Eddie Cibrian: LeAnn Rimes Knows About Cibrian Cheating And Is OK With It?

September 27, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Eddie Cibrian LeAnn Rimes

Eddie Cibrian is said to be cheating on his wife of three years, LeAnn Rimes. Cibrian and Rimes’ relationship has been recently dogged by cheating allegations, the couple maintains that all is good between them.

Is actor Eddie Cibrian cheating on singer LeAnn Rimes? Last week, Rimes took to Twitter to mock tabloid rumors published about her marital situation, the vocalist blasted all of them with good humor.

This was not enough to stop them from surfacing again. Few days ago, Star magazine published an exclusive exposé on Cibrian’s alleged cheating. The gossip giant based its reporting on an anonymous source who is supposedly close to the Sunset Beach actor.

The insider claims Cibrian accidentally sent her a text that was written for a woman he is cheating with. The source said:

“I thought it was all a joke at first, but then he never talked to me again.”

The so-called insider shared the infamous text, it read:

“What time are you picking me up?. We are going to meet [in a restaurant] and then take me in your car afterwards because I don’t want to be near her.”

The elements presented are totally up for interpretation, the magazine failed to offer real facts to back up its claims. Additionally, the same source stated that Cibrian does not hide his cheating agenda from his wife and she is embarrassed by the whole thing to some extent.

Apparently, when Cibrian is in public with his wife, he sometimes flirts with other women right in front of her face. Rimes pretends not to see what her husband is up to.

The source who has no love for Cibrian added that he is very jealous of his wife’s return to form as an artist since he is currently unemployed. Cheating on Rimes then becomes a form of mental escape from the jealousy.

So, why is Rimes staying in a failed relationship? According to the insider, the singer does not want a messy divorce to affect her musical comeback later this year and she is also trying to protect their reality show LeAnn & Eddie that did not bring good ratings on VH1.

All of this cheating talk is beneficiary to sell papers and make money. There could be a logical explanation as to why Rimes is indifferent to Cibrian’s “cheating.”

Those two have been previously married, they cheated on their previous spouses, which lead to two divorces – they may have decided to try an open relationship. On the outside it looks like cheating, but inside they are just having fun.

It’s 2014, this could be a plausible theory.


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