Draven Rodriguez Yearbook Photo: Cat In Yearbook Pic Goes Viral

September 12, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Draven Rodriguez Yearbook Photo With Cat Pics

Draven Rodriguez yearbook photo, which features his cat Mr. Bigglesworth, is a concept that that does not sit well with the officials at the Schenectady High School. Rodriguez started a petition, hoping to change the officials’ minds. And so far the teen and his cat are winning the yearbook PR battle.

Draven Rodriguez really loves his cat, which is why he wants the animal featured in his yearbook photo along with some pink and blue lasers of course.

While there is no proof yet, it is strongly believed that Rodriguez is a huge fan of Miley Cyrus who performed at the Grammys with a giant cat on the background.

Rodriguez, a senior at Schenectady High School in New York, recently visited Vincent Giordano from Trinacria Photography for the portrait.

In the 1980s inspired picture, the teenager is sporting a black suit while holding tightly to his cat Mr. Bigglesworth.

The background featured a mini laser light show along with a superimposed shot of Mr. Bigglesworth on the top. Rodriguez’s picture was rapidly turned down by officials from the Upstate New York school.

Mr Draven Rodriguez decided to take action by starting a petition in an effort to get support for his unique photograph. More than 5000 people have backed the teen on ipetitions and the story has gone viral.

The young man who was interviewed by a local television network said that he wanted an original yearbook photo and went on to add:

“I really want to be remembered for who I was, a very vibrant, very intense personality you can say I have. I’m very humorous. I try to be very witty and I thought it would almost be a good statement, like, ‘Yeah, only Draven would really do that.'”

The high school student has received some good news from the Schenectady High School. Officials have agreed to have the Rodriguez’s photo in a special section in the school’s yearbook.

The young man updated his petition to say how happy he is to win this little battle. Some find the story cute whereas others are asking what happened to respecting the rules established by school?

Expect another student to demand a yearbook photo with his dog, his guitar or his car next time around.


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  1. Marjorie Barks says:

    I was a yearbook advisor for nine years. We did not have “strict” suit and tie or sweater and necklace policy. We did not allow anything considered in bad taste (questionable submissions were arbitrated by staff and the principal), but we had plenty of laser lights, cars, guitars, ponds, waterfalls, beaches, etc. I had photos of kids standing in front of flowering plants in their back yards which I cropped to fit. My husband took photos at the local park for the cost of the roll of film. We never turned anyone away because they couldn’t afford an $800 photo package. I was told by more than one photography studio that they LOVED our Senior Section because it wasn’t “boring like the others,” and I was damned proud of it. It’s THEIR book. Go, Draven!

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