Eliza Dushku Splits From Rick Fox

June 24, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Eliza Dushku Splits

Eliza Dushku splits with Rick Fox and fans are wondering what went wrong. Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox have split. Eliza Dushku confirmed the separation from her boyfriend of five years while talking to a Boston newspaper. Dushku claimed that she feels like she needs to be in Massachusetts while Fox’s heart belongs to California. Rumors claimed that the actress wanted marriage and children while the former baseball star who is already twice a dad and a divorcee was not ready to give them to her. Eliza Dushku plans go back to college and get degrees in psychology and sociology in order to perfect her movie and television roles.

Blame the lack of basements in Californian homes for Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox’s surprising split.

After 5 years of worldly romance Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox have gone their separate ways.

The “Tru Calling” actress did an interview with the Boston Globe where she confessed that living on opposite ends of the country contributed to the split.

Eliza Dushku who recently purchased a mansion in her home state of Massachusetts hopefully with a basement said:

“Rick’s an L.A. guy and I’m a Boston girl, nobody in L.A. has a basement. They all have the obligatory storage spaces in the Valley.”

The 33-year-old who was hoping to marry Fox went on to reveal that she is moving back to Boston where she will be attending college and spend time with her love ones.

The Dear Albania star who is passionate by psychological and sociological said:

“I’d rather be a little physically cold here than emotionally cold in L.A.I missed my town and I missed my family.”

Dushku is set to appear in the upcoming movie Eloise later this year.

Fox who was previously married to Vanessa Williams and has two teenagers Sasha and Kyle appeared on ABC’s “The View,” where he revealed that was single again.


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