Duggars Eyeing Adoption

Garrett Montgomery | March 26, 2013 | 0 Comments More

The Duggars Adopting

The Duggars have announced that they want to adopt one or several children in the near future.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar who are already the proud parents of 19 children and the grandparents of two toddlers – soon to be three (Bob and Michelle Duggar’s oldest child, Josh, and his wife, Anna are expecting their third child) sat down with People magazine where they shared that their recent visit to a Chinese orphanage made them want to adopt.

The reality stars revealed that the adoption idea came from their 19 kids who feel that they have been blessed with so much and would like to help others who were less fortunate. The pair who is praying on the matter said:

“We are open to whatever is in store. It doesn’t really matter whether I would have another child or we would adopt, but we want to approach it with an open heart.We have friends that have adopted children who are a great influence in our lives, and we have talked about their experiences. So it’s something we’ve considered. We have to know for sure that is what God wants for us to do.”

You can catch the clan on TLC’s special “19 Kids & Counting: Duggars Do Asia” later this evening at (9 p.m. ET) on TLC.

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