Donald Trump Attacks George Bush And The RNC

February 15, 2016 | By TheSpreadit More

Donald Trump is going after the Republican National Committee for using his name to raise money without authorization. At a debate on Saturday, Trump also blamed George W. Bush for failing to protect the country on 9/11 and for invading Iraq on faulty premises.

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Donald J. Trump has a new target, and it is already getting ugly. After battling it out with his opponents for the Republican presidential nomination on the debate stage, Trump has decided to turn his fire on the Republican National Committee for asking supporters for donations on his behalf. The only problem is that the RNC failed to talk to Trump and get his permission.

People were asked to donate between $35 and $250 to appear on the “Get on Trump’s List,” according to New York Post. The note stated:

“If you put your name on his list of active party supporters, he will proudly see your name next to the amount you chose to donate to the nominee’s war chest.”

On Saturday, the business mogul took to social media and slammed the organization. Trump’s statement read:

“The RNC, which is probably not on my side, just illegally put out a fundraising notice saying Donald Trump wants you to contribute to the RNC. “Get on Trump’s List” is totally unauthorized, do not pay! I am self funding my campaign! Notice has just been withdrawn.”

Trump, who came up second in the Iowa caucuses and won the New Hampshire primary, is expected to win big in South Carolina on February 20. The expected win could put him on an unstoppable track to the nomination. The real estate titan has been fighting lately with the RNC over ticket distribution. The different feuds especially the one involving the Bush family could be part of a large scheme to gain more support from voters, who do not like the establishment.

What do you think of Trump’s attacks on the RNC and the Bush family?

The RNC, which is probably not on my side, just illegally put out a fundraising notice saying Donald Trump wants you to…

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Saturday, February 13, 2016

Donald Trump criticizes Jeb Bush's brother

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  1. mandy cat says:

    As the cliche goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day. President Dick Cheney and his sock puppet George Bush were hell bent on invading Iraq, no matter what the stated reasons were.

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