman on TV and Ellen DeGeneres found a hilarious way to say goodbye – strip naked and play the harp.

On her show, Ellen DeGeneres revealed a fictive appearance on The Late Show where she took part in the popular top 10 segment. The funny lady showed a hilarious clip called “Top 10 Things That Have Been on Ellen DeGeneres’ Mind Lately,” where she started by removing her shirt, moved on to her pants and eventually took off her underwear and played the harp in the nude. She jokingly said:

“Now that everyone knows I can dance, I should show them how well I can play the harp.”

The TV personality even dared to toss her underwear on Letterman’s shoulders and band leader Paul Shaffer‘s head. DeGeneres concluded by saying, “I love you David, we’ll miss you a lot,” and went on to tell David if he ever wants to strip, just call.

As David Letterman’s epic run as the host of Late Show comes to an end, many stars are praising him for his amazing work. Tina Fey, who was inspired by Drew Barrymore‘s notorious flashing moment on Letterman in 1995, gave the legendary comedian her dress after stripping off and revealing her Spanx.

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon thanked Dave for bringing laughter to New York after 9/11 and for taking a political stand. “We needed somebody, the city was in shock, we were all looking for answers, and we looked to him to say something,” Fallon said.

What are your thoughts on Ellen DeGeneres’ skit?

Jimmy Kimmel also praised the iconic star. “Watching the show was a great education for me,” said Kimmel as he fought back tears.


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  1. Ellenfan says:

    Ellen is so hot, I can barely keep my pants on when she is on.

  2. Julieane says:

    She is so funny, I love this woman and her wife is a great actress.

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