Down Syndrome Actress Catwalk: Jamie Brewer To Make Catwalk History At New York Fashion Week

February 12, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Down Syndrome actress’ catwalk pictures are beautiful. In few hours, Jamie Brewer will make history by being the first model with Down Syndrome to hit the catwalk during New York Fashion Week. Brewer will be sashaying on the catwalk in clothes designed by Carrier Hammer.

down actress catwalk

The headline “down actress catwalk moment is empowering” is trending on social media. Actress and activist Jamie Brewer is about to go down in history by being the very first model with Down Syndrome to take part in New York Fashion Week.

In couple of hours, Brewer, who is famous for her role in American Horror Story, will appear on the catwalk wearing clothing by designer Carrier Hammer as part of the “Role Models Not Runway Models” show.

Last year, Hammer, who wanted her runways to reflect the diversity of her customers, started the “Role Models Not Runway Models” show where she asked a friend in a wheelchair to model some of her clothes.

Hammer was inundated with emails and letters from women and girls, who thanked her for the move and asked her to continue with the event. Hammer explained why she wanted an actress with Down Syndrome on the catwalk:

“Jamie is an activist for intellectual disabilities, she is a writer and artist and amazing actress.”

Indeed, Miss Brewer works on the Executive Board for the State of Texas ARC and the Governmental Affairs Committee for the State of Texas, where she is the only member with a disability.

The designer has picked lots of dark colors for the actress because of the characters, Nan and Addie, she plays in American Horror Story. Hammer shared:

“Jamie has a beautiful body with a teeny waist and curves and we went with an A-line.
American Horror Story’ is dark, scary, bewitching so we had to go with black and Jamie has a beautiful body with a teeny waist and curves and we went with an A-line.”

Brewer, who has been live-tweeting her big moment on the catwalk shared:

“Young girls and even young women … [see me] and say ‘hey, if she can do it so can I. It’s a true inspiration being a role model for any young women to [encourage them] in being who they are and showing who they are.”

Katie Driscoll, co-founder of Changing the Face of Beauty, a nonprofit that encourages the media to include more people with disabilities, is the one who asked the fashion designer to have Brewer in the show this year. Driscoll explained:

“Thank you for being the change that is long overdue. I could literally cry every time I read an article talking about your decision to include a model who just happens to have a disability! YOU are what this world needed!”

Actress with Down Syndrome makes catwalk history, proving that progress is in motion everywhere.


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