Dust Storm Reporter Jaime Cerreta Video Goes Viral

July 6, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Dust Storm Engulfs Reporter

Dust storm engulfs reporter Jaime Cerreta and video goes viral. On the fourth of July, news anchor Jaime Cerreta and her camera crew were asked to cover the massive dust storm that descended over Phoenix, Arizona. The 3TV reporter was about to talk to few people and storm chasers who were eagerly awaiting for the natural disaster when all went south. Cerreta found herself in the middle of an orange tornado like storm with wind gusts of over 50 mph.

The journalist was blasted with dust, sand and pepples in her mouth and eyes as she did her segment. Despite not being able to see her camera man, the reporter kept the live shot going and delivered the news like a professional for over 12 minutes.

Dust storm engulfs reporter Jaime Cerreta who kept the cameras rolling for several minutes as she was hit with sand and rocks.

On July 4th, Jaime Cerreta and her camera crew went to one of the hardest places hit by the dust storm.

After a brief interview with two storm chasers in the city of Chandler, Cerreta was inundated with sand and wind traveling 25 miles per hour.

But that did not stop the reporter from giving as much details about the Monsoon-created storm as possible.

Despite being aware that the elements she was swallowing and inhaling were dangerous to her health, she stayed calm and told viewers to stay at home and if they are on the road to turn off their engines and lights and stay in their cars.

Jaime Cerreta has become an internet sensation and is a hero in the eyes of many storm chasers.

The massive blinding dust storm which was about 3000 feet, began at 7 PM and lasted about three hours and with visibility down to zero, authorities were forced to close several airports until it was over.


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