Duchess Kate Due Date: Superbug Hits Hospital Where Duchess Kate Is Set To Give Birth And She Is Past Her Due Date

April 27, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Duchess Kate is past her due date and she might have to give birth in a hospital hit by a “super bug.” According to a statement issued by the St Mary’s Hospital, where Duchess Kate is set to deliver her second child, it has been hit by a superbug known as CPE, which forced officials to close a surgical unit after eight patients fell ill. It is also being claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge is four days overdue, and her labor may be induced in the next 48 hours.

duchess kate hospital bug

Could Duchess Kate deliver in a hospital struck by a “super bug?” It appears that the answer is yes. In a statement issued by the St Mary’s Hospital in London, England, it was announced that a surgical unit was closed one week ago.

According to hospital officials, eight patients in the Zachary Cope Ward were found to be carrying the superbug carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae or CPE.

While the superbug can live harmlessly in the human body, it can sometimes cause fatal infections if it makes its way to the blood stream or urine. A spokeswoman for the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust explained that the bacteria will not spread to other areas in the hospital and added:

“A ward at St Mary’s Hospital is temporarily not taking new admissions after we found that a small number of vascular patients were carrying a microorganism in their gut. Unfortunately three of these patients developed localized infections. All have completely recovered from their infections.”

The spokesperson went on to explain that doctors are screening other patients on the ward to make sure they have not contracted the superbug. The unit will reopen early next week.

Duchess Kate plans to give birth to baby number two at the Lindo Wing of the hospital, where Prince George was born in 2013. When Duchess Kate gives birth, the announcement will be made on Twitter.

Along with the hospital superbug, Duchess Kate is also facing the fact of being overdue. Some sources say that Duchess Kate is maybe four days overdue with her second child, and her labor may be induced in the next week if she is becoming uncomfortable.

Experts say if the baby and mother are doing well, they could wait up to two weeks after the due date to induce labor, but it could happen much sooner. A source said:

“They will probably already have been in touch with Kate and talked about which day which suit her best to go in and be induced if the baby doesn’t arrive in the next couple of days.”

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