David Duchovny Ad Controversy Is Brewing

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Duchovny Ad Controversy

David Duchovny ad controversy is turning into a real PR nightmare for the “Californication” actor. Duchovny ad controversy erupted after The X-Files: I Want to Believe star appeared in a beer commercial tinted with Russian pride.

David Duchovny has found a way to put himself right in the middle of an international conflict. Duchovny is featured in an ad for Russian beer giant Siberian Crown. The company uploaded the commercial to YouTube on Friday. It has since then gone viral, with many people wondering, is this enough for the 53-year-old actor to be considered a traitor to his country?

In the ad for Siberian Crown, Duchovny imagines a life where he was Russian and not American. The actor portrays a cosmonaut, ballet choreographer, a Russian pop singer, a hockey player among other things. Those are really important elements of Russia’s culture and pride. Duchovny concludes the ad by saying “being Russian, I’d have many things to be proud of.”

All of this Russian pride would have not been controversial if the timing was different. The US and Europe are currently engaged in a war of words with Russia after pro-Russian forces in Ukraine got blamed for the crash of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 few weeks ago.

Some political figures in Russia like Dmitry Rogozin who is Deputy Prime Minister have weighed on the controversy, Rogozin said that it looks like it was done with love.

Since the ad controversy started, Duchovny have not said a word on the matter. He has not updated his social media profiles in four days. Although Duchovny is not the first American star to make an ad for a Russian product, he has a very special connection with Vladimir Putin’s country.

Earlier this year, he said the following on Twitter:

“I grew up thinking I was Russian only to find recently that I’ve been Ukrainian all along. Never too late to change.”

Some people saw that tweet as a sign of support for Ukrainians who were involved in a bitter fight with pro-Russian separatists. It could also mean that he recently found out the truth about his origins. Due to the proximity and shared history of the two countries, it’s highly probable that the Phantom star has Russian ancestors.

The David Duchovny beer ad has split the web in two. Some commentators argue, that it’s not a big deal and that it is a mistake to think, that all Russians are like Putin and the country indeed has a lot to be proud of.

Others believe the actor was guided by greed and decided to choose money over doing what is right. Those people think that Russia’s recent behavior in international affairs makes it hard to see the country as a force for good.

What is certain is that Duchovny got paid really well for this controversial ad.


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