Eliot Price Belly Flop: ‘The Price Is Right’ Belly Flop Goes Viral

October 22, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A man named Eliot, who won $26,000 on The Price is Right, decided to celebrate by doing the belly flop. Eliot also did some Kung Fu moves and pretended to eat fake fruits after winning a cruise and on the Showcase Showdown. Eliot went home with $59,000 worth of prizes.

elliot price belly flop

If Drew Carey is correct, the video of Eliot doing the belly flop on The Price is Right will be on the internet for one thousand years.

On Monday’s episode of The Price is Right, a very happy and energetic contestant by the name of Eliot, spun the big wheel and landed on $1 where he was awarded $1000.

The bearded man with the cool t-shirt was so happy to have won $1000, he dropped to the floor to do the belly flop dance. As Carey watched Eliot wiggle on the floor, he jokingly said:

“I think Eliot forgot about a little thing called the internet for a second. I’ll be looking forward to seeing that for a thousand years.”

The belly flop brought Eliot good luck because the second time he spun the big wheel, he landed on $1 again – which meant that he was going home with a total of $26,000.

The second time around, Eliot decided to celebrate with some Kung Fu moves and hilarious chest and belly shaking. It was really a great day for Eliot, who went on to win the Showcase Showdown.

Eliot who was competing against a lady named Laurel, won over $33,000 worth of prizes. Poor Laurel, she went over the price of her showcase by $1000.

He picked up a new car, shinny home appliances and a cruise for himself and few of his family members. After learning that he was going home with more than $59,000 worth of prizes, Eliot ran to his showcase where he tried to eat the fake fruits and kissed the pots and pans, he had just won.


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