Ed Asner Divorce: Actor, 85, Divorcing Cindy Gilmore, 79, After 8-Year Separation, Supporters React

May 18, 2015 | By TheSpreadit More

Ed Asner’s divorce from Cindy Gilmore is moving forward eight years after the couple decided to separate.

Ed Asner divorce

A Cindy Gilmore Ed Asner divorce is grabbing headlines. The 85-year-old actor separated from his wife, Cindy Gilmore, in 2007 after nine years of marriage. However, divorce papers were never filed until this month, according to TMZ.

Asner, who gained fame for appearing on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, was previously married to Nancy Syke from 1959 until 1988. The political activist and Syke had three children. The Lou Grant star also had another child with Carol Jean Vogelman in 1987.

In 1998, Asner wed Gilmore, and things went sour in 2007. After Ed Asner’s divorce had been announced eight years ago, an ugly battle ensued between the former lovers. Asner wanted to cut off financial support to Gilmore, the former president of the Screen Actors Guild claimed at the time that she was not making any real effort to be independent. Gilmore is a 79-year-old film producer, who worked on Sister Act in 1992. She is also credited as a producer on Gypsy, a 1993 TV movie starring Bette Midler and Tony Shalhoub. Asner was also featured in the biopic.

The Cindy Gilmore Ed Asner divorce news came as a surprise because after reaching a financial settlement in 2009; the estranged couple opted to lay low. No one knows why Asner has decided to file for divorce, and people close to the actor are not commenting on the reports. Fans have said some interesting things on social media about the divorce. Here is a small sample.

“Thought I had “real friends” but not a one called to tell me Ed Asner is single again.”

“Forget about looking for love this weekend at the bars or on eHarmony because Ed Asner is getting a divorce.”

What are your thoughts on Ed Asner’s divorce?


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  1. Balke says:

    All the best to them. At this age, ED should find a hot 20 year old and have fun.

    • Johanna says:

      Yeah right, Balke…Ha! As if any twenty-year-old would even want to be with his probably shriveled up old thang! You are disgusting for even assuming any woman just be his playtoy! You are NASTY and YOU perpetuate women as objects. Why don’t YOU go and be his playtoy, jerk!

      • Paul says:

        Really? He can’t/shouldn’t? Gold diggers are just a made up story?

        • Johanna says:

          You must be stupid. What YOU said was that he should “find a 20 year old and have fun”. You perpetuated the stereotyping of woman as objects, which is WRONG TO DO; then you call them gold diggers. Which is it, you turd, huh? You want to make a woman your object then yes, you’d better goddamn well pay her! And even then you don’t own her nor is she a gold digger; she is HIRED HELP! You sick sh1t.

  2. Jasnon J says:

    Cindy Gilmore and Ed Asner are both too old to be getting a divorce.
    Just stick together, get therapy and make it work.
    UNcoupling is never good.

  3. Poud Stripes says:

    Ed is a great American who called out BUSH FOR covering what happened on 9/11. Be part of the 9/11 Truth movement

    The media has taken an increasing interest in the 28 pages that were redacted from the 9/11 Joint Congressional Inquiry Report. The stories usually feature one of the Inquiry’s leaders, former Senator Bob Graham, who has claimed that the missing pages point to involvement of the government of Saudi Arabia. Although Saudi complicity is in no way surprising, facts that are often overlooked suggest that Graham’s actions may not be entirely straightforward. This leads independent researchers to raise concerns about his intentions and those concerns are justified.

    To begin with, Graham never calls for release of other documents collected by the government’s 9/11 investigators, most of which are still held secret. That includes the majority of 9/11 Commission documents, of which only a fraction have been released—with much of the content redacted. The release of Commission documents is hindered by claims that they are exempt from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) because they are congressional records. Nonetheless, the public deserves to see documents that might answer critical questions.

    Moreover, Graham shows no interest in the many alarming facts about 9/11 that have been uncovered through released documents and videos. Some things that have been released via FOIA request are far more compelling than claims of Saudi financing. These include numerous testimonies to explosives being used to bring down the World Trade Center (WTC) buildings.

    • 10Murph says:

      Asner is an old fool. This is the same jackass that supported Obama who has turned out to be the worst Presidents of the last 100 years. What a f*** up. Serves the old ba$tard right.

  4. Russ Newkirk says:

    If he married a “girl” like the one I did, Get rid of the Lying Thieving Cunt any way possible, preferably legal, of course 🙂

  5. mike says:

    we do not like it at all thank you Bloomington indiana 47401 60,000 people who are poor here why and their a unfair house act going on now here why what can we do about this we need too sue in federal count
    here too get help here now

  6. Sharry Anne says:

    @Poud Stripes, you are just crazy to believe that Americans deliberately blew up the Twin Towers and killed so many innocent people.
    You are mental, got get your head checked.

  7. wildredbull says:

    He is an idiot anyway, she probably found out how much he was, after they married.

    And to react to another statement, he is NOT a great American. He falls right in with the rest of the crowd that is anti American. If he is so big on 9/11, then why is he not big on Bengahzi?

  8. Kacie says:

    All lies, I tell you, all lies.
    I have no respect for Ed.
    They claim to be spreading the “truth” about 9/11, but they are unable to answer basic questions such as, “What did NIST (the National Institute for Standards and Technology, which investigated the tower collapses) conclude were the causes of the tower collapses,” and “On September 11, 2001, what big building was standing right where we’re standing?” None of them have answered these questions correctly. This statement remains true as of mid-January, 2007.

  9. Francine says:

    Those so called truth tellers.
    Obama is from Kenya lol
    Kennedy killed someone
    Bill and Hill hired a hitman
    the moon landing was fake
    John Mc Cain was not tortured
    Bush fabricated Sept 11
    Should I go on, do you see how crazy these things sound??

  10. Sal says:

    The moon landing was fake??…dang!!

  11. Velvet Rope says:

    Ed needs to find a hot Russian woman or Asian woman who will fufill his every need without question. Needs to lay off the dominant type.

  12. artist phoenix says:

    At that age, my very sharp grandmother used to say when you get to that age, you could get around to doing things when you want to. So it took him eight years, at least he beat her to it.

    I do wonder how much this has to do with the fact that most prenupts become invalid after ten years in most states. Doesn’t matter, she’s probably going to get half of everything. He might as well bite the bullet? At his age, he’s probably got enough it doesn’t matter?

  13. trbow says:

    You listen to the spokes bimbos on Bloomberg, the bubble headed bimbos on Fox, and the brain dead bimbos on CNBC, along with the various talking heads, pundits, shills and shysters every day on the corporate propaganda media. They regurgitate the false economic data distributed by the Orwellian government agencies to convince the the ignorant masses the economy is in recovery mode, jobs are plentiful, housing is booming, and the .1% aren’t really fleecing the muppets. They also blather about an ongoing bull market in stocks despite the FACT the Dow Jones is now lower than it was on December 27, 2013. Do bull markets go 20 months without advancing? Do you think Jim Cramer will mention this FACT today on CNBC?

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